I find you
Behind true trees
Sitting alone where
Your stars see the sand's hue

You own woe
With no one to feel
How fate's deal left you
Bereft of all that you know

Save me at your side
Where a lie of love lingers not
On my lips as fountains of words
You've not heard for some tides

Collide in your chest
I arrest you in my arms
As your smile charms mine
Should our hands intertwine lest

We forget we're alone
I'm standing in front of a vision
Where the only mirage is the history
We lost through the sand of your throne

This new memory of ours
Under a cooling blanket of night
Fools my sight for I cannot believe
This fortune we've found calms the showers

Beneath the palms of twin hearts
An evening reborn for a pair so lost
To a fusion of souls who never knew
How to find what they needed for love to restart