All the people had tears in their eyes

All the people had tears in their eyes
"She was a beloved daughter, one of a kind
She never hurt a single thing, she never told a lie
None of us could've helped her in time."

Her name was Hope, she was thirteen
she excelled in English, math and dance
so sad to think what may have been
she never even had a chance

She went to heaven, her soul was pure
Heaven was short an angel, the angel of death
Hope thought of the others, and had no fear
She took the job without regret

She saw the first man's face, so scared and afraid
"Don't worry" she pleaded, a tremble in her voice
"I'll keep you warm, I'll keep you safe"
A tear rolled down her cheek now moist

He looked at her, she looked at him
He closed his eyes and put his hands in hers
He put in her his trust, for his future was dim.
She told him of the unearthly wonders

She gave up her freedom to be the angel of death
to be there when mortals breathed their last breath
she used hope and love to guide their way
And she will be there through the sun's last rays