Ferris Wheel

step right up
step right up
buy your ticket
take your ride
Ferris Wheel
can make you soar
to unimagined heights
far above the earthly crowd
high, distorted view
bright colours
and glaring lights
shining stars
and breathtaking sights.

you close your eyes
feel the breeze
and hope the Wheel will never stop
you want to be up here
with your head high in the clouds
you smile
savour this moment
and hope it'll last
and ever
and ever…

ever so slowly
something builds up inside you
a knot in your throat
a lump in your stomach
a slight pounding in your head
a tide crashes
and everything collapses
the pounding grows
quicker, quicker!
louder, louder!
giddy rounds
garish lights
there's nothing but a
glittering blur
of stars.

everything starts to fade
your seat starts to sway
slow music starts to play
you open your eyes
and look through the slats
at the caged expanses
of pitch black sky
once again
you're backing up gently to the
far off stars.

round and round
you go in circles
one day king of the world
the next down on the ground
but along the way
you find
and freedom
you see beauty
in the lovely sunrise
hear laughter
at a sweet surprise
and from these you find
to ride the Wheel
once again.