Well my best friend Vita (The Bohemian Vagabond) told me to write a non-angsty romance. I failed. Well, I guess it depends. Would romance in the middle of a war where the narrator was previously captured and forced through traumatic incidents count as non-angsty? Well, I tried!

Warm arms embraced me.

I had to tell myself it was okay.

Its not that I didn't love him;

Just the opposite actually.


But it was just all too fresh.

Everything they'd done to me

all too real.

I don't think I'll ever get over it.


He gives me so much I don't deserve.

He saved me from the world,

From those men;

Saved me from myself.


Flickers of moonlight,

In the storage room window.

It was only us,

And we were safe.


They couldn't fine me

Or hurt me,

Because I was protected.


For the first time in a long week

I managed a smile.


He kissed me

And I kissed back.

I loved him

And he loved me.


Maybe I could go on a little longer.