Emergent of love

The first time we met: it was the queerest thing of all

In a crowd we were, noise flooding around us

Then suddenly, we faced each other, Estranged in a crowd full of cheers.

You smiled your brilliant smile, introducing yourself

That smile of yours: it had taken me the world exultance

I wasn't able to correspond, until I heard a soft chuckle escaping from your gentle lips.

I felt heat rushing to my cheeks, it was ignominious

I nudged myself out of that sweet numbness and propelled myself to speak

Some uncontrollable words were uttered from my lips, to which you smiled

To which you offered your friendship and made me your friend

I hadn't realize time flying by, as I sat beside you,

Watching the sunset; sun drowning like a huge apricot,

Spreading its last rays in the twilight

Constellation of stars appeared in the sky, with a moon aside

Sweet melody of the rushing waves of ocean approached our ears

Compelling us to follow the rhythm and dance

Nothing of that sort had I ever experienced

It was new and deeply sweet to me

Your gentle lips touched mine,

Making it the remembrance of that dreamy night

i look back at it now and blush

a word springs in my mind: the emergent of love


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