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Winter Bloom

Just stop getting up for the let down - Cartel

Aunt Emma had taught her how to tie a perfect bow tie. "It's an art," she had said as she twisted the string together. But at the moment, her perplexed expression was turning into an ugly frustrated one.

Violet sat on her stool in her vanity. The mirror reflected a skinny girl with bouncy brunette curls resting on her shoulders. They didn't cascade like Lacy Milligan's from next door did. Maybe that was why John Grant didn't love her anymore. Lacy was much prettier and elegant.

She tried to pull the knot together again, but the bow on her head was scowling at her. Drooping lifelessly on her hair, she could imagine it telling her to just take it me off already. Violet agreed and removed the tangled ribbon from her hair. Although Aunt Emma always wanted her to look nice for the etiquette lessons she gave her, she was simply too hurt to tie a perfect bowtie.

Violet got up from her stool and headed downstairs. Her house was ridiculously big and the flights were tiring. Aunt Emma was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs.

"Violet! You're a mess! Why isn't that beautiful navy ribbon I gave you on your head? And you look frumpy, are you not wearing your corset?" she scolded immediately. Aunt Emma rushed over to Violet and started to poke and prick at her body.

One thing Violet hated most was being treated as a pin cushion.

"Aunt Emma! I'm sorry, I'm tired, I'll go wear my corset right now," Violet apologized. She didn't mention John.

"Never mind that, you're late as it is. You should be grateful that I'm giving you etiquette lessons for free, our neighbours pay good money to have what you don't appreciate! You should be ashamed of yourself!" Aunt Emma continued to harp.

Violet just rolled her eyes. She would much rather be playing 'Castle' with her younger brother and sister. Graham who was eleven but was wise far beyond his years and little Sarah who was almost six had no responsibilities to deal with yet, she missed that. Etiquette lessons were hardly a privilege; it was a painful hour of endless vilifying from her aunt.

"Come here child, we're learning how to walk properly today," Aunt Emma made a gesture for Violet to follow her.

They stopped at the entrance of the small ballroom. Violet blew a strand of hair out of her hair in a bored manner. Aunt Emma shoved a stack of books in her hands.

"Don't be unladylike with your- your preposterous sighing. I want you to balance those books on your head like this," Aunt Emma carefully placed one book on her own head, taking small steps into the empty room. Her heels clacked noisily on the marble floor, causing echoes.

Violet held in another sigh and put the book on her head. Her steps were clumsy and hesitant, causing the wrinkles on Aunt Emma's forehead to become more and more visible.

"No, no, no! You cannot stare at the floor while you walk, your back becomes slouched. Stand straight Violet! We have no time to waste!" Aunt Emma screeched like a commander.

"Aunt Emma, I can barely walk in these heels, how do you expect me to keep a book on my head while walking in these?" Violet complained.

"You just do, Violet. Why can't you be more like Lacy Milligan? She's such a sweet girl, I'm sure she would never talk back to a superior," Aunt Emma put her hand over her forehead.

Violet clutched the book in her hand tighter, "Lacy Milligan has an ego that can't fit through the door, at least I have literate values. All she cares about is how many karat gold her earrings are," she retorted, slightly offended. She couldn't believe even her own aunt would prefer Lacy over her. Violet tried again, she balanced the book on her head and started to walk slower this time.

"Lacy listens to her parents. She's engaged you know; to that charming lad, Jake? You can't seem to settle with any of the suitors your parents present to you. It's embarrassing," Aunt Emma continued to say.

Violet tipped over. The books dropped on the marble with a loud clunking sound. She was furious now. "Aunt Emma! I'm sixteen- almost seventeen- I have all the time in the world to choose a fiancé, I don't understand why I need to choose now. And I want to choose someone who knows how to read. Not someone who has a rich father. And his name is John, not Jake," she hissed between her teeth.

Her stomach tied in a knot. She didn't know John was already wrapped around Lacy's finger. How could he have moved on so fast while she was still in denial about many things? It hurt more than ever.

"John is very handsome; he deserves to be with Lacy. She is tall and beautiful, which is why you need to wear heels so your legs look lean like hers. Now stop stumbling over, you are a disgrace to this family," Aunt Emma pressed her lips tightly together.

Violet finally snapped. "If you love Lacy so much, why don't you go over there and teach her etiquette?!" she threw the books on the floor and stormed off.

"You disrespectful ingrate! How dare you-"

Violet was already too far ahead to hear the rest. Aunt Emma's yelling was a distant muffle now.


'Cause I get a thousand hugs, from ten thousand lightning bugs, as they try to teach me how to dance – Owl City

She pulled on a tan trench coat over her cerulean dress. She knew it looked unflattering, but the snow outside was piling up and she couldn't afford to get sick. She also pulled on mittens and wrapped a scarf around her head. She felt like the abominable snowman with all the layers constricting her body.

Violet fumed as she walked down the streets. Everyone was doing last-minute Christmas shopping so the bustle almost distracted her from her thoughts. Almost. The streetlights were pretty though. They illuminated the foggy atmosphere that was always depressing. As if she wasn't depressed enough.

She tugged the coat around her tighter, it was a lot chillier than she expected. Kids were testing the lakes to see if they were icy enough to skate on. They weren't.

Violet didn't know where she was going; she was blind by the falling snow and the busy people rushing aimlessly. All that stood out was blinks of red, green and yellow light. She realized she was headed towards an old stone bridge. The rim of the bridge was covered with fluffy flakes of fresh snow. It was quieter here, which was just fine by her.

As she walked closer, a dark figure started to materialize. The fog cleared with each step. It was a boy. He sat on the rim of the bridge, legs suspended above the rushing water. She wondered who it was as the image was more focused. She knew this boy. He was in the same theatre class she was in last year. But a name didn't come with the face.

She was curious about who he was and she decided to introduce herself. With each step she started to get nervous. He was a beautiful boy. With auburn coloured hair and flushed cheeks from the cold. His eyes shone a dull hazel, they were so pretty in the strangest manner. A look of sadness flickered in his eyes. She hoped she wasn't interrupting something.

Before she got the chance to speak, his words slashed hers.

"I was just thinking that Wendell, who is a knight, needs a princess," he said without turning his head. He sat still, not moving an inch.

Violet frowned, "Excuse me? Is your name Wendell?"

"Perhaps- in my heart it is, don't you agree that every knight is in need of a princess in waiting?" he finally looked up at her.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about," Violet said with a puzzled expression.

"Wendell fought all his enemies to find no princess waiting for his arrival, it's upsetting really," the boy pulled his knees up in front of his chin.

Violet shook her head, "Wendell is such a disgraceful name for a knight. For knight's do not wander or seek, they protect- he is not worthy of a princess with such a name," she bit her lip fiercely. She didn't know if she had insulted him or not. He was so odd, talking in third person.

The boy finally cracked a smile, the corners of his lips pulled upward. "You're absolutely right, fair maiden, do you have any suggestions?"

Violet thought for a moment, she considered John, but quickly shook his name out of her head. "Warren. A knight is a guard, the security," she said.

"Of course, why didn't I think of that? Warren is perfect. Would you like to help him find a princess? It's only fair, since you're now officially involved," he said. This boy offered his hand, but still didn't give a name. She politely placed hers on his as he helped her up on the ridge. She cringed from the cold biting at her legs that were now dangling above the water, too.

Violet was starting to doubt that Wendell was his name, he was probably insane. Poor boy, he was so precious too.

"Oh I'm not sure if Warren deserves a princess," Violet said, diving right in.

"Of course Warren deserves a princess, he is fearless. He has fought pirates single-handedly, and vicious snakes the size of you!" he exclaimed with enthusiasm.

Violet raised an eyebrow, "Fearless? He must be scared of some things. Not even heights?" She looked down at the dark water. Thin layers of ice floated on the surface, gliding gently with the current. The pieces glittered in the sunlight.

He peered over to take a look at how far down the water was, "Not even heights," he shook his head.

There was a brief silence. Violet didn't know what to say, he obviously didn't want to tell her his real name.

"Maybe love isn't the cure to his disdain. But you know what always cheers me up? Chocolate. There might be a cafe near by.." Violet trailed off, instantly regretting her proposal.

"Were you implying a date miss?" his lips stretched into an obnoxious grin.

Violet's cheeks flushed, "My name is Violet, and no, I was not implying a date, I simply want to further discuss Warren's dilemma," she narrowed her eyes.

His lips fell into a sweet smile, "Of course Orchid, I think I know of the cafe you're thinking of."

"I told you, my name is Violet," she said more sternly.

But he only grinned, "I know."


We'll live like the movies with streetlights to dance on - Brighten

The aroma that wafted in the cafe drifted to Violet's nostrils. She inhaled the sweet smell.

"Wait here," he told her.

Violet sat down on one of the tables. Moments later, he came back with a heart-shaped box.

"Warren has a confession to make," he said as he untied the bow and lifted the lid.

Violet leaned forwards and plucked a rectangular piece out of it's socket then popped it in her mouth. "Oh really? What is this confession?" she asked, amused.

He shifted in his seat, "Warren once had a princess. So he knows what love feels like and is on a quest- if you will- to find another princess because he's afraid he'll never feel again," he said uneasily. His eyes turned their attention to the table surface.

Violet opened her mouth to pry out details, but she paused and rephrased her thoughts out loud, "She must've been beautiful. If you don't mind telling, what exactly happened to Warren's princess?" she said carefully. She picked up another piece of chocolate, rubbing it between her thumb and index finger. The creamy substance quickly melted on her hands.

His eyes focused back on her, "She jumped in a lake and her body couldn't take the cold, so she died from hypothermia- at least it was a clean death. She was-" he inhaled, "-a fragile thing," he said, staring hard at her face.

Violet covered her mouth with her hands to prevent the gasp that was rising up her throat. Her expression reflected sympathy immediately, "That's quite the tragedy; I do hope Knight Warren is handling it well."

He gave her a lop-sided smile, "It's been a long time, but he's ready to look for someone else," he said.

Violet was about to take another chocolate, but she noticed that he wasn't eating any. She drew her hand back. This boy's logic didn't make sense. Love wasn't about being caught, it was about being found. But she didn't question him.

Instead, she asked, "What were you doing up on such a high bridge?"

"I was decision making," he stated simply. He rested his elbows on the table.

"Surely there are better places to think than somewhere potentially dangerous," Violet inclined.

"You got up there with me, didn't you?" he smirked.

"I suppose so, but I have to be honest, I wasn't exactly comfortable," she confessed.

"I think you were," he said with amusement. Before she could protest, he got up from his chair. "Are you coming, fair maiden?" he put out his hand.

"But the chocolate will go to waste! You haven't taken one single bite," Violet frowned.

"It was a gift for you," and with that, he headed for the door. She wondered if he cared whether she followed or not. Without hesitation, she kicked her chair back and caught up to him.

The bell above the door jangled, marking their exit.

The boy shoved his hands in his pockets, she hoped that wasn't a sign of annoyance. "The snow is nice," she attempted to make conversation.

"Yeah, but Warren hates the winter time," he looked up at the snow falling from the sky. One snowflake landed on his nose and melted instantly.

"Well he's a strange one, who doesn't love winter? It's the time of Christmas and loving!" Violet exclaimed.

"Perhaps. But all of the plants die during this weather, does your mother own a rose garden?" he asked as he kicked the snow with his shoe.

Violet shook her head, "No, but she does love to plant violets. It's her favourite colour and flower," she said.

"I see, hence your name. You reflect the flower's beauty, it would be a sight if flowers bloomed in the winter time," he said, as he picked off a brown weed from the ground.

Violet tucked her hair behind her ear bashfully at his compliment. "You have quite an eye for scenery, it would be stunning," she said. She watched his index finger travel to her nose that was probably as red as a cherry by now.

"You're freezing," he pointed out.

She raised her hand to rub her nose, "Oh, I guess I am," she laughed. Her face was numb.

She waited for a reply. But is mouth slowly formed into a smile and he started to fall backwards. Violet shrieked as he thumped against the snow.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

He started to wave his arms wildly like a stubborn infant. Violet could only think that this was peculiar behaviour, what could he possibly want? Something was telling her that she wasn't supposed to scold him.

"I'm making a snow angel," he stated. Without consent, he pulled at her leg and brought her down beside him. Violet thought this was quite rude.

"Hey!" a giggle escaped her lips as her back hit the ground. Aunt Emma would probably be in hysterics if she saw what had just happened. This boy must be in a lower class- he lacked grace and obviously didn't take etiquette lessons.

Violet started to follow his lead and waved her arms and legs in continuous motions. She didn't care that the ice was seeping up her sleeves and soaking into her jacket.

She finally stopped to take a breath from the laughter that was ringing in her ears. His warm breath fogged the air every time he exhaled. She turned her head to the side to face his.

She admired him at this moment. She watched his chest fall and rise evenly while everything else about him was still. He finally spoke softly.

"Warren has to leave soon to fight, you know. But he's certain he's not going to make it back this time."

"I'm sure that's no big deal, because he's fought many scary monsters before, hasn't he?" she pointed out. He shifted his head to the side, now their eyes were level. It was a brief moment before he answered her, it felt as if his eyes were boring into her soul. She lifted her gaze to ease the tension.

"But he had his princess along side with him all those times."

Violet wasn't sure what to say to this, he seemed so vulnerable all of a sudden. She forced a smile on her face, "That's exactly why we're searching for a princess appropriate for Warren, right?"

He stood back up and brushed the snow off his clothes, "Right." He helped her get up off the ground. "So where does Warren start looking?" he said with a crooked grin.

She placed her finger on her chin in thought, "No, no, no, that isn't right. We don't need a treasure map to find the perfect lass for him, he needs the chivalrous qualities of a true man," she said.

They started to trudge slowly in the snow, side by side. Snowflakes laced her mittens and boots.

"Oh? And what are these qualities...suppose Warren lacks," he asked.

"Well, every girl is a hopeless romantic, they want someone to sweep her off her feet and surprise her with a dozen roses on her doorstep," she told him, waggling a finger in his direction.

He frowned, "Is that what you want? Maybe a prince to call you from a balcony at your rescue?" he laughed. "Rapunzel and Julliet weren't Warren's favourite heroines."

Violet blushed, "I'm talking about girls in general," she said in a huffy voice.

"Well like I said, Warren doesn't have a flower to give- or a dozen for that matter. Is love never enough?" he asked.

She smiled. "Love is the magnetic bond, gifts are the glue," she said. Violet took a second more to think, this boy didn't have the money for extravagant presents. "But of course, love is the most important factor."

He smirked at her, "Have you ever been in love?"

The snow was falling harder now, larger flakes hit the ground. Violet caught one on her sleeve, but it melted too soon for her to examine the patter. This made her upset.

"I think so," she replied carefully with John on her mind.

"Did he give you many gifts?"

Violet crossed her arms, "No. I never received any," she said, her voice fell.

"But you loved him anyway," he said smoothly. She realized where he was getting at.

"I wish I didn't," she said, slightly flustered.

Before she could react, he swooped her off the ground and carried her to a park. He gallantly placed her on a wooden park bench.

Violet couldn't help but giggle with amusement at his silly gesture.

"Come with Warren on his white horse!" he said tactfully. She hoped her face didn't show disappointment that he was still talking in third person.

Violet twirled in her dress and jumped off the bench, then did a curtsy.

"You would make a good princess," he said nimbly.

Violet stared at him, she was certain he was going to ask her to be his princess by the way he was looking back at her, but the words never left his mouth. She had to admit she wouldn't mind being a princess decked in jewels and luxury for once. Because while playing "Castle", she was never the princess- it was always Sarah. She was usually the ugly step sister or else Sarah would throw a tantrum.

She put a hand on his shoulder like a coach. "You'll find her," she assured him airily.

He finally tore his gaze away from her. "Maybe," and he turned around to leave. Leaving her with no name, address or even a goodbye.

Violet wondered where he was going. She figured that it was best that she never saw him again. Butterflies erupted in her stomach.

Dusk was coming soon and Aunt Emma would be furious if she didn't go home soon.

She shook the snow off her jacket and started to walk the opposite direction. The temperature was dropping gradually and there was a chill in her heart. Lacy was probably warm at home right now with John snuggled around her. All the attention she got was from crazy street boys.

Violet laughed at the thought of what her expression probably looked like, probably green with envy. Warren would fight such monsters, with green scaly faces. But she quickly shook her head, Warren was fictional, this boy was influencing her.

She kicked a small pebble on the stone road, she should see her house from here. There was a warm glow coming from her window and she could smell the food Nana was making. Her mind finally caught up with her stomach, and she sprinted inside her house.

"I'm home!"


Hope dangles on a string, like slow spinning redemption, winding in and winding out, the shine of it has caught my eye – Dashboard Confessional

The atmosphere in the dinner table was stiff.

Papa and Mama were getting ready for a ballroom event, so they were in a hurry. Aunt Emma was shooting daggers into Violet's eyes and Nana was busy serving food.

"But mama, do you have to go tonight? You haven't told me a bed time story in ages!" Sarah whined.

"Yes dear, it's mandatory- why don't you get Violet to tell you a bedtime story?" Mama looked at Violet.

"Violet never has time to tell us stories anymore, she's always with John," Sarah accused.

Violet opened her mouth to protest, but Papa cut her off, "Graham! " he bellowed, "Have you been wearing my suit for that ridiculous game you and Sarah play?"

Graham rolled his eyes, "I would never wear that heavy suit of yours, have you even checked in your closet?" he asked as he took a bite out of his corn.

"Honey, Graham's right, it is in your closet," Mama pointed out. Papa muttered something under his breath. "Oh! Violet, I have a surprise for you!" she beamed.

Violet held her breath, every time Mama had a surprise for her, it meant that her and Papa weren't going to be home a lot for a while. She used to be excited, but now it was just a reoccurring pattern. "Yes mama? What is it?" she tried to sound enthusiastic.

"Mary, Violet doesn't deserve any presents," Aunt Emma hissed.

Violet watched as Mama reached into her pocket and pulled out two tickets. "Tickets to that play you were always babbling about! It's tomorrow isn't it?"

Violet jumped up, "Oh mama, it is! I heard that The Pearl's Desire is so beautiful! Thank you so much!" she exclaimed with genuine excitement. "I'll invite Claire- unless Sarah wants to come," her voice sharpened.

Sarah shook her head, "I don't want to see a boring play about some stupid pearl," she groaned.

"Language, Sarah!" Papa growled.

"But Sarah, it's not about a pearl, it's a metaphor about an ugly mermaid servant who turns into a beautiful princess mermaid by marrying a prince merman! Like how an oyster produces a pearl from a speck of sand." Violet tried to inform. But Sarah already had her mind set.

"I want Mama to tell me a story!" Sarah shrieked, she slammed her utensils on the table and marched out.

"Oh dear," Mama placed her hand over her forehead.

Graham also got up from his chair, "This family isn't really a family if Mary and Edward always leave us," and he exited.

"Graham! You must address us as Papa and Mama!" Papa slammed his fist on the table angrily.

Violet knew this was her cue for damage control as the older sibling. She ran after Sarah.

"Sarah! Sarah baby! Where are you?" Violet called out into the vacant rooms. She found Graham leaning against a doorway in a dark manner. "Graham! Go back to the dinner table, how rude of you to address Mama and Papa like that!"

Graham crossed his arms, "Sarah is right you know. You spend more time fluffing your hair than helping us ever since you moved out of the nursery," he said sternly.

Violet felt the heat rising to her cheeks, "Graham! How dare you talk to me like that. I am your older sister, you should respect that! And I am a young lady now, I don't have time for your childish games."

She knew that wasn't what her real thoughts reflected, but Graham was being obnoxious, a deserved a good lecture.

"Whatever Violet, my respect for you is lost because apparently all the respect you need is from John," Graham said coldly. "And Sarah is in her room, probably upset enough to shed tears. Mama and Papa are disappearing," he turned around and stalked off.

Violet felt her face screw up into something ugly, hot tears rolled down the corners of her eyes. "For you information, John is engaged to Lacy, not me! So whatever fancy you had for her doesn't matter anymore!" she hollered at him, clutching the skirt of her dress rightly.

She instantly regret what she said, because it was mean an unnecessary. "Wait! Graham! I didn't mean it, I'm sorry!" but he was already gone. She let go of the cloth and headed towards Sarah's room.

Sarah was under her pink bed sheets surrounded by stuffed animals. Her big round eyes blinked several times when Violet entered the room.

Violet slowly eased into the room, she was careful when she sat on the bed. "Sarah baby, I have a story for you," she cooed.

Sarah squealed when the bed bounced from her weight. "You do? Mama and Papa aren't coming home in a while are they?"

Violet bit her lip, "Yes I have a story, and I know Mama and Papa aren't home a lot but they still love you."

"I know, but I wish they were," Sarah said quietly.

"Me too," Violet smiled, "Now about that story. There was a knight named Warren. He wasn't the most handsome knight like the others, but a beautiful princess loved him anyway for his heart," she started to weave.

Sarah stared intently, absorbing it all in.

"Well. Knight Warren had a mission; he had to visit an ice cave to slay a terrible dragon that was terrorizing the lands. Now, his princess wanted to come along but Knight Warren wanted to keep her safe. But her dazzling eyes hypnotized him into letting her go," she continued.

"Well that's okay, Knight Warren is going to protect her with his life right?" Sarah inquired.

Violet just smiled, "So they ventured out to the woods. The princess found the cave by spotting blue crystals that glowed. Knight Warren entered first, making sure that all the bats and bugs were out of the way."

"Bats are yucky," Sarah commented.

"Yes, they are yucky, that's why Knight Warren had to clear a path for his princess. They found the dragon bathing in a pool of water, asleep. The princess sneezed and one of the dragon's eyes opened. Then the other. When the dragon realized there were intruders in his cave, he sprung into action. Bursting out of the water and flapping his wings wildly. The wind motions he made caused the princess to get thrown against the wall."

Sarah gasped, "What did Knight Warren do?"

"Knight Warren had no time to help her because the dragon was much faster than he was. The dragon got to the princess first. He held her body with his pointy claws and held her above the icy water. Knight Warren couldn't take any steps closer or the dragon would've dropped his princess!" Violet exclaimed.

"The dragon requested that if Knight Warren gave up his enchanted sword, he would let the princess go. When he refused, the dragon let go of the princess and she sunk under the water. While the dragon spit out his ice balls, Knight Warren dove in after the princess. He swam and swam but couldn't find her body. The cold surrounded him and he finally lost his breath, sinking slowly after his princess," she finished.

Violet put her hand over her mouth, she hadn't meant to say that. What had possessed her? She watched as Sarah's huge eyes started to well up.

"But Knight Warren and his princess can't...die. Stories don't end unless they have a happy ending! Violet, please continue the story! Please, please, please!" Sarah urged on.

But Violet couldn't bring herself to it, she was tired and it was late. "I'm sorry Sarah, but I have to clear up the dinner table, goodnight Sarah baby," she got up and turned off the lights leaving Sarah to sniffle quietly.


Darling, keep your, keep your voice low, if you can't recall your lines, maybe they won't, they won't notice, that you're hiding the script, hiding the script under your sleeves – Daphne Loves Derby

Violet could hardly contain her excitement when the gate to the theatre opened. The security started to let people in, and luckily she was almost first in line.

The little space she had to breathe was exhilarating. Families from high class, middle class and lower class were flooding the theatre. Claire was standing by her side, trying to catch glimpses of the famous people.

They found their seats near the front of the stage. Violet thanked her parents silently for their thought. She turned to look at Claire, she seemed bored. "Claire! Aren't you excited? We're about to watch an award winning play! I wish I was as graceful as the actors up there," she said.

Claire tried to smile, "I guess. But have you seen Sterling Fieldhart? He has such a pretty name, and boy does he shine like silver! He is so handsome and rich, and he's here you know," she sighed.

Violet laughed, "The son of the playwright? Greg Fieldhart! Of course he's here, I'm sure he appreciates theatre as much as his father. It would be quite amazing if I was the daughter of a playwright," she said thoughtfully.

"Who cares if he's the son of Greg Fieldhart? He is so charming and suave. Too bad he's engaged though, probably to some skinny girl," Claire huffed, who was always sensitive about her weight.

Violet rolled her eyes, "Claire, you're beautiful, Sterling Fieldhart has a celebrity father, his ego is probably as bad as Lacy Milligan's!" she giggled.

Claire agreed but couldn't respond because the lights started to dim. They exchanged stifled laughs.

A stout lady rose to the podium and started to speak about the play. Actors began to fill the stage as Violet eased back against her chair and watched the magic unfold.

Violet was impressed. The play had made her laugh, weep and smile so hard, she was afraid her lips were going to split. But near the end of the play, she had spotted a familiar tuft of ginger hair rise. It was the gem of a boy she had met yesterday, he was getting up to leave. She certainly didn't want to miss the end of the play, but he was leaving so fast! Curiosity got the best of her and she rose from her seat.

"Um, Violet? Where are you going?" Claire asked in a hushed tone.

"To the ladies restroom, I'll be back soon," Violet assured her.

She hurried towards him as he opened the door to leave. She tip-toed behind him as he left the building through the back door that lead to a dark alley.

"Wait!" she shouted before he got too far.

The boy spun around in surprise. "Violet? What are you-"

This was the first time he seemed to show negative emotion. "I'm sorry! Don't be scared, I was just wondering where you were headed too," she blurted out quickly.

He let out a breath of relief, "I'm not going anywhere, I just wanted to escape that terrible play," he said.

She took steps closer to him. It was the night time and the only light was from the moon and the streetlamps, but she was close enough to see the details on his face. "What are you talking about? That play was magnificent, such a sweet storyline," she contemplated, remembering what had happened in the play.

"I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you. It was sugar coated, no servant gets to be a beautiful mermaid and no way would a prince ever notice her in the first place. How unrealistic," he defended his opinion. He slouched against the brick wall in a defeated slump.

"But it was so beautiful, stories don't have to be realistic, people want to hear that the prince and the princess lived happily ever after...or the knight and the princess," she added. She thought about what she had told Sarah last night.

"But that doesn't really happen!" he snapped angrily.

Violet took a step back. "Happy sells, why aren't you happy?," she asked weakly, unable to form complete sentences. She, too, leaned against the wall.

They stood in silence, with only the sounds of cars whizzing back and forth.

"Warren killed her," he finally said, lifting himself off the wall. He moved closer towards her figure.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"His princess," he said, "Warren forgot that she couldn't swim, and they were just having fun by the lake on Christmas day. He told her to jump in the water with him even though she protested. But she loved him enough and jumped in, and she told him that the water was freezing but warmer than his skin. And she sunk with a smile on her face," he paused, reluctant to continue but he did anyway, "By the time Warren lifted her body out and called for help, her organs were shutting down," He phrased his words with almost only one breath.

Violet couldn't take in all this information at once. She was speechless. When she opened her mouth to speak, he put his finger over her lips.

"You don't have to say anything," he said calmly. "I miss her."

Violet pressed her lips together, he wasn't referring to 'Warren' anymore and she could almost feel the empty void.

"I know you do," she breathed out. He was leaning so close to her now, it was almost uncomfortable.

"And she was so pretty, like you.." he said softly. He moved a piece of hair out of her face with his thumb.

"I'm sure she was," Violet whispered, hypnotized by his alluring eyes.

They stayed in that position for what seemed like eternity. But Violet was shivering from the cold, "Are you going to kiss me?" she asked between chattering teeth.

This took him by surprise, "No, I'm not. I-I have to go Violet, goodnight," and he fled like last time; leaving her with only the snow dancing in flurries.


Dead! Like a candle you burned out, spill the wax over the spaces left in place of angry words. Scream! To be heard, like you needed any more attention, throw the bottle, break the door and disappear – All Time Low

Violet was sitting in the nursery's stool, painting a lovely picture on her easel when Papa knocked on the door. She quickly finished filling in the flower's petals with a purple colour and she put down her brush. White contrasts so beautifully with all colours, she thought with satisfaction.

"Come in!" she said warmly. She was in a good mood today, the sun was shining over the glistening snow, making quite a pretty landscape. Papa stepped in the room, holding a piece of paper. "Papa!" she called out, jumping out of her seat to give him a hug.

"Good morning darling, what are you painting?" he asked.

She could tell that he was also in a good mood today. The weather did wonders to people. "I call it, Winter Bloom ," Violet told him, even though she knew he wouldn't have a clue on what she was drawing.

"Ah, that's...wonderful dear, but delicate flowers like the ones you've painted don't grow in the winter time, honey, don't you know? Well, I just wanted to drop off a letter for you. Greg Fieldhart told me to give it to you," Papa said, handing her the envelope.

Violet widened her eyes, "Greg Fieldhart? Papa! That's the playwright of The Pearl's Desire that I watched three nights ago! How could he have known about me?" she squealed.

Papa scratched his head, "Good 'ol Greg was the playwright of that? Geez, we were old friends, I would've never guessed he was a playwright for a living."

"Oh Papa, what did he say about me?" Violet perked up.

"I have no idea, he said his son told me to give it to you," Papa said.

Violet's expression was puzzled, "His son? Sterling Fieldhart? I've never spoken to him before," she frowned. Then it clicked.

That boy.

His name was melodious to her ears, she felt embarrassed that he had called her name pretty when it seemed so plain in comparison.

"Well I don't know. You shouldn't mess with his son, he's faced a terrible tragedy. Poor lad's girlfriend died from hypothermia after they fooled around jumping in a lake together. Now Greg declared that his son was getting engaged! How ridiculous, the lad didn't even have time to heal. Stupid children these days, don't you ever do that, you hear me Violet Jane Locke?" Papa informed.

Violet looked up with glassy eyes, "Papa, were they happy together?"

"Who, dearie?" he asked.

"Erm- Sterling and...his girlfriend," she said. His name felt bitter on her tongue.

Papa put his hands on his hips, "Greg said that they were always bickering but for most part they were like love doves. Why?" he asked.

"Nothing, I was just wondering. You may leave now," Violet mumbled. She knew her Papa felt awkward, afraid that he was possibly going to have to deal with boy problems.

Papa nodded at her then exited the room.

Violet tore the envelope open, taking out the letter.

Warren lied, he's scared of water engulfing his insides and the fish devouring the remains of his body, she read silently.

Violet took in a deep breath. So Sterling wasn't street scum after all, he had all the money in the world money. His father was a famous playwright after all. He left no signature or name because Sterling was never ever going properly introduce himself to her. She hastily dropped the paper on the floor, not staying around to watch the wind pick it up and carry it out the window.


I'm checking your pulse, I'm giving you air, but your body disagrees and no it don't care at all, I'm wasting my time – A Rocket To The Moon

Violet was running. She didn't care if her legs were begging her to stop and her lungs were about to explode.

By the time she reached the bridge, she was bending over and panting. But it was much too late. Police cars and ambulances guarded the area. And Sterling had kept his word, there were no blood stains on the white snow. She saw someone burst out of the water holding a half naked body.

Violet chewed her lip to stop herself from crying. It would be ridiculous to weep for someone she hardly knew. She imagined Sterling standing on the rim of the bridge and doing a perfect dive into the water. Splish, splash.

Perhaps she could've ridden that white horse with him back to the castle.

Perhaps she could've loved him.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

A/N I don't know, it's rather short, but I like it. The songs I used are:
Say Anything (Else) - Cartel
Fireflies - Owl City
Love On My Mind - Brighten
Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional
Stranger You And I - Daphne Loves Derby
Lullabies - All Time Low
Not A Second To Waste - A Rocket To The Moon

And the reference to "she said the water's cold, but it's warmer than your skin" was from the song You VS the Sea also by Daphne Loves Derby :) Anyway, know any of the songs? Feel free to comment on anything and everything :)