Promise me I wont feel your tired touch,
or hear the sound of your tired feet,
and every thing I choke on tastes so sweet
so I'll live a terribly bland life of defeat,

and I'm already sinking,
so keep pushing me down,
just long enough,
that I won't have the will to get back up
ever again,

Disconnect my heartbeat from the words
that I speak because everytime I open my mouth
It kills a little bit more of me,
Tylenol PM and oatmeal, sustaining me,
I don't feel like being much anymore,

Because there's so little left to live for
it seems effortless to get away
and I'm ready so don't stop me,

I read the only letter that,
you ever left to me,
and when I walked out,

It had been lying at my feet
This is me claiming defeat
This is me saying goodbye,
See you later.

Sorry I tried.