Like Poetic Hearts

Edge through those paved contours.

Sketching memory, marking scalds

Upon a bark, skin peeling like

Pistachio flakes; mindful mysteries

Mindlessly pried open. Caught curious.


Like seeking wintery leaves on

Foliage sleeves

Amidst sweet summer sweat.


Snowflakes splatter

Bitter blue ice like butterflies of

Emotion. Those tattered wings

Like hallelujah whispered hymns. Epiphany

Like inspiration

Sends us drowning, like aspiration

Drug-high. We let go those

Thoughts like spinning tops awry.


Beating sun like

Watered waves of gold. Nectar

Spills itself onto the grass

Skating skin. Such swishing sensory.

Pen gripped in hand. Sensuously fibrous white

Sheets of imprinted words now


Suspend like dangling dew drops waiting

For painful dimensions, dams of mind

To pour and send them swirling down,

Like in glassy melting winds where

Hurricane rounded sounds

Fall dancing--

My rain pelts of the heart.

A/N: Unedited and unrefined. Hoping someone would review and give me a critique of the poem so I can actually work on my writing. I haven't gotten a review in forever.