I see you standing there across the room with your little posse of friends. I can already tell what type of girl you are by the way you present yourself, hold yourself. You're daddy's little girl, his pride and joy. You're the girl that has never seen the life outside of the honor roll. Wearing that tight tee and skinny jeans tucked inside of knee-high high heel boots, I can tell there is a little wild side to you, but I can tell you're shy by nature.

Your green eyes avert mine as I talk to you, playing with your curly brown hair as your friends converse with one another, most likely wondering who this guy was and why was he talking to you instead of them. For me, they are too wild. I like the challenge of a good girl, to see if there is a wild side to her. You are shy, oh so shy, not giving too much information or giving much details to any answer.

Biting on your lip, you make me want you now. I cannot admit to a defeat, and I must have you. I want to make you go bad. Do something that you have never thought about doing before. Hell, even if it's a dine and dash, something that make this honor student to have some fun. I can tell your friends are not like you. I wonder why you hang out with them, unless this is your version of "bending the rules" hanging out with a bunch of girls at a club, dressed like you are.

You've heard about me from your friends, all the stories that are floating around about me. I lean in to whispered in your ear, your smell is invigorating, something I have not smelled at all. I tell you that you should let go, and I offer you my hand smiling, hoping you will take it. One night couldn't be so wrong, along with the fact that I want you to lose control.


My friends voices are in the distant, my eyes are fixed on you as you walk across the room towards me, I hope. Your tall, slender frame was dressed with dark jeans and an Affliction shirt. Your hair is disheveled, your look just screams bad boy, a type that I must stay away from. But there is something is making me consider giving it a go. You make your way over to me; my friends just give side-glances, wondering why, out of all of us, you are talking to me. You make nervous yet excited.

I've heard the stories about you and I am fascinated, even if I know your no good for me, but the sense of danger is appealing. But I'm shy. I can barely look in your blue eyes, your smiles makes my body do things that it never done before. You ask me questions, but I don't give details, just answer quickly and bite my lip. I want to put myself out there, but my mind is not letting me, knowing it's not something a good girl does.

You lean in, mouth close to my ear. Your warm breath made all thoughts leave my head. I hear you whisper to me to let go. You back away too soon for my liking, and you offer me your hand with a come-here smile. I smile back and take it. One night couldn't be so wrong. You make me want to lose control.