The Little Things That Hurt


It's the little things

The little minute things

The insignificant

Yet significantly important

The eyes trace the details

The ears brush against the nuances

And the twitch at the side of your lips

The hesitance in your voice

It all speaks to me

It all screams to me


We're walking down the footpath

The autumn leaves fall

They put me in a frame of mind

And your hand lingers in the air

It strays from mine

And I look down at your fingers

And frown slightly

You evidently don't want me

Do you?


And we sit on a bench

And you lean back ever so slightly

And there is a small inch between us

That speaks to me

It screams to me

That small distance

Of never will be

Of never can be

With you


Our conversation strains

It pulls on strings

Mine pulls forward and yours back

And I laugh eagerly

And your eyebrows furrow

As if it weren't meant to be

And I lose hope

And I tighten my lips

And silence hovers


I wonder why I'm still near you

When I know you wish to be elsewhere

Or that I still try to please you

When I know that it isn't leading me anywhere


You stand to leave

Should I leave with you?

And as you walk away

Thinking that I'd follow along

I find myself stuck in one place

That I don't wish to move

I don't want to pretend anymore

And you turn to look

Eyebrow raised

But you keep on walking

And that's what hurts the most