And Me Without My Parachute

We're driving up a dirt road
The scent of mint drifting through the window

The motor reminds us
We're not in town

Your fingers wrap around the wheel
While you glance into the rear view
Mirroring your life up till now
By the weight you give to the pedal

Another glance and you look at me
Thinking I won't notice the short smile
That it might fade before the next bump
Before your mouth drops at the view

The tiny car seems to stop by itself
And we step out toward the cliff's edge
Staring at our height and the town
All the way down there

We're so high, you shout
The echo reaching out toward
The living miniature below us
Your fingers wrap around my arm
Because you're afraid to fall in love

I'm afraid of heights
But my hand reaching up to yours
Means I saw your smile in the car
Felt the feeling without fear
And smile back now
To help you take that last leap