A/N- Okay, so this is inspired by the classic fairytale versions of the classical princesses. I hope everyone enjoys!


"Though you may be the fairest of them all, t'will be your daughter that causes your fall," said the Mirror on its second day in the possession of the Queen Malice, smirking as it did so.

But mirrors don't smirk! Of course, ordinary mirrors don't smirk, but this was no ordinary mirror. Some of the mirrors in the magical kingdom of Mistopia spoke, but none but this one smirked. You see, those that speak but don't smirk were brought into this world as a mirror and merely remained ordinary mirrors or were somehow otherwise enchanted. The Mirror that Speaks and Smirks was not. Indeed, this mirror had once been a man.

And not just any man. In fact, he had been a prophet. When the Queen Malice had been born, he had predicted that she would do several great evils, all having to do with death and one even before she was queen. And it had come to pass. The great evil Malice had done before she was queen was done to be crowned queen! She had poisoned her parents' food. At the age of fourteen, she went from Princess Malice to Queen Malice.

From there, she imposed heavy and unfair taxes on her people--sometimes causing starvation, locked away anyone who dared defy her, and executed those she simply did not care to look upon. There was only one man that dared ridicule the queen: the Prophet that had made the prediction at her birth. And Malice dare not execute or imprison the annoying man, for he was much beloved by his followers--who were all very rich and important people in Malice's kingdom. So the Queen simply grinned and bore it all. However, she was not renown for her patience. Eventually, it came down to the point where this Prophet began to sing a rude and vulgar song about her as she walked pass him one day. That was enough.

"If you like your rhymes and riddles so much," Malice snapped, turning back towards him on about the second verse of the song, "then may you forever speak as such!"

Thus she hexed him, for not only was the dark haired, dark eyed queen skilled in the art of war and the art of poison, she was also skilled in the art of magic.

Malice thought that that would surely shut the Prophet up. However, her plan backfired, causing the Prophet to cry out against her even louder. Now not only were the rich and influential people of her kingdom hanging on every word, they were laughing as well. That was the final straw.

Queen Malice declared all those who had ever followed the Prophet traitors to the crown. She confiscated all their money and land and had them put to death. Now she was the only blue-blood with any power in her kingdom left. She had the Prophet then brought before her and imprisoned him within a mirror, making him her personal slave lest she shatter the frail ornament.

But it was on the second day in the queen's possession, that the Prophet lowered one more blow.

"Though you may be the fairest of them all, t'will be your daughter that causes your fall."

Malice was livid. With a dagger hidden behind her back, she stormed through the castle, looking for her toddler daughter.

Malice had married only once, with a goal in mind. She had married a prince from a faraway kingdom and produced what she had needed. Two children. Crown Prince Nicolas and Princess Snow White. After the birth of her children, Queen Malice had done her husband a kindness in only divorcing him. But, she did make it where he could lay claim to absolutely nothing in her kingdom.

And now, as Malice rounded the corner into her children's playroom with the hidden dagger, she found not only her young daughter but her young son as well.

The two dark haired, rosy cheeked, fair-skinned children smiled up at their mother. And for a moment, the evil queen's icy heart melted. Even though she had destroyed so many lives, she could not destroy her own flesh and blood. She smiled back at them, whirled--keeping the dagger hidden all the while--and stormed back to the mirror room.

The mirror smirked once more as Malice growled in frustration and threw the dagger from her.

"Cold as ice your heart may be; a mother's love did set Snow White free," the mirror laughed.

"Shut up!" Malice hissed. Then, muttering to herself, she said, "What to do? What to do?"

She looked up. The mirror merely smirked back at her.

"Great! Now you're silent!" she hissed once more.

The mirror now openly grinned. The queen then picked up a candelabra and shook it threateningly.

"I know you know the answer, Prophet. Tell me or I'll shatter you!"

The mirror lost its grin and sighed in defeat.

"Raise her in your image; make her proud to be in your lineage."

Immediately, her eyes lit up.

"That's it! I'll make her a warrior! Completely loyal to her queen!"

Queen Malice smirked triumphantly at the mirror, then turned and left the room.

The mirror, however, had one more prophecy for the queen. One that she would never hear.

"You will wrong seven princesses for certain; then that, Malice, will be your final curtain."