Midnight grazes upon the silence. Alone in her home, she lies in her bed with the lights turned off in a vain attempt to lure sleep to her mind. Not a sound in the world disturbs the stillness of this night. She stares into the lonely blackness, unable to stop the tear from trickling out of her eye. It rolls down her face and falls to the pillow on which she rests her head.

A soft breeze glides in from the open window near her bed. It is calming and cold against the tear tracks on her porcelain face. It seems to whisper to her, speaking words she cannot understand. It grows louder and becomes melodic, caressing her face with its wind-fingers. The curtains softly blow around her. She is finally drifting to sleep when she hears the voice.

It sings a haunting melody from the forest beyond her window. The soothing voice is that of a woman, but more surreal than that of reality. The wind carries the words of the song to the room where she lays and echoes them around her. She is mesmerized by the voice and, as if in a trance, silently rises from the bed and glides to the open window. She reaches her hand into the night and softly pleads, "Help me…"

The wind grows stronger and circles around her. Hair whips behind her and nightgown blows as well as she is slowly lifted from her feet. She holds her arms out to the sides as the wind carries her into the night. Above the forest she flies with the voice, and for the first time in eternity, she smiles. But the voice of the woman whispers, "I'm sorry…" and carries her back to her bed.

The wind dies down slowly and takes the voice of the woman with it. She opens her eyes and hurries to the window. The night is silent, and the woman is gone. She slowly shuffles back to the bed and lies under the covers. Perhaps there was no woman at all. Perhaps it was only the wind…

This came to me when I was sitting alone at home and heard someone singing from outside. There was no one there. Weird, much?