It was Halloween night; kids in colorful costumes, going from door to door with their parents begging for candy, dominated the streets, while Brandon and Jessica got ready for a Halloween dance at the high school. Jessica had dressed up as a vampiress, her favorite supernatural creature. Her long brown hair had been dyed the color of midnight black, with the exception of her bangs, which were red. She wore a red and black spaghetti strap belly shirt to show off her new gold belly button ring and a knee high black skirt. For shoes she had on a pair of sleek, black high heeled boots, covering the blackest of black fishnet tights. Like usual she wore her choker, a gift for thirteenth birthday from Brandon her best friend. Jessica or Jess what she would normally preferred to be called, had painted her long nails black with a bright red spider in the very center. She had two earring holes in each ear, in the front set she had golden spiders, and in the back she had long dangling earrings that also had spiders on them. On her teeth she had a pair of removable fangs. Her lips coated in dark shade of blood red, black mascara on her long eyelashes, and a thin layer of black eyeliner lined the bottoms of her baby blue eyes. She headed to the front door, at the bottom of the second floor stairs, after applying a thin coat of black eye shadow. As she placed her right foot on the bottom step she noticed Brandon leaning on the door. His arms were crossed on his chest, and he wore a devilish grin. Brandon wore red and black gothic pants and a black t-shirt. On his right wrist, he had a spiked bracelet and a matching choker on his throat. Brandon's nails were black and he wore the same type of fangs Jess wore. His dark brown eyes were focused on Jess's brand new belly button ring. She hadn't told her parents yet. His natural black hair was brushed back, showing his black earring. He smiled and laughed showing his deadly white fangs and said," Let's go we've got a party to attend." So they left Jess's house and headed to the high school on Milton Street. Brandon and Jess decided to walk through the woods to get to their destination, and on the way they began to talk.

"Halloween's such a drag, little kids in costumes, begging for candy. Jeez could they have come up with an even stupider holiday."

"Jess, why do you always have to be so negative? It's your favorite holiday and yet you still make nasty comments about it."

"Brandon, I'm always negative. You've known this ever since you met me and when have you ever cared. I never knew you cared about little kids and candy. When did you become so soft? I thought you liked to scare little kids, and that showing emotion was for babies." Jessica replied in a very taunting voice. She knew Brandon would give in if she tried long enough. He always did.

"I like to scare kids, it's just…"

"It's just what?" Jessica questioned, cutting off Brandon.

"It's just that, sometimes the way you talk and act bothers me and makes me want to slap you. You always go on and on about this place and that place even though you go there all the time." Brandon says beginning to feel awkward.

"Yeah, well I'm always like that. So shut up and drop the subject and never bring it up again." Jessica snapped at Brandon.

"Hey, look a bunch of little kids! Let's scare them till they pee their pants."

Jessica grabbed Brandon and jumped behind a couple of bushes about two feet away. They waited while the group of trick-or-treaters made their way slowly to the spot where they were hiding. After waiting about twelve minutes, the group started to pass the bushes. Just as Jess and Brandon were about to jump out and scare all the little kids, something grabbed her and dragged her into the woods, but before she vanished she let out a piercing scream. Brandon jumped up and turned to find only Jessica's red and black sweater were she had been. He grabbed her jacket and ran for the police station. The faster he ran the more he ran into people; the more he ran into people the more certain he became about whom ever took Jess would take him. By the time he got to the police station his eyes seemed like they were going to fall out, and his faced was pail white.

He walked into the station and he stammered out," My friend has just been kidnapped."

"Sir are you sure your friend has just been kidnapped." the lady at the front desk replied.

"I was right beside her," he said, "then something or someone came up behind us, she screamed and then she was gone."

"Did you see who took her and where were you when this happened?" the receptionists asked.

"No, I did not see who it was and we were right in front of the woods." Brandon replied.

"What is your name, address, and phone number? Sometime tomorrow we will contact you." she said.

"I'm Brandon Wilson, fifteen, I live on twenty-four Princeton Street, my cell phone number is 715-2562, and my house number 228-0656, but only call my house if you can't contact my cell." After he said that he walked home, and every minute he looked over his shoulder making sure no one was following him.


Swish! Snap! "Ugh!" Jessica didn't know what time it was or how long she'd been dragged along through the woods. Crack! "Ouch!" her legs were numb and branches upon branches kept whacking her every chance they got. Her skirt was covered in mud, her legs and arms were torn, scratched, and blood was trickling down them. Jessica's hair was knotted and it was so dark she couldn't see a thing. All she could think was: What's going on? What's going to happen? Who is this guy? Where is he taking me? and I hope Brandon gets help for me in time. Jessica was horrified of the things that could and probably would happen. While she was thinking she didn't notice that her kidnapper was taking her to a old decrepit house about three yards away.

Thump! "Ouch! Be careful!" Jessica complained after being thrown on a wooden floor in the house. She stood and nearly collapsed from the pain coming from her torn legs. She turned to see…


"Why are you home so early Brandon? I thought you and Jess were going to the dance and wouldn't be home till ten." said Mrs. Wilson as soon as she noticed her son coming through the front door.

Brandon looked at the clock hanging above the coat wrack. It said seven twenty-five on it. Wow it was early he thought. I left almost an hour and a half ago.

"Yeah, sorry, Jessica and I were heading there when she felt light headed and we went back to her house. She said maybe it would be better if she went to bed instead, so I came home." he said hoping his mom wouldn't figure out he was lying.

"That's fine Brandon. I'm heading out to Margaret's house and won't be back until eleven or so. Just don't get into any trouble." said Mrs. Wilson as she closed the door behind her.

After his mom left he rushed up stairs, turned on his stereo, and started listening to his favorite CD. An hour later he was passed out on his bed.


"Few! What a horrible dream. I almost believed I was being dragged into the woods like Jess."

Brandon sat up on his bed and looked around his room. He realized his dream wasn't a dream after all. The bed he was on wasn't his bed. He jumped off the bed and ran into the next room. He found a man leaning over someone. The man had dark brown hair, and was about five foot, eight. Brandon wondered who the other person was, and then he recognized the necklace on the table just two feet away from the man. The person was Jessica. Jessica screamed causing Brandon to jump back and knocked over a picture hanging on the wall. The man whirled around and came after Brandon. Brandon recognized the mans face from somewhere, but couldn't remember where. Then it hit him, it was the guy they stopped from hurting Jess's brother Kyle. They had locked him inside his own house so he couldn't escape and hurt them. Now he had come back to get them for what they had done and there was nothing to stop him. Brandon took one look a Jess to find her right eye was purple and there was blood dripping from her mouth. Brandon closed his eyes and waited for what was coming.


Their funeral was held two weeks after the cops had found their bodies. No one knew what had happened or what had caused the person to harm them. Kyle knew but, no one believed him. The guy had gotten away and now Kyle had something to worry about, his life. He hoped that the guy had forgotten his promise to get him the last time he'd seen the man but, he knew he hadn't, considering what he'd done to Brandon and Jessica.

But to everyone else it truly was the greatest Halloween mystery that had happened since the accident in 1985.