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Will you be Coming Back?


A New Love After Spring

by: Faithmemory


The sun is lynching at the peak of the whole town. Nothing beats the Sunday daytime of the town. The sparkly sea salt twinkles beautifully in the east. And the people enjoys the time for social communications, because Sunday, is indeed a day with the family, a day for rest and a day for remembering.

Hyori opens the door and peeks from inside, "Who is it?" she asked who just got off the bed.

"Yo~" Kyosuke greeted, lifting his long right arm, "Want to visit the sea?" he asked as he taps his bicycle. Hyori feels hesitant for a moment, but nodded her head as a reply.

She went back inside the house to change her clothes. She needs to wear something light and comfortable. After all, summer just arrived. Kyosuke smiles for a second but the smile faded away as he remembers Tatsuya, who left already three weeks ago is currently in Tokyo fulfilling his dreams. Tatsuya who left, last spring, is a season to remember.


The wide open sea beautifies the entire view. Everything around the sea went sparkling. The birds are enjoying their freedom just above the azure shade of the sea. Such a beautiful and charismatic view. Hyori watches everything in the sea, tightly holding at Kyosuke who paddles his bicycle. The summer puffs of air give off such a salty scent, but still fresher than anything else. The path they are taking has the most stunning view of the sea.

"Tatsuya can never see this in Tokyo…" Kyosuke started, still paddling and snubbing the beautiful sight beside them.

Hyori's hair flaps around because of the speedy bicycle, looking so gravely at the sea. And Kyosuke felt a bit stupid for mentioning Tatsuya. So he boosts up the speed and hurriedly went to the coastal zone.

It was an awkward and soundless moment for the two. It only shows how the two of them are pretty attached with Tatsuya, especially Hyori. She has feelings for him and she kind of regrets the fact that she didn't have the courage to confess her feelings for him after he left.


They left the bicycle under a coconut tree. And they carried their slippers just to feel the fine texture of the sand. Because of the wild breeze at the seashore, Hyori's dress flatters around and Kyosuke's baggy pants wiggle at the same time.

He stretches his arms above his head and takes a deep breath, "Wooohh!" he yelled, "Summer is here!!" He continues to yell and jumps around, lining up a huge smile on his face.

Hyori stares at him for a moment, but a smile shines from her face, "Let's enjoy summer!!" she yelled back. And the wind suddenly calmed down.

Kyosuke slowly placed his hands down and looked directly at her eyes, "Summer is a promise note signed in June, its long days spent and gone before you know it. So let's enjoy this season together before it ends…"

After hearing those words, Hyori's happiness can be fake again. She was touched by those words and decides to fully enjoy summer together with him. She felt security and comfort. Kyosuke might not explain it well but he showed it to her, even before summer…

"LET'S CHASE THE SUN!!!" he shouted grabbing her hand.

She nods her head and they started running to the sea. They play with the salty water. They shower each other with the clear water of that beautiful sea and such an amazing view that was. Their laughter pinnacled the area and they promised each other that they will only wish for Tatsuya's success in Tokyo. And will no longer remember the day he went away.

"That day… I will think of it as a promise, a swear of return. Now, Kyosuke is the one here. And we'll create a lot of happy memories. Together, we'll wait for you Tatsuya…"

"I'll take care of Hyori, Tatsuya. I'll make her happy like the old days that the three of us were together. I'll teach her a new love after spring… summer…"