The sun shines in the through the window. Morning has come, and I wish it never did. I turn in the bed, facing the empty spot on the other side of me. A part of me hoped to see your tanned face, brown eyes, black hair and to hear your Spanish accent. But what I saw was nothing, there was no you, your smile was gone, no longer to greet me in the morning. I hug the unoccupied pillow, inhaling your musky scent that was left behind from days before. The scent takes me back to when we were on the beach, watching the palm trees sway in the warm, ocean breeze, your arms wrapped around me, nuzzling my neck.

You would hum lullabies in ear as we stood there looking out over the ocean, the waves lapping at our feet. The beach will always give me the image of your arms holding me tight. I thought nothing could go wrong. I have found the one that I knew I would want to be with for the rest of my life. We would make love almost ever night, and I have found myself head over heels for you, hoping that you thought the same of me. But that day there was sadness in your eyes. I never wanted to see you unhappy, and I would think you would want the same. But how wrong I was.

The crowded street was a sensory overload, the music was load and happy, unlike your eyes. You took my hand and you danced with me, a weak smile on your face. Spinning and twirling me, making me giggle half-heartedly, I knew something was wrong. You kissed my lips, and told me that you will never forget these images that we shared. You walked me back to my apartment, and you kissed me once more. Only if I have known that would have been our last kiss, I would have begged you to stay.

Everywhere I look I see you. Everything brings back a memory of you. I thought I saw you there for a moment next to me in that lonely king-size bed. Yesterday, I swore I saw you standing on the beach as I was walking with my sister. When someone walked between us, you were gone. I am haunted; haunted by your ghost of the person I once knew. I bet you're feeling fine, unscathed by this break up, this hopeless dream.

Was this just a luckless romance? Why couldn't I see this coming? My back has to be turned on you now, but how? I just keep seeing you there at the beach, the streets, and the café. How can I have not known that you would bring me heartache? Did I really make it that easy for you to walk in and out of my life? I should have seen this coming, but I guess you blinded me.

I must move on now, as hard as that might be for me to do. I loved you, and I guess you almost loved me. Does that make me your almost lover? Where have I gone wrong? What did I not do? I hope you are happy where you are right now. But you will always have my heart.