Pull these covers over my eyes
Surround me in your blanket of darkness
You'll see that it's become no surprise
Smothered by your lack of genuine smiles

I'd scream but no sound will leave my lungs
My silent efforts will speak louder than words
Yet you won't notice them, will you?
I need to know, a wasted effort.

I would cry but no tears come forth
Your false words and fake smiles
Yet you think I can't tell
But I can see through you from miles

So gentle yet so malicious
Your heart is so full of venom

Why don't you just speak your mind
Since you've already got me trapped in a bind

Shut me down, you've already shut me up
There is no voice behind these words
I talk without ever speaking
Not that I'd waste my breath on you

Though I have and I would
If you showed me some respect
Or are my feelings invisible
Much like myself

So blindfold these tearless eyes
Trap the noiseless air in my lungs
You wouldn't notice a missing blip
In the radar.