The outline of the polished ballroom floor
The elastic twang of the cello
The hair that reclines about your neck

I feel more than see each of these
Holding onto each other
Every note a pulse
An energy living, then receding

Feet, thoughts, heart move in tandem
Vibrant eyes locked with mine
Witness pleasure reflected
Until a blink, a footslide

In this embrace, we should be calm
Able to know eternity in a twirl
Revolving, flowing, smoothly

The please in your face
Time will never erase from my breath
Your breasts press to my chest
My lips sip the tips of your fingers
The dip in your neck

You dip to the floor
Tracing the trail we're taking
Each second caught between us

Until you rise to my shoulder
So close we are one
Freezing that second
In an aphrodite nova