Disclaimer: I used lines from Mandy Moore's 'Someday We'll Know'... (THANK YOU MANDY MOORE~! I LOVE YOUR SONGS!)

It's rough and based on some of the characters I used in my story, Love Story. Shocker? :))

Someday We'll Know

Annika and Tadayoshi

"Hello? Michael? It's Tadayoshi."

"Tadayoshi?! What the hell are you doing, calling me in the middle of the night? And by the way, WHERE THE HELL DID YOU BRING MY CAR?!"

"Sorry Michael, long story,"

"Whatever. Just bring it back before Erin wakes up. You know that our flight going back home is tomorrow-I mean, today- at nine pm, right?"

"Yeah, yeah. Don't even remind me."

"Hey, don't just say-"

Twenty-four year old Fujiwara, Tadayoshi hung up the phone and threw it somewhere in his car. He was currently driving in a sleek black Ferrari with his windows down. He was ninety miles out the border of Chicago, where he left a girl he slept with.

Who cares? I don't give a damn about them anyway… he told himself

Just recently, he had entered atypical treaty with himself to spend every night he had in America sleeping with at least one girl. Of course, this was the result of not finding the girl he did give a damn about, Annika Hathe, a high-school to college classmate whom he never thought he'd fall for.

Turning on the radio, Tadayoshi heard a familiar song from some female artist:

"… Someday we'll know why Samson loved Delilah,

One day I'll go dancing on the moon

Someday you'll know that I was the one for you…"

He groaned, turning the radio off. He ran a hand through his coffee-brown, shoulder-length hair, pissed, when he spotted a half-empty coffee shop, Lynx. Wondering about why a coffee shop would be open at this late hour, he pulled over and stepped inside.

It was no wonder to him that it was open. Although the lights were dim and the shop was tad small, a stage with a black piano was set up in one corner where a girl with long black hair, wearing a midnight blue cocktail dress, was now singing, her voice resonating nicely against the walls of the shop.

The shop looked relaxing, as were the people in it. The chairs were mostly lazy chairs and sofas, with little tables beside or in front of them, all facing the stage, except the couple sofas on the window side of the room.

Walking towards one of the empty tables, taking a brochure of the shop on the way, he sat down, wishing for a cup of cappuccino latte.

Anna Arato has graced us with her voice and radiance, being a friend to half the staff and…Tadayoshi read silently.

"How typical," he muttered to himself, "But her voice is worth it. Unlike mine…"

"Good Morning sir, its one twenty-seven am, would you like something?" a voice asked him.

Tadayoshi's eyes widened. He knew that voice. Slowly, he looked up and saw a girl with ivory white skin and brown-black hair. Her grey uniform, cut slightly above her knees, glowed silver in the dim light.

"Annika?" he breathed out.

For a moment, the girl stared at him, taken aback.

"Tadayoshi?" she asked, "Is that you?"

When he nodded, it looked like she had just been slapped on the face.

"Boss, I'm taking an early leave!" she shouted, making the crowd turn to her as she began walking furiously to the back of the shop.

"No, wait-Annika-please!" and he managed to grab her by the wrist.

"Tadayoshi, let go of me!" she shouted.

"I'm sorry for the noise," the girl onstage suddenly said, "Please enjoy the piano for a while,"

And she left the stage, coming towards Annika and Tadayoshi.

"May I help you, sir?"

"Annika, please come with me…" Tadayoshi began begging, "Please, please? Even for just one night-"

"Anna, help me!" Annika pleaded.

"Annika, what is the meaning of this?" Anna, the singer, demanded, stepping onto the subject and cocking an eyebrow.

"It's… Tadayoshi…"

For a moment, Tadayoshi and Annika stared at Anna as she registered those words in her head. Then, she ran to the back of the shop and came back a minute later, smirking.

"Annika," she began, "I asked the boss and she said that you can get an early leave today,"

"Yes!" Annika exclaimed happily.

"So, I suggest," continued Anna, "That you stay with Tadayoshi while you can…"


Tadayoshi's surprised face couldn't have matched Annika's.

"Excuse me?" he asked, not believing what he heard.

"I'm sorry, Annika," Anna apologized, "But I think this is something you should act upon yourself. My hands are clean on this…"

Although she was angry, Annika went to the back room and came back in skinny jeans and a peacock blue shirt with a small paper bag and a white jacket in hand.

"Well, come on," Annika said to Tadayoshi, "Didn't you want me to come with you?"

Still astounded, Tadayoshi smiled uncertainly, "Yes… Right," he began, stepping beside Annika and offering his arm, "Shall we?"

Although she rolled her chocolate-brown eyes, she took Tadayoshi by the arm and went out the shop's door silently, leaving Anna smiling at the pair.

Sitting down front beside Tadayoshi, Annika leaned on the windowsill with her arm supporting her lolling head.

"Hey Annika, are you tired?" he asked, attempting to sound casual.

"No." Annika replied shortly.

After a few minutes of silence, Tadayoshi coughed which made Annika turn to him in concern, "Are you alright?"

Clearing his throat and straightening up, he replied, "Yeah, I'm fine…"

And there was silence once more.

"Annika," Tadayoshi began, "Why did you leave?"

Annika sighed, "I had to," she said in a low voice, not even glancing at Tadayoshi, "I mean, you've been talking about marrying that Yumi and pretending that you were already married, how can I not leave?"

He fell silent for a while.

"I'm sorry, Annika," he finally whispered after a few minutes, "I didn't think you'd take all that seriously…"

"Nah, its okay," replied Annika, smiling tad bit now.

"Hey, can you still take being up for the rest of the day?" Tadayoshi asked her suddenly.

"Why?" came her inquiry, as she placed her paper bag on the floor of the car.

"I… Just wanted to spend the rest of the day with you, that's all…"

"Well, obviously. I mean, why would I take a midnight to mid-noon shift?" she demanded, grinning.


The rest of the day was spent as Tadayoshi had promised, to Annika's surprise: Perfect. They drove towards a snazzy mall where he bought her a semi-short lilac cocktail dress and he bought himself a semi-formal shirt.

Lunch was spent in a fancy, fine-dining, Chinese restaurant.

"I can't believe this…" Annika whispered, her smile widening as food was served to them.

Tadayoshi grinned, "Well you better believe it," he said to her in a low voice. Just then, he saw something outside the windows of the restaurant. "Can you excuse me for a moment?"

After a few minutes, he came back with a black paper bag in hand.

"I'm still not used to wearing all these formal crap," Tadayoshi grinned, setting down the paper bag beside him.

Annika smiled nonchalantly at him, "Will you join me now?"


That afternoon, at around three o'clock, Tadayoshi changed in the car into a casual brown shirt while Annika changed in the washroom of a gasoline station. Coming back in her skinny jeans and peacock blue shirt, Annika yawned.

"Oh, sleepy already?" asked Tadayoshi, looking at Annika's rather tired eyes.

"Nah, 'm alright," she mumbled groggily, her eyelids almost shutting.

"Come on, I have a better place to bring you…"

To add to her amazement, Tadayoshi brought her to a highly acclaimed hotel, Crescent Moon, and took her to a high-class suite.

"You certainly are full of surprises, Tadayoshi…" Annika whispered, smiling.

Tadayoshi directed her to the bed, "I have one more surprise for you," he said, "Sit on the bed,"

Doing as she was told, Annika sat on the edge of the bed. To her surprise, Tadayoshi took out a small, black, velvet box out of his paper bag and went down on his knees before her.

"Will you marry me?"

And he revealed to her a white-gold, diamond ring. As though he was expecting an agreeing answer, Tadayoshi was about to stand up when he was forced down once again.

"OW!" and something full and heavy collided with his face.

"You asshole!" she shouted, "You show your stupid face to me after, what?! Five years and spend one afternoon with me, one afternoon, and you think I'll agree to marry you?!"

Tadayoshi remained silent. "You can sleep you know," he said, after a few moments.

Annika glared at him.

"Oh, don't worry," he said in a low voice, "I'm not that kind of man towards you. I'll watch you sleep, I promise,"

"Promise…" she mumbled, kicking her shoes off and lying down on the bed. Only taking her a few minutes, she fell asleep.

Tadayoshi stood from the floor and pore over her. He brushed away stray bristles hair that covered her face and planted a warm kiss on her forehead. Then, he left his final legacy for her behind.

Annika woke up to a completely silent room. She called out for Tadayoshi but didn't find him anywhere, not even in the bathroom. She was in an almost panic mode when he saw a small note on the side table:


I didn't really expect you to marry me. I guess it was just in my whim to ask you. Honestly speaking now, you should never have believed that I wanted to marry Yumi: I haven't seen her since high-school graduation. I've been looking for you ever since, even if you ask Michael Oriole, you know, my best friend?

I'd like you to have the ring either way. I don't care whether you keep it, you throw it or you sell it out to a pawnshop. All I want you to know is that all my deepest heartfelt feelings are in that ring. I would never ask you to waste your time on an idiot, a moron, a pathetic waste like me if I didn't care about you. Actually, now that I think about it, since I am such a prat, you should forget about me.

I may not see you again in a long time. But I have one final thing to say. I do love you, Annika. And I hope you believe me.


Tadayoshi Fujiwara

Annika bit her lower lip. Maybe I shouldn't have been so harsh…

Just then, something caught her attention, her clock alarmed 8:00 pm.

"Oh shit, I'm late!"

"Hey Tadayoshi, what happened to you?"

Tadayoshi shook his head after being snapped back to reality. He glanced at Erin, Michael's supposed fiancée and glanced at Michael who was busy listening to his IPod.

"No, its nothing," he muttered.

It was a long trip to Japan but his unstable mind made it a shorter flight than it was. However, when he was getting his luggage, a sweet voice called out to him.

"Well, well, well,"

He stopped walking, stunned. Slowly, he turned to see Annika Hathe, smiling at him, her chocolate brown eyes filled with glee.

"I was thinking about what you left me," she whispered to him, holding out her left hand where he saw the ring he had given in her palm.

"You still have an excellent way with words, Tadayoshi…" she added, "And my answer is…"

She whispered the final word into his ear and he almost didn't hear it as a plane landed on the port beside him.

Three months later…

"Michael, Michael, the bride's coming!" exclaimed Anna.

Michael Oriole, Best Man, dusted off his suit. "How do I look?" he asked Tadayoshi.

"Your tie," muttered the groom as he fixed himself up as well.

Anna Arato rolled her ebony black eyes, "For God's sake, Michael!" and she fixed up his tie.

"Thanks love," Michael muttered, smirking.

"I ain't answering you yet," Anna warned, grinning.

Michael chuckled as they both faced the doorway, "I already know your answer,"

"Shut up and stop acting like this is your wedding!"

Just then, Annika entered the room. She walked on a slow pace, her long veil sliding after her.

Tadayoshi drew a deep breath, paralyzed, it's breathtaking.

After all the praises and the usual "you may kiss the bride", Anna was talking to Erin on why she gave up Michael.

"He wouldn't budge on me," she said to Anna.

"But you're pretty!" complained Anna, making Erin blush.

"You still think I'm cute?" Erin asked. Anna nodded, grinning. As Erin was about to take her into a warm embrace, however, a bouquet of flowers landed in her arms.

Anna glanced at the direction it came from and laughed when she saw Annika wave at her.

Suddenly, a pair of warm hands embraced her from behind.

"Our wedding's next, eh?"

She turned a bit to see Michael smirk at her.

"Yeah right," she said in a low voice, grinning, "And you'll have to grow around three inches by then so that I can wear my sky high heels, alright?"

yeah, yeah. I sorta found out that things DID happen too fast.

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