It had been four days since the captain left with his men to go scout out the area for potential enemies; dressing in light armor with their horses dressed in their saddles they left leaving a cloud of dust in their trail. Women and children hustled about the camp preparing for when the men would return: children watching younger children giving their mothers time to cook and clean up around camp.

The first sign of trouble was the smoke rising in the air: as the smoke rose up into the air it made ominous clouds in the sky as the sun set on the first day, lighting it up as if it were on fire. The women in the camp panicked as they all ran about trying to figure out where their children were. The captain's wife however stood in the middle of the camp staring at the smoke dreading what the outcome could be. The captain would be the main target for the enemy; without a captain the men would lose hope and direction. However, the captain would know this and would keep himself protected as best as possible. The captain's wife slowly came out of her trance and began passing orders around to the women.

"Prepare a clean room for the wounded…start cooking and preparing meals…get the doctors prepared for wounded…send your children to the elder and she will look after them." The orders were carried out without hesitation, now all that was left to do was sit and wait for the men's return. At sunset on the forth day finally the red sky showed a silhouette of a man walking towards the camp. He barely managed to make it to the edge of camp when he fell over. It was one of their men and he was wounded severely. Instantly women swarmed around him taking him to the doctors; it went on like this for hours into the night, a few stragglers coming in every few minutes.

The screaming and moaning of men in the camp started as a dull roar that seemed to grow louder with each wounded man arriving. The 'hospital' now had floors stained red with the blood of the wounded; supplies were growing low as each patient was seen. The smell of burned flesh hung strongly in the air as flesh was burned to stop bleeding; the doctors had to take a break every few minutes for fear of passing out from the heat and smell. The Captain's wife walked through the rows of beds stopping to talk to the men who were awake every once in a while. Her presence was welcomed by the nurses, doctors, and wounded due to her calming nature and soft voice as she spoke.

By midnight all the screaming of the wounded had stopped due to them passing out from the pain or just relaxing as sleep overwhelmed their senses. The peace was disturbing; none of the men that had returned had news of the captain or the other men or what had gone wrong. Women roamed the beds in the 'hospital' in search of their husband or sons; some were relieved others were like ghosts, just standing and observing the lucky ones who sat by their husband or son, soothing their pains. Sleep that night did not come easy to any of the women that night; Fear of losing the men that had returned scared all the women and fear of more men not returning scared them as well. Somehow everyone eventually found sleep even if it was only a few minutes at a time; it was enough to keep them strong.

The Captain's wife was woken by horse hooves hitting the ground outside the tent; she emerged to see the women running about the camp helping the men off their horses and into the 'hospital'. Instantly, she was at work helping the doctors gather supplies and help the wounded. When it slowly calmed down she began to walk around in search of one man. She walked out of the tent to the captains war quarters and pulled back the door; her breathing stilled as she saw him standing there talking with his men in low voices. She could not help the smile that graced her face; sure he was covered in blood and dirt, probably some of his own blood, but it was the fact that he was home that made her smile. "Sarah, you should be taking care of my men not standing there smiling at me." His voice was stern but the smile that lit his eyes showed his teasing nature. The smile on her face would not go away no matter how much she urged it to do so. "What have you done to my composed wife? Were you afraid I would not return to you?"

"Of course not…I actually came to check up on these gentlemen for their wives' sakes. You just happened to be an unexpected surprise." She stated this with no emotion. She had already embarrassed herself by going and searching for him when she knew his men's needs were uppermost important to him. "I shall leave now but you all need to see the doctor."

"As soon as the rest of the men are attended to we will. Now go so we can continue our talk." His voice was rough but at the same time his eyes showed his desire to kiss and hold her close to him. She left without another word and started to pass out bowls of food to the men who could eat and that had been seen by the doctor. His men shook their heads at him and teased him for his harshness and lack of care to his wife. "I will not have my men acting like this in my presence! Go to your wives and be foolish with them." His men left quickly, their ploy to get out of there had worked; they rushed quickly to their tents to see their wives.

It was dusk by the time all the men were looked at and cared for…all except the Captain. She gently grabbed one of the best doctors and also grabbed supplies, shaking her head at her husband's lack of responsibility to himself. She took the doctor to the Captain's tent, as they entered he was slumped in his chair holding his head in his hands, she cleared her throat which gained the Captains attention instantly. "All your men have been seen to and now whether you like it or not, it is your turn." The captain hated doctors and would avoid them at all cost however, he could not deny his wife anything. "If you must…" He didn't have a chance to finish what he was saying because the doctor quickly removed his shirt knowing how stubborn the Captain was. She gasped as she saw his chest; a slash lay over his heart, going from his shoulder down. Not too deep but still it was a close call…too close for comfort. "Leave! and go prepare me some food." His voice came out harsher then necessary but his eyes were pleading with her, she looked terrified and he couldn't see her that way. She left quickly without protest.

She quickly made her way to their tent unable to keep from shaking; she had to keep herself busy. It would be a few hours until her husband would come to bed so she had time. She decided to boil water to bathe with and wash the grime of the day from her; the smell of lavender rose into the air as she let herself sink into the warm bath. She slowly washed herself allowing her mind to wander on happier things as she allowed the hot water relax her. She stepped out of the basin and dried herself; applying lotion to herself she slowly massaged her tired muscles. Grabbing a simple silk nightgown that went to the floor she decided what to do. Pulling her hair up into a bun she started to get to work.

After a few hours of being fixed up the Captain enter his tent to be met with a surprise; his wife was sitting in her chair at the table in a beautiful silk white nightgown, and the tent was aglow with candles, and the smell of food rose into the air. He smiled as she stood up and walked towards him, he watched her hips sway and he looked up to meet her eyes that were filled with worry. He could not help himself, one long stride and he was in front of her holding her head in his hands as he kissed her. He pulled back to see her eyes were glossy with withheld tears, "So you weren't worried about me?"

"No, I wasn't." She shook her head stubbornly however the tear that escaped her eye gave her up easily; He smiled as he bent down once more to kiss her, this time she wrapped her arms around his neck holding him to her. She slowly pulled away, "I was terrified…" He kissed her once again not allowing her to go on, the fear she had was evident as it always was and he could not stand watching her crumble from it. "Something smells wonderful…" He pulled away smiling trying to ease her worry and tears. "Is it you or is it my dinner? Or both?"

"I'm sure it's your dinner you smell." She had a slight glow to her cheeks even though she tried to suppress it. "Please come sit with me and eat my love?" He smiled, hearing her voice for the first time in four days. He ate in silence savoring the food; as he sat back in the chair he gazed at the woman across from him who had suddenly stood up. She walked over to him and without giving her time to do anything he pulled her close so that his head was on her stomach. He kissed it softly…wanting nothing more than his child to be growing there; his hand softly grazed her butt. "No, I do believe I was smelling you earlier, my love." Before he could do anything more she took his hand and brought it up to her lips as she kissed it slowly pulling him up out of his seat. He saw where she was leading him and couldn't help but smile; in the corner was a basin with steaming water in it, no doubt for him to enjoy.

He slowly went to lift his shirt over his head as his wife softly touched his hand to stop him; he paused looking at her with a smile as she began to lift his shirt off of him. The shirt fell to the floor without a sound as she began to run her hands over his chest; scars from previous battles marred his skin but the one from this battle shook her to the core. Her hand shook as she grazed the wound softly with her finger afraid she might hurt him; he chuckled and took her hand and firmly pressed it to the wound while smiling, "It doesn't hurt, Love and besides you're tickling me with those soft fingers."

She smiled at him as she slowly pressed a kiss to the wound and moved her way around him to gaze at his back; making sure the doctor did not miss anything. Finally satisfied she moved back around to his front and began to remove his pants; they slowly fell to the floor but before the captain could make a move to touch his wife she grabbed his hands to restrain him. He smiled at her attempt but did not move knowing he would eventually gain control; she was worried about him and just needs to see to him first at the moment; which he gladly accepted.

He slowly lowered himself into the bath to please her; as he stepped in he realized just how sore he truly was. He sat completely in the bath able to stretch out just a bit; his wife sat at the far edge of the bath on a short stool. She slowly dipped a washcloth into the water and grabbed the soap creating a rich lather; her hand slowly reached into the water to take a hold of his foot. She began to wash and massage his foot at the same time; slowly working her way up his leg as she continued massaging and cleaning. She proceeded to do this with his other leg causing him to relax even more; she stopped the massage to move the stool towards his head to continue her cleaning. Once again working up lather she began to wash his stomach; running her hands over the taught muscles she started a gentle massage loosening the muscles. Slowly her hands began to move up to his chest where she applied a little more pressure while washing. She stood up once more and repositioned herself behind his head; she softly nudged him forward so that he sat up so she could clean his back. After she was done with his back he slowly sat back almost dreading the fact that she had once again stopped.

She slowly untied his hair from his neck and reached for a cup; pouring the warm water over his head trying to soak his hair completely. He finally helped her by leaning his head back into the bath itself. When he sat back up, she leaned him back so that his neck was resting on the edge of the bath as she slowly began to massage his head. He leaned his head into her hands as he relaxed completely; her hands started to massage his neck while still washing his hair. His eyes slowly opened as his hand reached back to his wife's neck; he carefully brought her lips down to his. She pulled away to rinse his hair out and he let out a groan of disappointment; once his hair was rinsed she stood up to go fetch a towel for him but as she passed buy the tub her grabbed her wrist. She shook her head at him as she saw the wicked grin spreading on his lips. "Don't you dare!" She was in the water before her sentence was finished.

She glared at him and his smirk grew; he pulled her down on top of him to gain access to her lips once more. He softly bit at her lip to gain access to her mouth; she complied without hesitation. His hands moved down her sides as he slowly bunched up her nightgown with his fingers; he slowly pulled the dress over her head breaking the kiss for a moment as he did so. Her nipples were hard due from excitement and the cooling water; she slowly leaned back a little and smiled at him as he softly cupped her breasts in his hands. "W hat are you smiling about, beautiful?" He asked in a seductive but curious voice. His breathing suddenly stopped as he felt her hand graze over his cock; she gently stroked him, "I forgot to wash this." Her innocent answer was quickly caught as a lie as her hand sped up on him. He groaned because he could not easily touch her body and the pleasure she was giving him was just not enough for him.

He slowly pulled her hand away as he carefully stood to climb out of the bath when her tongue slid out and over him causing him to shudder. Her warm inviting mouth slowly took him in as his breathing became more desperate; he gently grabbed her hair to still her head but she would have none of it. She sped up just a tad adding a little more pressure as she did so. He groaned as she quickened her pace; no longer wanting to stop her but still wanting to hold her hair in his firm grip; he did not release her. All that seemed to do was increase her hunger for him as she sped up some more and slowly circled his head with her tongue; gaining a shudder from him like she knew would happen. She kept up the pace and pressure as his hand gripped her hair tighter; he never tried to control her movements. She felt him tighten up and knew he was very close so she sped up just a little more and earned hearing her name spill from his lips as he came in her mouth. She was still sucking on him as he came enjoying the feeling of him shuddering with pleasure; he slowly became a little softer in her mouth but not entirely shrinking. She looked up at him with a pouting face and he quickly pulled her up to him and claimed her mouth with his. He pulled away from her for a second to question her, "What is wrong, love?" "I did not please you as well as I thought I did." "No baby, I just have many plans for us tonight and they are too vivid for me to be put at ease." He roughly claimed her lips once more as her arms reached up behind his head to pull him closer.

Full of hunger for her he picked her up bridal style and carried her to their bed; the bed he had not been in for the past four nights. He laid her down gently on the bed, pulling away from her to gaze at her body; he slowly moved her to the edge of the bed where he knelt in front of her. Her body shivered with what was to come as he took her foot in his hand; he slowly brought it up to his lips and place a feather light kiss in the center causing her to laugh and squirm. He smiled as he continued to kiss his way along her foot to her calf where he drew little circles with his tongue. His mouth moved slowly onward as it reached her thigh he felt her shudder, he softly began to nip her thigh as he still planted kisses trailed by his tongue. He stopped his kissing as he reached her hot entrance, not wanting to give her that pleasure just yet. He placed her knee on his shoulder as he picked up her other foot and did the ritual all over again to that leg causing her to softly start begging for him to touch her. He smiled as he reached her thigh once more and placed her knee on his other shoulder; he smiled as he felt her shudder once more.

He slowly lifted his hand to trail just the out side of her heated core causing her hips to lift off the bed as she tried to get him to actually touch her. He smiled loving the way she easily reacted to him; he slid a finger the full length of her slit causing her to moan in pleasure. She was slick and very ready for him but he did not want her like that just yet; as he slowly slid a finger inside of her; she became even wetter her hips tried to grind onto his finger. He took his finger out and watched her look at him as he slid it into his mouth tasting her, she laid her head back down as she saw this; he was intentionally teasing her. He slowly lowered her legs to his sides as her feet touched the ground; she was now spread open for him and he was enthralled with the sight as he slid the same finger back inside her, her back arched as she felt his finger enter her once more.

This time he slowly began to move his finger in and out of her causing her to moan as he added another. It still wasn't enough for her; she kept trying to grind her hips onto his finger trying to get some relief. He simply smiled and would not allow it as he kept moving his fingers in and out of her. Softly her begging for his mouth became a bit more desperate and without warning his tongue touched her lightly causing her to moan. He slowly began to work his tongue on her clit making her squirm and moan; he applied more pressure with his tongue as he felt her tense up. Her release was amazing as his finger still surging deep with in her caused her to go over the edge once more. Finally she had to reach down and grab his head to pull him up to her lips as he kissed her his tongue slid into her mouth enjoying they way her tongue moved over his.

She started to grin as she felt his hard cock pressed into her hip as he kissed her breasts, she did not want to stop him but she wanted his cock. She slowly moved her hand to his shoulder and pushed causing him to roll over; he never lost contact with the breast he was suckling on. She giggled as his hands softly went down her sides; she slowly pulled her body away from him as she straddled him in the air right above his cock. She softly took a hold of him and slowly slid him across her slit allowing him to enter just a little. He groaned at her teasing and became impatient just as she lowered herself completely on top of him; causing him to lose his breath for a moment.

He began to finally breathe as he felt her rocking on top of him; slowly teasing him and torturing him. She began to bounce a little as she ground down on to him every once in a while. The pleasure he was getting was great but he needed more; however when he looked up to her face he knew she was getting pleasure and decided to help her along before he took her the way he wanted. His hand carefully snaked up to her breast, squeezing and pinching her causing her to move a little faster. Slowly his hand slid down to her slit where he lightly touched her clit and watched her eyes widen as she released a moan. He kept up his soft touching for a few minutes until he felt her tighten around him and he applied a little more pressure sending her over the edge; she continued to ride him until she collapsed and was unable to move. He flipped her over so he was towering above her as she was still trying to gain control of her breathing he slid her to the edge of the bed; where he once again flipped her over so she was laying on her stomach.

He never left her body as he moved her, so she was already breathing heavily again. He smiled as her began to slide in and out of her slowly increasing his pace as he did so. He saw her hand reach below her to her hot slit and all that did was increase his desire; he started to pound into her afraid of hurting her but unable to stop himself. He slowly leaned over and asked her to suck on his finger for a moment; she gladly did even though she wasn't quite sure what he was planning. He removed his finger and slowly increased his speed and he pierced her ass with his finger; causing her to moan and tense a little. Soon she was relaxed and started meeting his thrusts once more as her hand continued on her clit.

He smiled at how wet she was from her excitement; it aided him in doing what he wanted as he slid another finger into her ass. This time instead of tensing up she pushed back harder against him; this made him push his fingers a little deeper as he plunged inside her hot, dripping core. He listened closely to her breathing to pick the right time to slide from her hot hole and into her ass. As he heard it he felt her tighten around him and he quickly slid out of her soaking hole and into her tight ass. He moaned as he entered her and he realized she had tightened up and was no longer relaxed with this new invasion. He quickly flipped her back over so that she was looking up at him and he saw the pain on her face as he slid in and out of her; he smiled at her knowing she wouldn't stop him no matter how much it hurt.

He slowly began to finger her hot slit; trying to relax her once more as he continued to slide in and out of her. She slowly began to moan and relax as he fingered her; making it a bit easier for him to slide in and out of her ass. He only got a few more strokes in before he began to tighten up; he slid his finger out of her and reached for her hand and brought it to her own wet slit and slowly she began to finger herself as he grabbed her hips and started riding her harder as he climaxed; she shuddered as she felt her third release for the night.

He slowly climbed onto the bed and dragged her body up to his. He kissed her for a minute savoring the feeling of her lips, even though she was falling asleep while kissing him he still enjoyed it. Her head found its way to his chest where she drifted to sleep with her arm draped across his body. "I love you my beautiful wife. No one could ever please me the way you do, my love." She smiled as she heard his soft words and replied with a simple, "I know and I love you too." Shocked at the fact that she heard him he softly stroked her hair until he heard her deep even breathing and soon he himself joined in with her breathing.