Chapter 9

The things he began to see without her being awake.

Derek was at Alliah's bedside all night long and tried his best to stay awake the entire time. He was afraid if he dosed off that he would miss Alliah waking up and didn't want that to happen. He figured it would be some time before she would wake up from her coma. The doctor's had diagnosed her case as a coma because she hasn't wakened up at all and her pupils were dilated and didn't change. Derek wished he could just talk to her and help her some how, but didn't now how. His mind was going in circles and he couldn't keep it straight. He knew that God was watching over her and would wake her up when he thought it was the right time, but the longer she slept and didn't wake up, the harder it was going to be for her to wake up, and also the more chance that she could have brain damage afterwards too. Derek knew that things happened in life for a reason and really didn't want to accept this one. He knew he had to because in the long run, this was really going on in reality and it wasn't a dream at all.

Stephanie sat in the waiting room with her family waiting for the doctor to come by with some answers or even good news. They all just walked by and never said a word. The kept their heads held down and felt terrified inside and hoped for the best of everyone's sake. Stephanie couldn't just sit and do anything. She was the type of girl who stood out from the rest and took charge. She wanted to see her sister and that was what she was going to do. Stephanie got up and found her way to Alliah's room. There she saw through the window that Derek was sitting by her bedside with tears running down his face. She had no idea how he felt towards her big sister. He loved her with all his heart and wanted life to move on and have her in his life as well. Stephanie was about to walk in when she saw Jake coming down the hallway. She found out who he was when Derek talked to her later that night, when Jake had left. She never got to meet him, and thought maybe this could be her chance. There wasn't much to do anyway but sit and talk in the hospital while they waited for Alliah to recover. She walked over to him and began their conversation.

"Hey! Jake," "You don't know me, but I am Stephanie. I am Alliah's younger sister. I saw you last night and well I thought I should introduce myself to you."

"It's nice to meet you Stephanie."

"So where are you headed right now?"

Jake was actually on his way to Alliah's room to check in on her and see if there was any change at all. He didn't know that Derek never left her side and that he was there crying his eyes out for her either.

"Oh, yeah sorry Jake, but Derek is in there right now, and well, I was actually about to step in and see her myself, but I figure right now isn't the best time. Derek is having time adjusting to this and didn't know if he would. He needs some time alone with her I think."

"Being alone isn't the best thing for a person. It really hurts them. I think I know what he needs. He needs someone to talk to and help him through this."

Stephanie had no idea what he meant and didn't know that Jake went through something similar about a few years ago himself. He felt the same way as Derek did that moment long ago and well being alone wasn't the best thing to do. Stephanie let him go on in, and ignored the fact that she was clueless. Stephanie wanted to be with Derek and see her sister too, so she tagged along.

"Jake, I was planning on going in there myself, and I still am. I am going with you no matter what you say. I want in this."

"That's fine with me." Jake replied with a smile on his face.

Jake and Stephanie walked in Room 103 where Alliah was staying in. Derek looked up and felt embarrassed and started wiping his eyes. Stephanie noticed but didn't say anything to not make it too obvious that she saw. Stephanie stepped towards him to give him comfort. He really needed that. Stephanie could read Derek's mind that he was torn from this and really needed some help to keep off this emotional crisis he was in right now. Stephanie was in the same state a few months ago when she was told she had cancer and then it was gone by God's grace. Stephanie knew that Jake was right about coming in here, and that it was time to leave this room and get some fresh air-all three of them. Derek needed some air to clear his mind, and Stephanie and Jake needed to bring his courage and self-esteem up. God was here every minute watching her and he wouldn't let anything happen to her for unless for a specific reason. A walk outside would be great she thought. She came up with the greatest plans sometimes. What she needed to do first was get her mom or dad to watch Alliah and make sure that if any changed to let them know.

"Derek?" said Stephanie.

"Yeah, what is it Steph?"

"Jake and I were coming by to visit you. We know you need some time to think all this over, but the best thing is right now, is that you need to leave this room and gets some fresh air. I will get my mom or dad, and have them watch her while we are out."

Derek wasn't sure about this idea. He didn't want to leave her side. This was the women he wanted to grow old with, have children one day, and even grandchildren. Watch the sunset a million times, and sit on a porch, rocking back and forth on homemade wooden chairs. He wanted to have so many sweet memories with this one girl. He wasn't ready to get up and move. What if she woke up he thought? I would miss that chance to see her open her eyes and know that I am here the entire time. Derek was so confused his emotions were getting in the way.

"What if she wakes up when I am gone? How am I supposed to tell her I was here the whole time and she sees that I am not? I don't think that is a good idea." replied Derek.

This time Jake spoke up.

" Derek, if you don't get your lazy no for good butt off that chair next to Alliah's bed, I am going to count to three and if you are not by that door to come with us for a walk, then I will drag you if I have too all the way outside."

Jake was surprised by what he said. He was fed up with Derek's attitude and how he was acting like a baby. He needed to grow up a little. Jake could see himself and Derek in the future as great friends and looking back to this moment in time and laughing at how stupid he was acting. Jake didn't have these weird feelings much, and when he did they normally were true.

By this time Derek had had enough and lost it. Derek had a little temper of his own. He never showed it because he never had too. He wasn't the type of teenager who needed to have one. He used to use it when he was young, but he grew out of that, well that's what he thought.

"Who in the Hell do you think you are?" Derek yelled at Jake.

Stephanie wasn't going to hear any of this and started to scream at Derek.

"Derek Rolland! You have NO right to talk to Jake that way. He is trying to help you and what you do instead is cuss at him. I have known you awhile now, and I have never heard you use that language before. If I were you, I would learn to control your mouth, and I better not hear those words again, or next time your mother will know."

"I am sorry Stephanie; I don't know what came over me. I can't take this waiting around anymore. I want her to be okay and all better now."

Derek was upset and looked terrible. He hadn't taken a shower in over two days now and was running on hardly any sleep at all. Derek would dose off for no more than a minute every few hours. He probably has about a half an hour of sleep in two days now. He looked like a bus had hit him, turned around and decided to come back for seconds. Derek wasn't the best looking one at that moment.

"I am sorry Jake. I should say that I appreciate the idea, and I would like to get that break now from here." Derek said looking back to Alliah. He was terrified to leave her, but did as he was told.

All three of them walked down the hallways back to the waiting room. Sarah was surprised to see Derek with Stephanie and Jake. Everyone actually was. Stephanie told her parents where they were going, which was to step outside and go to the out door park that was attached to the hospital for patient uses only. She mentioned that someone should stay with Alliah just in case she wakes up sometime and to call her cell if she did. No one obliged to this request of hers. They all agreed with her.

Dave and Jenny Collins decided to take their job in watching their daughter. They hoped and prayed that she would wake up. Not many people knew what was happening and the only one's who knew about Alliah was those at the hospital and Derek's Boss, The Collins Boss's and Sarah Rolland's Boss. They told them that they needed to take some personal time off because of this crisis. The completely understood and said too take as much time off as possible.

The Collins walked to Room 103 where Alliah was at ,and this time noticed there were people in her room. The doctor had come in to check on her.

"Hello there." replied Dave.

"Hi, Mr. Collins." replied Doctor Griswold.

"Is there any improvement in our daughter condition?"

"I was just checking on her too see if she was responding to any of the treatments we were giving her. She seems to be fine, but we don't know what's caused the coma and why she isn't waking up. Was she under any stress before she was in the accident?"

"Well... No. She was really excited actually. Alliah was just proposed to a couple days ago by the young man who never leaves this room, and she couldn't have been more thrilled. She was just going to the store to get some steak that we were having for dinner tonight." said Dave.

"I was just wondering. Sometimes stress can cause pressure on your brain and that might be what's keeping her from not coming back to us. If that isn't it then well I am not sure." said Doctor Griswold.

"Like I've said before Doctor, she is the happiest girl I know."

"I believe you, I wasn't saying I wasn't. I think this is a real mystery. I hope we can figure this out. I should be getting back to work. I will come back later to check on her again."

The Collins sat down at watched her and that's all they could do. Jenny began to pray to herself and asked for courage. She didn't say much after that.

The three teenagers were outside and taking in the fresh air now. Stephanie and Jake couldn't believe they really got Derek outside, and away from Alliah. She was so happy that she could spend some time with her future brother-in-law. She also hoped that this would bring Derek and him closer too, and have a real bonding friendship too. Stephanie wasn't sure yet why Jake was around all the time. She first though that maybe he was paying his respects, but then thought that maybe he wanted to be there for Alliah when she woke up to tell her that he was there for her, and rescued her. She was sure what his deal was, but she was thankful for everything and glad that Jake had saved her sister.

It wasn't until later that Derek noticed that fresh air is always good. He was scared to lose Alliah and scared also by not knowing what to do next. Jake was watching Derek's every move because he was very curious about Derek's feeling and getting to know him better. Jake had some feeling for Alliah when she saw him at the car wreck and it was described love at first sight for him. He knew the current situation for Alliah and Derek which was at hold for the moment being, and he could also see that deep down there was something missing more to Derek. He wasn't sure what it was. Jake got the vibe from Derek that he does care deeply for Alliah, but something strange was going on deep down that no one knew about. The only think Jake was thinking about on his way through the garden was of the blonde hair, green eyed girl who lay in a hospital bed in room 103.

God had something strange working on Jake and Derek's hearts and minds that afternoon in the hospital. God was showing that all Derek wanted at the moment was to just see Alliah one more time if that was all he could do and then God had something special planned out for Jake and Alliah. Even though people think they know by signs from God that they are going to marry or spend to rest of their life with, don't mean that they always will. Deep into Derek's mind, he was wondering if this was a sign from God that maybe doing all he had for Alliah was good enough up to this point, and he wasn't needed anymore in her life. All these scenarios were running through his head and he wasn't sure what was real at this moment. He wished that this was all just a dream and he would wake up any minute from it, but he never did.

Walking in the park was helping everyone's minds but also bringing a lot of silence. Stephanie wasn't too found of silence and finally spoke.

"Hey guys!" said Stephanie. They both looked at her with priceless expressions on their faces and waited for her to continue.

"Okay, are we going to have a conversation or what? To come out in the garden, we were all going to get fresh air, but also talk about whatever you want. I'm tired all this silence!"

Both Derek and Jake weren't sure what to reply to her response. Quickly Jake began to talk.

"Fine, I will say something that has been bothering me."

"Go ahead Jake." replied Stephanie.

"Well I really want what's best for everyone, and I just want to let you know Derek that no matter what happen, I am here for you."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Just what I said, I understand how you feel about everything and all you can do is to have faith in God to let him heal Alliah."

"Yeah, I guess your right Jake. Thanks for the advice."

Derek was slowly feeling the urge to sleep and well he couldn't spend another night by Alliah's side and have energy for tomorrow too. He wanted to go home and try to have a good night sleep in his own bed and then if anything did happen, then someone could call him to let him know.

"Stephanie, I'm going home, just let me know if there is any change in Alliah's condition."

"Um… okay then, I'll do that. See you tomorrow."

Stephanie wasn't sure why he was acting strange and why he was even suggesting the idea to leave the hospital, but all she could do was listen and let him do what he wants.

While all this was going on, no one had any idea what was happening with Alliah in her room. What they didn't know was that she was dreaming and was going to wake up soon.

Alliah wasn't sure what had happened, and all she knew was that she was asleep. Finally she woke up, and realized she wasn't at home. Alliah had no idea where she was at. She began to sit up and noticed she had an ivy in her arm and a breathing tube in her nose. She figured since these things were in her body, she began to realize she was in a hospital, but what for? All of a sudden a nurse came into her room. She was doing her normal routine to see if there were any changes in Alliah's condition. When the nurse saw that Alliah was awake, she immediately ran out of the room for a doctor. Only seconds later, a doctor came in and following him was the same nurse from before. The doctor began to look over Alliah and see if she was alright. When he was finished, he left the room and never said a word. Alliah was beginning to become very confused as to why she was even in the hospital. What seemed to be like hours later, people that Alliah recognized; her family, walked into her room. They seemed to be excited to see her.

"Alliah! Hunny! You're awake!" yelled Jenny.

"Darling, you're finally awake. It's so wonderful to see you that you're okay." responded Alliah's father.

"Um… Why am I here?" asked Alliah.

"Hunny, you don't remember what happened?" said Jenny.

"No I don't. I have no memory of why or how I got here."

The family looked astonished. They couldn't believe she had no idea or memory of the accident at all. While the family was pondering this, the doctor began to explain to Alliah what had happened.

"Alliah, it has been two weeks since the accident. You were in a terrible car accident a couple weeks ago and luckily no one was hurt badly."

Alliah was shocked to hear the she was in a car accident and couldn't remember a thing. Then the doctor began to speak again continuing about the accident.

"At least that boy saw what happened and saved your life. He was so brave to risk everything and try and get you out of your car. Besides that, you will be fine with of course a few bruises and a cut or two. Your arm will take a couple weeks to heal, but other than that, you should be fine. Let me know if anything worsens and I will be happy to take another look at you."

"Thank You! It really means a lot that you would go out of your way to help me. Thank You."

The doctor walked out and the family continued to talk amongst themselves. It didn't take long for someone to tell Stephanie and Derek that Alliah was awake. What was really bothering Alliah was who would risk their life to save her? Who was the boy that saved her life? She wanted to know and thank him.

Not long after thinking all of this, Stephanie walked in and there was an unfamiliar face with her too. She had no idea who that was and was curious.

"Stephanie! You're here."

"Yeah I am. I never left the hospital the entire time. I was concerned about you."

"Awh… that's so sweet of you."

"It was no big deal. I called Derek letting him know that you were awake. He left the hospital to get some sleep. He hasn't left your side until recently when I told him he should get some rest. He is really worried about you. I guess in a way he blames himself for letting this happen."

Alliah was surprised to hear that Derek was here the entire time, and that he had left. Still she wanted to know who the boy with Stephanie was.

Jake just stood there the entire time watching Alliah and Stephanie talk the entire time. He wasn't sure when to interrupt their conversation and introduce himself. He didn't want to be rude, but he wasn't sure when he would get a time to speak.

"Excuse me? May I interrupt?" said Jake.

"Why sure you can." Stephanie responded.

"Alliah, I know you don't know me, and you are probably wondering who I am by now. My name is Jacob Ember, but everyone calls me Jake. I was the one who rescued you and helped get you to safety. I just thought you should know who I was."

"Thanks a lot. I'm glad you told me. I was actually wondering myself who you were and why you were hanging out with my sister."

"Allah, you will never believe it, but Jake actually hasn't left my side the entire time I've been here. He insisted on staying until you woke up." Stephanie mentioned to Alliah.

Alliah couldn't help but blush. She had no idea that Jake cared that much for her. By this time Alliah's family all left the room giving Stephanie, Jake, and Alliah some time to catch up and talk. Jake ended up telling Alliah the whole story about how he saw the accident and ran over to help her and called for help. He mentioned how he felt terrible for everything that happened, and wanted to be there when she woke up, and to know who saved her. Alliah was blushing when he mentioned all this. She wasn't sure why either, when she was engaged and soon to be married to Derek, but something inside her told her that this moment with Jake was okay. This made her think that maybe marring Derek was the wrong thing to do right now, and that God had someone else in mind for her. She wasn't completely sure, but she was determined to find out why she felt these feelings when talking to Jake.