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One Night Stand

Chapter 1; A Celebration

As a bottle of beer and chilled glass were set on the counter, two handsome men in their early twenties argued over the tab. "Just let me get it, Gavin" the blonde insisted, already slipping off his stool and gathering his light jacket as he prepared to leave. "We're celebrating after all."

Gavin Hayward, a recently promoted inventory analyst, was hesitant to allow his best friend to buy him another beer. He eyed the condensation on the dark colored glass as it slid down, becoming absorbed easily by the napkin serving as a coaster. He'd had about five beers already and though his other two friends had left minutes ago and Scott was on his way out; Gavin had ordered himself one more before hailing a cab. The reason for his desire to continue drinking was not out of joy over his promotion. The fact that had driven him to drink more than usual was actually his sudden uncertainty in regard to his future. Somehow his conversation with Scott had turned in a direction he hadn't foreseen.

He had a decent job, an inventory analyst for an up-and-coming corporation. Having just graduated from college a year earlier in the top ten percent of his class, Gavin had managed to secure himself a promising career. Marketing and business was his forte and anyone who knew Gavin knew he was rarely unable to accomplish what he set out to do. Only working for just over six months, Gavin had received his first promotion, securing him a dependable job and granting him a reasonable salary; a generous one given his age.

His passion, however, while heavily residing in his area of expertise, had recently been swaying toward the possibility and fundamentals of running his own business. Therefore, his drinking was not necessarily to celebrate but to toast away his dreams and freedoms, securing his fate with Burroughs Inc.

Pushing up the rolled cuffs of his dark blue button down shirt, Gavin reluctantly accepted the money Scott laid out for him. "All right, all right," he agreed with a sigh and tired smile. "Just get the hell out of here and leave me alone." The friendship between the two was a long one, stemming back to high school, and allowed for an understanding of their positions. Mainly, Scott understood Gavin's uncertainty, but did his best to reassure his friend that he had a job he enjoyed, money in the bank, and an apartment of his own. He really ought to be more positive after receiving a promotion.

Raking his light brown hair back from his face, Gavin let his hand catch the back of his neck. After a few short words from Scott, his friend was out the door and he was left with his beer and a full wallet. He hadn't even needed to pay for a single drink that night.

"He was a total jerk anyway, Ash. It's a good thing you two broke it off."

Ashlee Kane's friends might have succeeded in their pursuit of consolation had she and her now-ex-boyfriend Kyle mutually "broken it off" but that was not what had happened. He had dumped her. Flat-out, without warning, he had uttered the most clich├ęd line ever to seal the doom of any relationship: "We need to talk." Apparently, she was too serious for him-too serious for him?! They'd been dating for seven months! Weren't couples supposed to be serious by then? She'd cried, shouted, begged for more sufficient reasons, but by that night she'd given up and allowed her wannabe-bed-ridden self to be dragged to a bar her friends frequented just a quarter mile off their city-side college campus-a bar that (of course) served to minors.

"You can do better than him," Samantha, one of her life-long, pre-college friends as well as her dorm roommate insisted, having seen all of Ashlee's relationships that had spanned from a meager three weeks to her latest long-term boyfriend.

"Well maybe I don't want to do better than him," Ashlee answered pathetically, idly swirling her half-empty glass of rum and coke, watching the slice of lime as it fell victim to the whirlpool she created with a half-lidded stare. At nineteen years old, halfway through her sophomore year of college, Ashlee (like any other self-proclaimed "adult") had thought she'd finally hit the mark in the seemingly never ending search for her perfect match. She'd drifted from boyfriend to boyfriend through high school and into college, rarely ever entertaining serious relationships, yet then she'd met Kyle at the end of her freshman year and in her eyes, he was "it". She was pretty, fun, smart, responsible (to an extent, of course), balanced both a job and her classes... what else was Kyle looking for?

"With that attitude, no one's gonna take any interest in your sorry ass," Samantha answered truthfully-she never was one to soften her words to fit the occasion. After all, someone needed to speak the truth or Ashlee would only wallow further in self-pity.

Remaining slouched against the bar in the cushioned stool she had herself perched in, Ashlee slowly raked her thin fingers back through her loose blonde hair and set her drink back down on the half-soaked napkin beside the small basket of pretzels and her cell phone. Before long, her eyes had lowered to her hand against the bar counter's edge, the sight of the sapphire (her birthstone) and gold ring on her right ring finger which Kyle had given her for their six-month anniversary causing her eyes to crinkle and resentment to once again rise up within her.

"We'll find you a new guy," Kayley, a fellow student and friend spoke up with a knowing wink and grin. "The campus is swarming with hot guys lately... Spring semester just started and there's a ton of transfers."

"-and I have two classes with Kyle!" Ashlee groaned, lifting her drink again at the thought and carelessly finishing it off. Too serious, she silently scoffed in utter disbelief. He'd given her a ring! Well, fuck him. He'll make some bimbo very happy some day.

Kayley and Samantha could only exchange helpless glances and at Ashlee's outburst, Kayley lifted a hand and gestured to the bartender for another drink for her friend.

At the ripe age of twenty-two, Gavin was well aware he had his whole adult life in front of him. For some reason, however, he felt sealed into his job at Burroughs Inc. It was only his first job, Gavin understood he would have many on his path to finding his true calling, but the only thing that had begun to occupy his thoughts was that of running his own business. Why did Scott have to bring up that fucking idea? Gavin groaned inwardly, his eyes closing for a moment as he did his best to clear his mind. If only he could center his thoughts around other things; If not his job, than some hobby of some sort. Unfortunately for Gavin, he had little hobbies. His job occupied most of his time and when he wasn't working, he spent time with Scott watching whatever sports were readily available or they went drinking together.

Leaning against the bar with an arm, Gavin reached out with his other to lift his beer and pour it into the glass provided for him. Too lazy and uncaring to tilt the glass, he sighed and watched the foam rise faster than the liquid within the glass. He paused to sigh to himself, more of a frustrated and dismissive sound than anything else. While annoyed, Gavin knew he had no right to be angry with anyone other than himself and he lifted the glass to drain half of it in a long gulp in an attempt to dismiss his trivial thoughts and focus on nothing since his promotion brought him no joy.

In attempt to dismiss the mindless banter of her friends and unwilling to tend to the new drink that was promptly set in front of her, Ashlee's eyes began to wander and a slow sigh passed her lips. She reached out, her fingers tracing absent lines through the condensation of her glass yet soon they stilled as her eyes locked on the attractive young man she spotted at the other end of the bar. He was sitting by himself, a beer in front of him and with nothing but a blank yet calm stare, she took a few moments to watch him, observing everything from the warm brown color of his hair to the way his shirt fit his chest. Yet one question remained in her thoughts: Why was he alone?

"-in chemistry and I almost walked out, I was so annoyed-"

Bits and pieces of her friends' conversation seeped into her consciousness but for the most part, her focus was currently elsewhere. As much as she hated to admit it, she began to feel the urge to approach the brunette she'd caught sight of-she needed to get Kyle off her mind.

Once he'd drank half his newly poured glass, Gavin's attention shifted aside and upwards, his attention locking on the suspended television there. It was early spring and so the baseball season had just begun, one of the first games currently being replayed. It was just nearing midnight, though Gavin found himself torn between heading home to face his restlessness or taking his time and eventually downing a few sleeping pills. Whatever his choice, he had a feeling sleeping pills would be involved.

Arching his back a little to crack it, Gavin rolled his head on his shoulders before leaning forward again against the bar. The game would serve to entertain him for some time and when he was finally finished with his beer, he would again consider heading home.

Ashlee knew the alcohol she'd consumed played some part in her decision and she carelessly interrupted her friends' conversation and took hold of her untouched drink. "I'll be back, guys," she excused herself, licking her lips briefly as she got to her feet, tucking her cell phone into the front pocket of her plain black clutch purse. Samantha and Kayley briefly fell silent as they realized what (or who, rather) had caught their friend's attention and they didn't bother to question it, merely relieved she was approaching someone at all.

Dressed in a pair of jeans and a simple lacy camisole under her corduroy jacket, Ashlee chewed on her lip as she made her way along the bar. He didn't seem much older than herself; but then, if he was, why did it even matter? "Hey," she leaned closer and spoke up as she came to a stop beside the stool next to his, "...mind if I have a seat?" Her smile widened as she spoke, her drink cradled in hand, yet despite her collected appearance, she was teetering on the edge of being a little more than tipsy.

Gavin turned easily at the sound of someone addressing him, his brows rising faintly as he eyed her slightly in surprise. Having been absorbed in his own thoughts, he'd failed to realize that he was in an atmosphere where approaching strangers was acceptable (and fairly common).

He smiled easily with a sigh to bring himself back to reality, nodding as his expression turned to that of a more easy-going one. "Of course, help yourself." Gavin reached out to pull out the stool a few inches for her, turning more forward in his seat than he had been since most of his attention had been directed towards the television in the opposite corner. Whether it be for idle conversation or leisurely flirting, Gavin found he didn't mind the sudden intrusion in the least. She was attractive and forward and Gavin was well aware he could use a distraction.

Up close, he was even more attractive than Ashlee had thought and she didn't hesitate in taking a seat on the stool he'd inched out for her. She set her drink down on the bar, her bag soon placed beside it, and crossing her legs, she eyed him for a few long moments before her expression betrayed her curiosity. "You here alone?" she questioned quietly, tilting her head slightly while she watched him with a smaller but interested (not to mention alcohol-laden) smile. Judging by his attire, Ashlee could only assume he was definitely a bit older than herself and she couldn't help her playful yet sincere second question, "...your girlfriend waiting at home for you?"

No, but a bottle of Xanax is, he thought curtly, shaking his head easily in response. "No, no girlfriend," he replied, smiling aside lazily at her. He failed to understand just why she'd chose to approach him of all people, but he was grateful for it nonetheless. He was certain he didn't seem like the most approachable person there with his uncertain and depressed aura, but he supposed she'd had a few drinks and was focusing more on other things.

"I'd buy you a drink, but you seem to have just gotten one," Gavin offered, shrugging just slightly as he turned in his stool to angle himself more towards her. Lifting his glass to his lips, he took another drink of his beer, lowering it slightly as he eyed her shortly. "Your boyfriend know you talk to strangers?" -it was only fair to pose the question in return.

For a moment, Ashlee's stare drifted to her glass as she ran her fingers idly along the length of it where it sat on the counter top. "No boyfriend," she stated as she lifted her eyes back to his face and managed to flawlessly keep her smile. It was still strange to say but she was finally boyfriend-less once more. That fucking asshole, she added as a bitter side-note. "...and I don't usually talk to strangers," she laughed quietly with a faint shrug, lifting her glass to bring it to her lips. She eyed him over the rim of her glass as she took a sip, tipping her head aside a bit as she lowered it yet continued to hold it in hand. "Rough day?" His posture told all-perhaps a long day at work, judging by his clothing?

Apparently he fit the mold of an exhausted or overworked employee. While it was certainly how he felt at the moment, it was strange to be well aware it was not at all the case. "No, actually," he corrected with a lazy smirk as he leaned aside against the counter of the bar, watching her as he took another drink and lowered it once more. Her seemingly flawless skin and long blonde hair were certainly holding his attention better than the ball game.

"-I'm celebrating. Just got promoted." Why not get some good use out of the news? Maybe she'd express a little interest if she knew he'd gotten a bonus from work. Gavin failed to entertain the knowledge that she'd already expressed interest. She was the one that'd approached him after all.

Promoted? she thought, her brows perking a bit, so he is out of college... "Well, congratulations," she answered as she reached out and placed her drink back atop the counter, "...and what exactly is it that you do, anyway?" she questioned, her smile widening lazily as she perched her chin against her palm, her slow-blinking stare fixed on his face. He was terribly handsome and nothing like the guys she had classes with... perhaps that was what held her interest so closely. Either way, he was keeping Kyle far from her thoughts and she was grateful for it.

Gavin had no interest in boring her; the last thing he wanted was to be left alone to order more drinks and stumble out to a cab at four in the morning. "I'm in marketing," he provided with a nonchalant tone and a nod. Not too specific, but enough to answer her question. Would he really hold her interest at all if he went into the details of his job? Unlikely.

Interested in shifting the conversation onto her, Gavin decided to branch out and bring up another topic. Talk of work bored him at the moment given his confusion in regard to his future. He'd rather talk about-

"So what're you doing out tonight?" he questioned. She was dressed nicely and seemed comfortable in the bar's setting; perhaps she was meeting a few friends..? Shifting his attention aside briefly, Gavin quickly glanced around the bar and took notice of a couple of girls seeming to be about her age with their attention fixed on him. His smile was slow to widen, yet he let out a low laugh at the realization. She had already been with friends. "Ah," he spoke up, dismissing his own question with his lingering amused smile. "Forget I asked."

His question had been answered apparently and with a faint shrug, Ashlee nodded back over her shoulder toward her friends. "They dragged me out tonight," she responded casually, "'re out celebrating ? Alone? Not much of a celebration, if you ask me..." she paused, reaching for her drink with a laugh of her own, "Want some company?" Whatever he wished to infer from her offer was fine by her-he was an attractive, single and mature man compared to what she was used to. Why wouldn't she be interested in getting to know him? Even if only for one night?

Gavin was surprised by her offer if only for the reason that he hadn't even been trying to get her attention in such a way. She offered nothing that guaranteed she'd even meant to leave the bar with him, yet it was what Gavin was hoping for. Her sudden appearance beside him had sparked his interest and he was easily prepared to leave the bar.

"My friends just left," he said firstly to address what she'd commented on. Not more than a moment later, he leaned back comfortably and finished off his beer. Pushing it forward on the counter and pulling out his wallet to leave a few dollars for a tip, he turned to her. "How 'bout I make you a drink?" After a brief glance down at what she held and an expert eye, he offered a quiet smirk. "I make a killer rum and coke." Of course it was meant to be playful, but the implication that he'd meant to take her back to his apartment was clear enough.

Ashlee wasn't about to say a word about it, but she had never before gone home with anyone from a bar (or other place, for that matter) before and had she been sober, she might have been a bit more careful in agreeing. Yet truth be told, at the moment, nothing seemed more appealing to her and she gently eased her own drink away from her and took her purse in hand. "Definitely," she answered with a nod and uncrossed her legs to get to her feet. She glanced back over her shoulder, the surprised but impressed expressions on her friends' faces easily conveying they whole-heartedly accepted her actions, and soon, she was waiting for him to stand, her purse tucked under her arm with a smile. She had neither work nor school the next morning-how could she refuse?

Apparently Gavin had been right in his assumption that Ashlee was willing to accompany him home and he was glad for the unexpected company. Even if nothing sexual were to happen, she seemed to be an interesting and confident girl- someone Gavin saw himself getting along with quite easily. Slipping off his stool with a sigh, having brought no additional jacket, Gavin merely bunched up his sleeves a bit more on his elbows. He tucked his wallet into his back pocket again, tossing his hair from his eyes as he turned towards her again.

He stood a good four inches taller than her and finally took a moment to grin as he offered his hand. "Gavin," he introduced simply, waiting for her to do the same as well. He didn't make it a habit to randomly pick up strangers and bring them back to his apartment, but it had happened before. Although Gavin prided himself on being a good judge of character and had never had to suffer any unfortunate circumstances from his decisions.

"Ashlee," she introduced herself as she took his hand, now forced to stare up at him a bit but quickly finding that his height only added to her rising interest in him. More and more as she continued to interact with Gavin, she was realizing that perhaps there might be some hope for her out there yet-Kyle definitely hadn't been her "it" and as she released his hand, her thumb managed to inch the ring along her finger unnoticed until it slipped off and into her palm and soon, she tucked it into her purse. Kyle was to be completely forgotten that night.

Gavin studied her for a few brief moments, his smile lingering as he soon decided her name fit her well. He lead her out of the bar, pulling the door open for her and holding it as he ushered her through. A short glance in the direction of her friends caused him to laugh to himself as he nodded in their direction and slipped out into the cool night air.

"I'm not too far," he assured her upon stepping up to the curb at her side. Lifting an arm to flag down a taxi, Gavin whistled sharply and within a matter of moments a cab responded. Again, Gavin pulled the door open for her and allowed Ashlee to slip inside before him, providing the driver with his address as he climbed in after her.

The night air was a refreshing change but before long, they were seated in the back of a cigarette-smelling taxi cab... and Ashlee couldn't have been more relaxed now that Kyle was far from her thoughts. Settling into the tattered leather seats with a calm exhale, she stared over at Gavin and suddenly found herself laughing a little. "I've never seen you at that bar before," she commented with a curiously arched brow as she tucked her hair back. Despite the fact that she only went on occasion, she was interested to know how often he frequented there. "You go a lot, or..?"

She found herself soon wondering other things about him-yet she refrained. It wasn't as if she was pursuing a relationship with this man. She was merely his company for the night and the less she knew about his personal life, the better.

"Actually, no. My friend brought us there, but we usually go to the one just a couple blocks over on seventh..." Trailing off with a furrowed brow, Gavin cracked a short laugh. "You know, I never bothered to catch the name," he admitted, surprisingly relaxed in her company. Usually when he opted to bring someone home with him it was because he caught sight of them and spent the remainder of the night pursuing them in the hopes of their accepting his offer to accompany him home. Ashlee, however, had sought him out and he smiled to himself at the difference. "And you? Do you spend most of your nights in bars picking up random guys?"

"No, actually. So consider yourself lucky," Ashlee laughed as she shook her head, watching him across the length of the back seat as she absently bit her lip for a moment. While she wasn't pretending to be someone she wasn't in his presence, she was acting more confident and older than she really was. She was content to let him think what he preferred about her and honestly, the change of pace was exciting to her. "Don't tell me you're not used to women approaching you," she added challengingly, playfully narrowing her eyes.

-That he wasn't, but it was still a nice change to be approached by someone he wanted to bring home with him. "You still surprised me," he informed, smiling slowly as he lifted an arm to rest it against the back of the seat. "I guess I wasn't enjoying a celebration amongst guys," he added with a low and short laugh as he slid casually and confidently closer to her so the space between them was lessened.

As the driver spoke up in regard to an obvious road block ahead, Gavin's attention was stolen away from Ashlee. He provided the easiest alternative route when the driver informed him of another way he was about to go, too familiar with the area to allow the cab driver to rope him into paying an additional fee. When he turned back to Ashlee, he sighed and smiled a little lazily. Maybe he shouldn't have had that sixth beer...

Ashlee's smile widened a bit and she felt her cheeks warm slightly-Gavin's interest in her was making her confidence slowly bounce back from where it had been that night: almost non-existent. "Good thing. Or I might not have bothered to wander over to you," she answered with a faint shrug, able to pick up on the scent of his cologne once he'd moved closer despite the smell of cigarettes and leather that filled the backseat of the taxi. He smelled nice, different than any other guy she'd known and she let his older status account for the fact. Glancing past him and out his window to see the sign of where the taxi next took a turn, she leaned a bit closer as if struggling to catch what street they were on-a cheap ploy to inch her way closer, but effective regardless.

Had they not been mere blocks from his apartment, Gavin might have begun what he'd hoped to continue back at his apartment. Instead, he simply enjoyed the flirting, moving his hand from the back of the seats to brush her hair off her shoulder to reveal her neck. To Gavin, it was one of the most delicate and sensuous places on a woman's body and he didn't hesitate in leaning down to brush his lips against her smooth skin. His hand eased her jacket collar away just over an inch to do so, his slow breathing audible as he placed a few feather light kisses against her skin.

The soft touch of his lips against her neck was unexpected but she welcomed it entirely with only a slow breath of surprise to acknowledge the gesture. She arched her neck for him, her eyes slipping half-closed and she could barely keep the smile on her lips with how nice his lips felt as the rum she'd had kept her body warm and relaxed. She wanted to speak or offer a teasing remark but at the moment, she simply couldn't get her voice to work...and she had a good feeling (based on his kiss alone) that he would be able to convince her of anything.

Apparently as the cab stopped, it wasn't a red light that the cab was waiting at. An abrupt cough from the driver signaled their arrival and Gavin reluctantly retracted his lips from Ashlee's throat to lean up and glance aside. The sight of his building was a welcome one and he retracted his arm to produce his wallet and the cab fare. He reached across Ashlee to pull the handle of the door and open it for her, a short push enabling her to merely turn and slip out into the street. Gavin followed suit, licking his lips as he raked his hair back and found his keys. There was no sign that Ashlee had changed her mind or was uncomfortable in his presence and he was simply under the assumption that she still wished to accompany him inside as the cab pulled away.

The street was quiet, seemingly deserted, and at the moment, Ashlee had no intentions of breaking such a silence. She watched him with a faint smile and followed him inside as he held open the front door for her, her purse in hand. Judging from the lobby, his apartment would be average yet nice-though should such a thing really have mattered? It was growing more and more obvious what was to happen once they reached his apartment and Ashlee didn't mind one bit. Gavin was the perfect way to spend a few hours forgetting about how her ex-boyfriend had hurt her so out-of-the-blue and she had every intention of enjoying what he had to offer. "What floor are you on?" she questioned as she eyed the elevator, turning to face him a bit more where she stood.

"Top," Gavin answered shortly and easily, reaching out and past her to hit the elevator button. The doors promptly opened and Gavin escorted Ashlee inside, pressing the highest floor button just after. Once the elevator began to ascend, Gavin turned to face her, leaning back in the corner of the elevator as he reached for the edge of her corduroy jacket to ease her closer to him. He grinned slightly, tilting his head a little as he stared down at her and let his attention slip down over her. She seemed far too attractive and attentive to be without a boyfriend, but Gavin was merely counting his blessings.

Ashlee didn't fight as he pulled her closer, her own smile remaining as she returned his stare. "Where were we?" she mumbled with a quiet laugh, the feeling of his lips lingering still from the end of their cab ride together. Part of her couldn't believe how she was acting (yet blamed the alcohol for her lack of inhibitions), but another part of her enjoyed being wanted by someone she had never considered being interested. Even with the decent distance between them, she could still catch the scent of his cologne and she was certain she wouldn't soon forget such a distinct smell.

Once the two were locked inside his apartment, Gavin tossed his keys to the counter and reached for her wrist to pull her closer. "Can I take your jacket?" he offered, a low laugh leaving him at his suggestion. He was hoping he could take more than that off her. Other than her name, Gavin knew nothing about her, and truth be told... he didn't mind in the least. She was a beautiful, confident and forward woman who had approached him and was now in his apartment. He had every intention of celebrating his promotion correctly. "Still feel like that drink?"

On her own, Ashlee reached up with her free hand to ease her jacket from her shoulders, her other wrist still in his hold and with a smile and a shrug to aid her efforts, she answered him. "I think I'll pass," she laughed quietly, letting her jacket slip down along her arms easily as she absently bit her lip. Her cheeks were still warm, from both the situation and the rum she'd had, and whether it was the unfamiliarity of it all that made her more willing or not, she was interested in whatever Gavin was interested in. "Unless you were looking forward to one," she mumbled playfully as she eyed him.

After her jacket was placed over the back of her chair, Gavin abandoned his gentlemanly nature for the meantime and took her wrist to pull her closer to him and finally against him. "I've had enough," he assured her, staring down at her intently for a few moments as a hand slipped to her side and fit against her body just above her hip. "You're gorgeous," he voiced, unable to help but mumble his observation as he finally leaned down to her lips.

If only he knew how much better such a simple compliment made her feel about herself after such a low-blow from her ex's sudden desire to dump her. Then again, if only Kyle knew how casual rather than serious she could be-and was currently being. A one night stand was probably the least serious thing she could have been doing when it came to relationships and men in general-she almost wished she could wave it in Kyle's face.

Ashlee didn't even have the time to respond to his flattery and soon, his lips were against her own and thoughts of Kyle flew from her mind. She was alone with Gavin, practically a stranger, in his unfamiliar apartment with only a few lights on to illuminate her surroundings. It was silent, save for their soft breathing and the faint rustle of clothing as he pulled her to his body, and Ashlee's senses were high yet numbed from the lingering effects of the alcohol she'd had. It wasn't difficult to simply give in and let whatever was to happen between them happen and letting her instincts take the wheel, she lifted her now-bare arms up to drape loosely around his neck as they kissed, pressing her body gently to his chest on her own.

'I've never done something like this before,' Ashlee wanted to mutter against his lips but decided to keep silent instead; why spoil whatever image he had of her? It could be said that Kyle was to blame for her sudden "reckless" behavior but to some extent, Ashlee felt she needed this to prove to herself that all that Kyle had accused her of was wrong. Besides, Gavin was certainly quite persuasive in both looks and demeanor-and definitely a good kisser.

Careful in the heels she wore, she took a step back of her own, her brows arching as she stifled a quiet laugh upon nearly stumbling at an awkward angle.

The few times in which Gavin had actually brought home a one night stand had resulted in serious get-down-to-business sex which didn't necessarily last long, brought quick pleasure, and barely contained goodbyes. Of course that was the point of picking up a stranger for sex, but Gavin noticed the seriousness of it was lacking at the moment. He didn't mind at all.

Gavin smirked against her lips as he grinned, withdrawing his tongue to nudge her lips softly before pulling away a little. "Careful," he smiled, nodding aside to signal where his bedroom was before beginning to guide her there as a hand slipped down to take hers gently. The door was already open and Gavin simply guided her inside, not bothering to turn the light on and allowing the faded light from the other room be the only source by which they could see. He turned with her to cause her to step backwards, making his way to his queen sized bed with her as he leaned down to catch her lips once more without another word.

With careful shifts, Ashlee soon rid her feet of the heels she wore and abandoned them near the bedroom door. Smiling through the kiss, her hands slid forward from his neck to the first fastened button of his shirt and easily began to undo it. She pressed her mouth completely to his, her pulse quickening at how things were progressing-truth be told, had Gavin not been at the bar that night, Ashlee was certain she would have retreated back to her dorm room with Samantha, sulking and finishing off the remainder of her pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream from earlier that day. Perhaps he was a blessing in disguise; he might have been just what she needed to get back on track and shift her priorities back into proper perspective. And needless to say, Gavin was certainly serving to make her feel wanted and attractive.

She felt the edge of his bed hit the backs of her knees and her fingertips slipped down to the next button of his shirt, their breathing growing more audible with each passing minute and filling the otherwise silent apartment.

Gavin allowed Ashlee to do as she wished, his shirt easily becoming undone by her wandering hands as he kept one at the side of her neck to guide the deep kiss as his other slipped beneath the bottom of her shirt to fit against her side. Her warm skin and curvy waist made him sigh softly through the kiss as he pressed his body flush against hers, the pressure causing her to be unable to keep her balance with the bed behind her knees.

As she began to fall backwards, Gavin quickly slid his arm around her back beneath her shirt, catching her as his other hand instantly fell away from her neck to brace his and her weight against the bed. Leaning over her, the kiss having been broken from her falling backwards and his impressive save, he could only grin down at her softly with a short laugh.

A quiet breath of surprise left her lips as they curved into an amused smile, reaching out to help support herself as he held her with an arm as her other curled back around Gavin's neck. "...nice catch," she mumbled, leaning up by way of her arm to capture his lips again, able to feel the muscles of his chest against her body while his shirt hung open. Her pulse stayed quick but her nervousness continued to dissipate as she eased her way further onto the bed's cool and soft sheets, part of her still in disbelief of all that was happening.

Gavin blinked slowly as he watched her, enjoying the warmth of her body and the way she wound her arm around his neck to draw him into a kiss. Maybe it was the type of girls he'd been with lately, but Ashlee reminded him that a kiss could be something enjoyable in itself.

He didn't respond, merely smiled for a few lingering moments as they kissed. Gavin began to shift as his arms moved to the bed on either side of her, bracing his weight above her on her forearms. One at a time, he rotated his shoulders, easing his way out of the shirt he'd worn that day. Once he'd slipped it off and to the floor carelessly, he was left in a sleeveless undershirt and dark pants. He'd managed to kick his shoes and socks off along the way and as he tossed his hair to lean back down to her lips, Gavin's hand slipped against her side to ease her shirt up slowly.

Ashlee didn't hesitate in running her hands along his arms once she'd settled comfortably on her back against the bed, drawing her leg upward until her thigh gently leaned against his hip. As her fingers traced the muscles on his arms, she once again found it difficult to accept that he was single and that he wasn't merely having a bit of fun on the side behind his girlfriend's back. Yet even if he had been lying to her, it didn't matter. They were both enjoying each other's company during the time they had and neither of their reasons for their actions mattered either. The type of man he presented to her was exceptional by Ashlee's standards and she wasn't about to question him for fear of ruining the perfect opinion she held of him. Her lips moved slowly, drawing in a deep breath through her nose as his hand ran up against her side and she arched her back to release the fabric of her shirt that had been pinned to the mattress under her weight.

Gavin's lips left hers as he tucked his face downward, his stare heavy and lazy as he watched the shirt rise to reveal her smooth stomach. He enjoyed the fact that he didn't need to feel embarrassed or offer idle conversation. He was free to explore her body in any way he wished and if she were uncomfortable with it, he knew she would speak up and there would be no need for embarrassment. After all, it wasn't as if the two needed to face one another in the morning. Shifting downward slowly, Gavin continued to inch her shirt upwards until it was bunched just beneath her bra, his lips finding the hollow of her sternum to press his lips against before trailing a slow soft line of kisses downward.

It wasn't so much the sex that Ashlee was in need of, but the attention, and it seemed that Gavin had endless amounts to spare on her. The presence of his lips against her stomach and moving slowly against her skin only made her feel more desirable than before and letting her hands fall away to the bed beside her face, she allowed her eyes to slip closed in contentment. Her chest rose and fell in a calm yet speedy rhythm with her breathing, the muscles of her stomach instinctively tightening at the touch of his lips. She wished she could think of something to say to fill the silence but at the same time, she found herself enjoying the faint sound of his breathing and every rustle of the sheets and their clothing.

The way Ashlee allowed Gavin to touch and kiss her however he desired was what turned him on the most and he let out a quiet strained breath against her warm skin as his hands inched her shirt further upwards. It took a bit of maneuvering, but Gavin managed to remove her shirt with minimal break in the contact of his lips to her skin.

He allowed her to rest back against the bed once again, his hands taking hold of her sides against her ribcage as he once again trailed his lips down to her navel. Their breathing was audible, his body growing aroused at an increasing pace, and Gavin let a hand slip down from her side to the fly of her pants. Unbuttoning it slowly, his hand fell away again and he let out a low laugh as his lips lowered to take the zipper between his teeth and ease it downward. No sense in getting straight to things when it was obvious they both enjoyed taking their time.