Anubis Gellar sat beside her best friend Osiris Bloom, who was fervently studying the musty book in her hands.

"I hate the library," Anubis pouted, braiding her dark, waist length hair. The 21-year old's piercing grey eyes shimmered in the dull light emanating from various lamps placed on the tables. She draped her long legs over the overstuffed arm chair in which she sat, her tan skin glimmering.

Osiris seemed not to hear her, "Yes. It is as I feared. All of the gods have been reborn," her clear, British accent cut through the tension hanging in the air. She nervously ran a hand through her shoulder-length blonde hair, fear apparent in her clear, cornflower blue eyes. She seemed younger than her 22 years as her porcelain skin seemed to pale, "We are not the only ones." She adjusted her thin wired glasses.

Anubis sighed, "Not all the gods were bad. How do we know that they will be reborn that way?"

"We don't. But I'm afraid that we must fear the worst. And until then," she scolded her friend," No using your powers."

Anubis snapped her fingers at the nosy librarian who had been listening to their conversation and the old lady dropped dead. She began to giggle as Osiris flicked her wrist and the librarian woke up dazed, not remembering how she ended up in the floor.

"No more."

Anubis nodded, "Last time, I promise."

"The book says 'When the moon is taken from the sky the identities of the reborn will be made know to the giver of life.' The eclipse happens to be tonight."

Anubis patter Osiris' head," The giver of life…that would be you! This is good, they will not all be reborn. And we'll know which ones were reborn."

Osiris smiled," It also says, 'The Chosen is among you. Find her and you can vanquish the god bent on destruction.' That means one of the reborn is the Chosen. We also know it will be a female."

Anubis grinned, jumping up from her seat, "It's like Where's Waldo!"

Osiris shook her head and the pair headed home to their flat.


Anubis swung her door open, the fragrant scent of the brunette's incense wafting towards the fresh air.

"So, what are we going to do until the moon fully rises?" Osiris set her backpack onto the kitchen counter.

They had a nice apartment-the front door led into the side of the kitchen, down a short path to the living room. From the living room, there was a library, which was where their bedrooms were.

Anubis shrugged," We could go drinking?"

Osiris shot a glare at her friend, "You know I can't handle alcohol."

The god of death paused, "Let's go to the park."

"The park?" Osiris blinked.

Anubis nodded, "It's the best place to see the moon…please?"

The blond sighed, "Well, alright, but I need to put on a different pair of shoes," she motioned to her stiletto heels.

"Mkay." Anubis smiled, glanced down at her own outfit- loose white tank top and baggy green shorts.

Osiris reappeared, "So, are we driving?"

Anubis raised an eyebrow, "We're walking."

The blond sighed, ushering Anubis from their flat and locked up.

"Which way," Osiris asked, looking up at Anubis, who was about 4 inches taller than her own 5'3''.

Anubis thought, "Right. I'll know where we're headed once I get into the gate."

They headed down the sidewalk, Osiris struggling to keep up with Anubis.

"Slow down. Your legs are longer than mine," Osiris pouted as she finally fell into step with Anubis.

Anubis shrugged, "Sorry, I'm used to doing this in my dog form. We're here, anyway."

She motioned to the main gate of the park. They took the main path, taking one of its many branches about a mile later.

They stopped in a glade, a fountain bubbling in the background. Anubis went to a tree, finding a backpack hidden it it's trunk, pulling out a blanket.

Osiris grinned, "It's like having my own little Girl Scout!"

Anubis smiled and patted the spot beside her on the blanket. Osiris sat, her flowing white peasant skirt billowing around her feet. She pulled up the strap of her blue tank top, which had made its way down her shoulder.

"What now?" Anubis had picked dandelions and weaved a wreath, placing it on her head.

Osiris sighed, "We wait for the moon."

"It's going to rain you know," a male voice drifted in from behind them."

The duo looked up, Anubis jumping defensively from her seat.

Behind the fountain stood a male with dirty blond hair and stunning amber eyes, "My name is Thoth; it's nice to meet you.

Anubis' face went slack for a moment before she burst out in laughter at the sound of his name.

Osiris shushed her, "Thoth was the god of the moon," she turned back to the male, "My name is Osiris."

" Is," Thoth replied.

The blonde female raised an eyebrow, "Is what?"

"Is the god of the moon," he corrected her, crossing his arms," and I know who you are."

Anubis finally stopped laughing and stared at him," How?"

"Because our meeting was predetermined and all that jazz," he shrugged. "They didn't tell you?" He pointed to his head.

Osiris frowned," No, are they aren't talking."

Thoth waved his hand." Whatever, it doesn't matter; I'm not your enemy. D you know how rare an eclipse is? And I'm controlling it," he smiled, "but I'd do anything for a pretty lady."

"I thought it was going to rain," Anubis pouted, crossing her arms.

Thoth shrugged again; small droplets of rain began to sprinkle.

Anubis started to dance, her hips swaying as she let her hair down from its ponytail, Osiris covering her head with the blanket. Thoth snapped his fingers near Osiris and it stopped raining where the two were sitting. Anubis continued dancing, oblivious of the magic Thoth has just made happen.

"Thank you. So, the god of the moon and weather…sounds exciting."

Thoth shrugged, "Well, it has it's advantages. I can keep you dry, anyway. To be named a seer in the prophecy…how does it feel?"

"Well, it's not as cool as controlling an eclipse or anything, but it's alright."

Anubis stopped dancing, finally realizing it wasn't raining on the other two. She turned into a dog with a sleek, black coat and pointed ears. She ruffled her fur, spraying Osiris and Thoth. She then turned back into her human form, a wolf-like grin on her face.

Osiris shook her head as the rain ceased and the sky began to reach twilight, the light gray rain clouds retreating. With Thoth on one side and Anubis curled up at the other, Osiris was ready for whatever the eclipse threw at them.

Slowly, the full moon was shadowed by the Earth.

The whites of Osiris' eyes faded into black, the green of her iris' glowing dangerously. Her flushed lips mouthed silent words, continuing until the eclipse ended.

For a short moment, Osiris was silent and unmoving.

"Siri?" Anubis scooted closer to her friend, a worried look on her face.

The blond blinked, "There are nine reborn."

"Nine? Which ones?" Thoth asked.

Osiris bit her lip, "Anubis, Osiris, Set, Thoth, Min, Ammut, Ra, and Amun," she paused, "Something big is planned, and it's destined to happen.