When I am down,
and don't know what to do.
When I wear a frown across my face,
and everything is blue.
I know just what to do, oh good fella.
I whip out a large jar of Nutella.

Through the day, through the night,
I am really quite a sight.
It's on my ears,
on my clothes.
Oh, no one really knows
what has happened to me.
Why I sit and sigh and cry,
yes everybody wonders why.
Oh, it's hard for me to tell ya,
why I compulsively eat Nutella.

She left me here.
This I do fear.
I want her near,
to reappear.
But she does not.
So I stay in the same spot.

I feel so lost,
I haven't flossed,
my heart's crisscrossed.
So I sit and try to defrost.

And to pull me from depression,
I have a little obsession,
which may or may not hurt my digestion,
and to all of you who question,
my prolonged eating session.
I just need it, my good fella,
to get my through, I need Nutella.