To Say Goodbye

Her heart slowly explodes to shards
But long ago did all the love die.
She never knew it could be this hard...
Having to say goodbye.

He was the one who filled her heart
With feelings of a future warm and bright
But now those feelings are ripped apart
Because now all they do is fight.

She gathers the reminders of them
With tearful eyes she puts them away
She wonders how their situation turned so grim
And braces for the coming day

When she has to stand before her love
And watch the look upon his beautiful face
When she gives his heart back with a forceful shove
When she has to tell him to give back her space

She lays in the darkness of the crypt
With tears streaming from her emerald eyes
As she contemplates this final script
She can feel the life within her die.

Oh how she wishes she could just run instead
Instead of having to face this awful truth!
But he cannot clear these thoughts from her head
And all the pathetic hoping has turned moot.

The time for the confession will be tomorrow
She can feel it brewing deep within her soul
The fiery freeze of this impending sorrow
Singes into her wounded heart a gaping hole.

There's nothing left for her to do
The time has come for her to find her voice
She wishes this love was the one so true
But staying there is no longer a choice.

Her bleeding eyes stare into the night
Seeing the one to which she belongs
She closes her eyes to block out the sight
Because the image now is wrong.

With the dying declaration written in her brain
She curls up into a ball and starts to cry
Oh God, tomorrow there will be so much pain
When she finally has to say goodbye.