why couldn't those breadcrumbs lead to me?
better yet, why don't i just go along?
on a trek to a place no one has gone,
then we can save our crumbs for the birds
nibbling, as we exchange sweet words
anywhere you are, is where i want to be

light off a pond will reflect images of daydreams
the clouds and the sun will chase each other
crickets will lull the sun beneath the mountains
and you can remind me of all your old stories
and fourth and fifth times still sound like the first
it all sounds new in the garden of light and love

the muffin man dances down drury lane
the gingerbread man walks with a sugar cane
the big bad wolf tried to trick me away
but everything about you makes me stay

anywhere you are, is where i want to be
in the dark of the morning, quarter till three
chests rising in synchronized dances
i can't help but taking second glances

a breadcrumb that falls behind you
i'll be there wherever you go
living in my head, and dreaming in real life
everywhere is in the bright light of love.