A clock ticks away in the darkness, which is strange because I only own digital clocks.

Well, technically it's not a real clock. Technically it's a theoretical object which exists in two states. One is of existence and the other is of nonexistence. The clock is existing in both and it is simply more likely to be in the state of existence than not.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Dr. Nano and today is the time when the journey that I call Life ends and the day when man becomes God. How can I be so sure? Well this is the Nano-Future and I know because this is the last stage of the process. I've double-checked all the gear and calculations myself. So with some luck I will see you on the other side.

A dim light flickers on and slowly the frame of a bed rises from the shadows. On the mattress lay the dim form of Doctor Nano. He was dressed in a standard white lab coat and had his arms crossed like a strange mummy. The dim light reflects off the Doctor's newly shaved scalp and illuminated a tangle of tubes, wires and electrodes taped into a specific arrangement around his head. The Doctor kept still even though the signals being transmitted were just short-term thoughts.

The tangle of tubes led to an arrangement of computer monitors that flashed images and sometimes binary code. The arrangement of computers had a second set of tubes that were hooked up to robotic arms hovering over a bluish-green rectangular gelatin pool.

The pool soon began to emit its own eerie aura casting light and water patterns across the ceiling. A distant click echoed in the room and another machine began to hum to life. The clocked slowed as if waiting for a signal. Soon the humming machine opened its blue LED eyes and ran three clicks. After a pause the blue eyes flickered and suddenly the clock resumed its normal pace. The computer cluster now began to synchronize and sing with their fans spinning furiously. The robotic arms remained motionless

Blue eyes now flickered yellow and the computers now began humming to. The arms awakened and began weaving and invisible cloth, occasionally dipping its metallic fingers in the strange gelatin pool. The clock seemed to tire now and the Doctor began to smile. It was almost time. As if in agreement the orchestra of machines moved the climax of their symphony. The humming machine now flickered a white light. The computers threw images and code at speeds where the two began to blur. The arms had frozen in the middle of a motion and the gelatin concoction began to stir.

With one last sigh Dr. Nano closed his eyes, drew in one final breath and let it out slowly. When the Doctor reached the end of that breath he slipped from one world to another. A lone tear rolled down his face as the symphony of machines reached the end of the music sheets. The blue flickering eyes had returned and the cluster of computers began to idle. The arms withdrew themselves from the pool and the clock was silenced as if it had never been there before.

As a humanoid form began to rise from the gelatin pool the silence and darkness gave a standing ovation. Today a man died and a God was born in his place.