The rushing of water, the patter of raindrops, repeated chirps from a lark, and the brush of the breeze against crystal sounding chimes that hung from the branch of a yew tree. These minor things wouldn't mean much too many people, but they were pieces of a melody and so much more to a certain man. The lark, for instance, would become the soothing, sweet notes that came from a flute. The chimes were already serving their purpose with the simple beauty of their sound as the breeze moved through them. Lovely scented liquid in the form of diamond like raindrops are transformed into the gentle tone of percussion, making a steady beat that joins with the flute and chimes. As for the rushing water…well with it passing over the smooth rocks that lay upon the shore of the river this was nature's own way of singing, the son having no use for words. But, one man could truly strum together a harmony such as this.

Blue. Sapphire and sky blue to be exact. These two shades were the first to be seen from passerby, the looks upon their faces holding wonder and interest. Sapphire, glowing pools that made up the eyes would glance back at these faces, almost looking into them instead of at them as though peering deep within their souls. If, however, you took in all the features of his face, one would find handsome yet boyish traits, a naïve sort of look, those gorgeous sapphires holding most of the wisdom. Then, looking beyond this, the taint of a much brighter blue was shaded onto strands of shoulder length waves, tiny curls directly on the ends. It was intoxicating enough to take all this in, but once you added the stunning smile that he graced some with, this man was like something from a fairytale or perhaps make believe where a child's mind ran free.

If you looked away from this stunning picture, the rest of the canvas came into view. He was about six feet in height, body covered in earth tone clothing that shaped to his form just right. This seemed to creature a mixture of blue and green in his eyes, causing them to stand out even more than normal. However, it wasn't these things that made him so extraordinary so much as his special gift for music. Music that could warm the coldest of hearts, each pulse being fully alive once again. This man was a bard, a rather strange yet lovely bard who could play such magical melodies with simple strokes on the lute. It was strange how one could play such joyous music and not lift his voice and sing the words of the tune. It made numerous people wonder why he didn't sing. Why he didn't sing along with the tune his fingers were playing out. Why did this bard not say the words that many wanted to hear when they gathered around to listen while he strummed the lute?

Well, now you've stumbled across the strange thing about him, for even as the notes floated through the air, his voice did not. In fact, it could not weave its way into others hearts as the music did. This bard was a mute bard. It's one reason why he didn't take on with being in conversations nor did he pay much attention to them. You would usually find him amongst the trees, playing his lute in time with the melodic birds and other sounds that wound their way through his wood. In this peace place, he did not hide, but kept just to himself. One other instrument that you would hear coming to life was the golden notes of the flute. These notes were more smooth and flowing than the lute, but in his possession they had light shine upon them. The sun itself couldn't shine brighter.

Now, how did he get across his thoughts, you ask? It was rather simple to figure out if one simply watched his hands. They had their own story to tell, his story in fact. Upon his fingertips would be a blackish smudge from the coal that was used when writing the curved letters of calligraphy. The gorgeous strokes of that were made to form each word were slow as if he were painting a masterpiece. But, when he didn't have parchment and coal with him, he would use his hands in a different way. They would move in a series of different ways as he signed to be understood. When talking of music, traveling, or nature, he would seem quite enthusiastic about it, his hands moving just a bit faster. His favorite thing to converse about was music, however, the way it sounded to him and the emotions that fluttered through the heart with each beat. Nature and traveling would be the second best things to music. Nature didn't need an explanation as to why he liked it so. The beauty of it was all around. To see it as he did, one would have to open there eyes and –really- look as the things that surrounded them. Traveling was something that every bard did, but he took a special interest in it. This was his way of sharing the music since he couldn't share his songs. But, a song really wasn't needed with the music that came from the soul of this man. Melody and harmony were linked into on grand song of its own, each note seeming to have its very own personality and style in which it came, being played by the master of music. Ah yes, this bard is a special, strange, and lovely person to be around, his smile shining brightly which only made you want to smile too.

"Come one, come all and listen to him play. Open your ears, close your eyes, and dance with the suns glowing rays", said one person to the next. Each time with was said, the words would get mixed up or rearranged, but the message was still there. A crowd gathered in the mystical wood, many hushed voices twittering like the very birds that surrounded them. It would seem that they were taking a back by the wondrous things all around them, even though it was just a mere forest. But as they flocked around the bard and quieted their voices, this is when he began to play. At first, you could barely hear the notes that were being played out. It was as though the music itself were shy, the being shy by nature. Then, as more quiet fell in the glade the sweet melody floated seamlessly to the ears of the people. Many hearts fluttered while a few pairs of eyes closed, sighs of content from the beauty of the music following after. Emotions rose up together like a wave, each one being different from another. Oh how peaceful the music was and how talented this bard. Soothing song made some rock back and forth, hugging them or holding onto a loved one. Some had silent tears roll down their faces, the drops looking like crystals in the suns light.

The music was gorgeous and his hands were breathing taking sculptures as they moved on the strings of the lute. His fingers moved elegantly, almost seeming to match the notes with each pluck that was made. The luscious stream of music continued, the minds of the people all wandering in the land that they visited when they were naught but children, their imaginations running wild like that of a wild stallion in the open fields being nothing but a free spirit. After hours, days, or maybe it was weeks that went by, the people all went home, leaving the bard to continue on with this song of pure joy. As the night fell upon them all, one thing could still be heard even though the musician behind it had stopped. From the rain drops to the chimes, the rushing water to the crystalline song of the lark, nature continued to follow the music trail that a special man had formed. For even though he could not sing, the silent bard would always be a part of everyone's memory. With each setting of the sun, with each kiss of the starry night, nature provided the notes and the unspoken bard would work his magic…sewing them together in a perfect sonnet.

"So if you're traveling through this sacred wood, listen closely and pay special attention. An angel of music is watching you, guiding you through his wood with magic and music."