Dear you,

I can't explain how I feel. I would say I love you, everything about you, but the words seem overused, their different than the feeling. Don't blame me for this. It's not my fault, you're- you're, well actually if I had to describe you in one word I'd choose indescribable. All of you is beyond human comprehension; you're far more than a few mere vibrations from my throat. You remind me of a star, maybe you're from a far away star; that'd explain why whenever I'm around you my palms get sweaty and how I heat up until my insides feel like they're going to burst open and leave me scattered in pieces, I know it sounds gross, but the feeling of it is quite wonderful. I'm stuck to you. I think it's because of your eyes, they're like some magical sticky glue. I just have to stare at them, into them, because even though you never say what you mean your eyes show confidence to what you speak. It's beautiful, you're beautiful. You're like a mixture of sunshine and nighttime shadows; it's amazing how it fits you perfectly, like fresh lemonade in summer heat or a murderer in prison, it just fits you. That was horrible word choice, you're probably giggling at it right now. Yeah incase you didn't know, you giggle a lot, it's not a bad thing it's brilliant. If I could I would bottle you're giggles and label them as "Child Innocence" cause that's what they sound like. Then whenever I was feeling down I could just open one and listen to it as they floated out in bubbles, going up and up and up, giggling the whole time until finally the bottle was empty and the bubbles all popped. It would be okay though, I'd still have that photo album you gave me. You smile so much, the day you can't smile any more will be the day my world crashes in on itself and I'm left in the hardly empty void of space. God I think I'm going crazy for you. Did I even tell you I tried to find a song that reminded me of you? I failed, every song reminds me of you, every breeze reminds me of you, every sunset, every sunrise, every balloon I see, every butterfly. Yeah, especially butterflies, you're so remarkable when you fly, but I know your wings are fragile like my heart. My heart, did I mention how it wants to run a marathon when you're around, if I could speak to it, I think it'd say it's because you give it so much confidence. I can't tell you if it's true though, my heart talks to me, but when me or anyone else tries talking to it, my heart just won't listen, except it'll listen to you of course. It likes hearing your voice. We could listen to you for decades. I'm serious, your voice is a wind chime, if I was Mother Nature I'd make sure it was always windy just so I could here you. I'm sorry, that'd be selfish of me, I just can't help myself. Every inch of me aches for your touch, every dream I have circles around you, even my thoughts are of you!! I guess this is what they mean when they say, "You're my everything." I can't keep up with it all; my dreams are stubborn and won't come true, my nerves are hazardous to my health when you get near me, and God my thoughts are jumbled. It's like being at a batting range, the machine broke and all these baseballs keep flying at me and I can't keep up!! Yet when they hit me, they don't hurt because they're thoughts of you, and I love thinking about you. Even if it's bad for me and I find I'm bleeding after being pelted with those baseball formed thoughts, I'm too caught up in the ocean of you to care. I'm sinking and the water's cold, but I can't even process the pain. My heart, it just doesn't want to die, my heart's hurting me because it wants to see you again. It'll run to you, I'll run with it, so even if this isn't what you want to hear, it's what I feel. So shatter my brain, knock out my teeth, pluck out my eyes, cut off my limbs, break my bones, remove my insides, but please leave my heart. I need it to talk to me, I removed you from my memory and stitch you to my heart, so that even if all of me is dead, my heart can always beat for you and remind me how much I feel my love for you. I can't tell you these words are from my heart, these are just thoughts from my head put into words so I could explain this to you. But what these words make me feel, what I feel when I think about you, that indeed comes from my heart.