Ne, ne, Yuri, how are you and Kage doing, preparing for the internationals?" My twin asked, looking over at me as we sat perched on the edge of a small cliff where he had been enjoying a picnic.

"We've been doing great!" I smiled at her and laid down on the grass behind us, letting my feet dangle over the edge.

"That's wonderful news! I heard you're game is going to be featured on the sports channel, right?"

"Yeah." I smiled up at the sky, as I took a bite of the cookie she had packed.

"Is it good?" Yuwa anxiously asked, waiting for my answer. Unconsciously changing the subject.

"It's wonderful!" I knew she wanted to be a pastry chef when she was older, and she should. She was great in the kitchen. And while her life revolved around baking, mine revolved around Tennis. Me and my partner, Kage, had just won are country tournament and were moving onto internationals.

"Oh, good." She sighed in relief, and if somebody just happened to walk by, they would have no clue that Yuwa was incredibly sick.


"Yuwa! Hurry up. We have to get back before Father finds out we've been gone." I shouted behind me.

Yuwa and I, Yuri, are 15 year old twins. We're identical with jet black hair, almost translucent green eyes, and fair skin. Although, her hair's about in the middle of her back, while mines cut in a sporty bob.

"I-I'm coming." Yuwa managed to get out before starting to cough uncontrollably.

"Yuwa! Yuwa, are you alright?" I asked, running back to her. She nodded and the coughing began to subside. I smiled at her, grabbed her hand, and ran towards the house that was now in view. Actually, it was a mansion, but it's where we lived, so I just call it are "Humble Abode".


"Oh, , ! We've been looking everywhere for you." One of are many maids, Marie I believe, exclaimed, opening the patio door for us as we approached.

"Thank y-you for you're concern, Marie." Yuwa smiled sweetly and nodded at the maid, entering the house.

"You just had another coughing spell, didn't you?! Go up to bed and rest. I'll let you're Father know." Marie ushered Yuwa up the stairs that were located next to the door. You could always tell when she had a spell. She would always stutter. I started to follow them up the stairs, to make sure Yuwa was really alright. But, Marie stopped me.

", stay there please." She ordered me as they descended the stair case. I nodded while mentally yelling. What was with the maid?! Ordering ME around! I mean, technically, I'm also her 'master'.


I impatiently began to tap my foot as I waited for Marie to show up. While I waited, several of are other maids passed by. Each gave me a slight nod of acknowledgment as they passed by.

I inwardly sighed, when finally, Marie came down the spiral staircase.

", you're tennis partner, Kage, stopped by while you were… out." She frowned at the last part. I began to thank her for telling me, but was interrupted by, Marie. "And, Mr. Kure whishes to see you." She added, briskly walking down the hall in the other direction then where I was supposed to head. I swear, she hates me. A lot. Oh, and Mr. Kure, is my Step-Father.


I hesitantly knocked on the big oak doors that opened up to his study. Whenever he called for me, it was usually a bad thing. You see, Yuwa is his favorite. Not me.


"Come in." A deep voice from inside called.

I tentatively took a step into the dark study as I opened the doors.

I quietly closed the door behind me and stood there. Waiting for him to say something as he sat at his desk.

"You know of Yuwas condition, right, Yuri?" He asked me, not even looking up from his paper work to look at me.

"Y-yeah." I grimaced when he said, "condition". I don't know why it bugged me though.

"And you know, she has already out-lived her life expectancy." He leaned back in his chair, taking a break from his paper work and finally looking at me.

But what he just said sent me over the edge.

"D-don't say that! She's healthy, she'll grow up to be an old woman like me, and live a perfectly normal live as a famous pastry chef in France!" I screamed at him, defending my sister. He just looked at me and calmly said,

"Do you honestly believe that?" I just stood there in stunned silence. Did this guy have a heart? Didn't he even believe there was the faintest glimmer of hope for her?!

I stalked out of the room, slamming the doors behind me as I headed up the stairs to where Yuwas room was located.

"I take it you and Father had another argument?" She asked me, while she laid in bed reading a book. I grunted and plopped down next to her feet.

"Don't be too hard on him. He's really a nice guy." She smiled a little smile at me and placed a book mark in her book, to hold her place as we talked. I looked out her window as dusk began to fall. It had a view of the forest and the tennis courts. Whenever I practiced she would sit on the window bench and watch the ball fly across the court as Kages racket hit it, then I hit it back. So on and so forth.

"I'm going to bed." I muttered, just loud enough for her to hear.

"But, we havn't had dinner yet!"

"I'm still full from the picnic."

"Oh… Ok. Good night Yuri." She hugged me and opened her book back open and resumed reading.

"Good Night." I smiled a small smile at her and left the room and entered my room, directly across the hall.


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