(A Long) Update

No, I haven't died!

People have been consistently favoriting Morrissey Made Me Love Him. Almost everyday since I've posted the story, I've opened up my email to discover someone has favorited, followed, or reviewed it, so I just wanted to thank everyone for that. And thank you to anyone who has favorited, followed or reviewed my other stories as well!

And because people are still stumbling their way onto my stories and my profile, I just wanted to give an update of where I'm at right now. I feel I owe you all that.

So why haven't I updated in forever? About two summers ago, my laptop was stolen. With that, I lost any outlines I had made for my stories.

This included:

My completely planned and outlined chapters for Tripping Over Trevor and Hannie Elise.

Plans for a sequel to MMMLH, including a few scenes I already had written-out.

Ideas for a series of one-shots based around Oh God.

My plans, character outlines and scenes for the full length version of Run and Hide.

Scenes I had written for an extended version of Ella Sonrie.

Summaries and plans for about a dozen other stories I hadn't yet mentioned, some of which I had already started writing.

So basically, I lost everything.

Right now I can sort of generally remember what direction I wanted my stories to go in, some better than others.

Other than that, I'm still doing the school thing (which means I'm still really busy). I also write for a living, which means when I get home I like to do things that aren't writing to give my hands and my brain a break.

So this all means: Eventually I may post something, but right now I'm not writing anything new for FP. While I remember some details for the rest of ToT, Run and Hide, and the Oh God spin offs, chances are I won't be touching those for a long time, if ever. I'm still undecided about a MMMLH sequel or an extended version of Ella Sonrie. If I were to post anything, I likely would be continuing Runaway because my plans for that existed only in my head and not on my stolen laptop.

While I don't have plans to update right now, if you have a preference for what I should eventually continue, let me know!

I'd also encourage anyone who is favoriting to also leave a review; MMMLH alone has over 400 favorites but only 74 reviews and I'd still really love to hear constructive criticism on what I have written. It helps me to develop my writing, which is invaluable. Even if I'm not updating, I still get FP notices to my email. So if you send me something, I will see it!

So thank you to anyone who has been checking out my stories, I'm glad they're still being read and I hope you're enjoying them regardless of their status. I'm sorry for the lack of update and I'm sorry this note is so long!

See you ninjas later,

x TS