Letters to Her

I'm here, I'm gone,

I've been away from the world too long,

Your face, where could it be?

Things I cannot recall haunt me,

So I find myself alone,

My life is done, I have no home,

I thought that I heard your voice,

I couldn't stay, I had no choice,

The walls are breathing all around me,

The sun comes only too late,

And now I'm here staring at your picture,

In a world I can't escape,

At night I barricade the windows,

To keep the darkness away,

And I dream of holing you close,

To keep the evil at bay,

And I write letters to the lonely,

And pray they'll find their way home,

Without you by my side,

I have no place left to go,

I hope my words will reach to those who stray here,

Long after I am gone,

They'll know how I lost you to the mist,

And the little to save you I had done,

When the lost monsters came to claim you,

Now I think that I understand,

That I'll never forgive myself,

For letting go of your hand,

I feel the streets are constantly watching,

Just like you said,

I know nothing's going to save me,

My heart is already dead.