One Shot.

She found him in the first clearing; his back slumped over, and his face hidden inside someone's hair. She was quietly sitting atop the lowest tree branch, hidden behind the dark green leaves. She'd been watching him for the last three hours after sunset, which was when he always stepped out to feed. With the way he moved about, he had to be at least three-hundred years old. He knew everything abut the surroundings, from the way it smelled to the way each individual leaf on every tree moved. He had no problem finding the human. It never suspected a thing as he grabbed it by the hair, pulling it to him and snapping its neck. Death upon the human was instantaneous. It had no chance. But it didn't matter to the lustful vampire, who slumped down on one knee and proceeded to drink off the prey's neck. The way he did it was just smooth; he cleaned the human's neck with his long red tongue, scratching the surface while he did it, and sank his long teeth into the flesh, drawing blood. His locks of black hair fell over his eyes as he drank, hiding his expression of satisfaction.

She licked her lips.

The vampire sank to the ground even further, sitting on the clean grass and pulling the limp body even closer to him as he savored his feast. It seemed that, from the way he fed tonight, that he hadn't done so in a long time. His back shook with glee as he emptied the carcass of its fluids. It wasn't long before it was totally rid of blood. He tossed the body aside, leaning back against a tree to look at the black clouds come across the sky, covering the full moon. Not soon after, he felt rain drops fall on his cheeks. It started to rain. Soft at first, but then it turned into a shower. He still sat there, closing his eyes and letting the water wash the blood off his face.

She wanted to touch him.

It only took her seconds to come down from the tree branch, run across the clearing and stand in front of him. She stood over him in the rain, staring down at the pale face. There was no doubt in her mind that she knew he sensed her. But it didn't matter… he probably knew she was watching him anyway.

She kneeled down between his long legs, crawling ever closer to his face. The rain soaked their bodies as her nose almost touched his. She planted a hand on the tree bark beside his head, biting her lip while placing the other on the wet grass.

He slowly opened his eyes, and their gazes met.

Neither body moved. The only sound about them was the rain water splashing on their faces and hair. She was breathing hard; he wasn't breathing at all. He didn't need to. The only thing he needed at the moment was sex, and sure enough, sex was waiting for him. And that moment was the perfect moment for it. He watched the rain drip off her full, parted lips with want. He couldn't deny her. She was waiting for him.

His hands came up and gripped her hips, pulling her to him. They kissed hungrily, tongues meeting and fighting immediately for dominance. He moaned first, which meant she was being most dominant. She took his hands fro her hips and pinned them to the grass, her wet tongue coming down to play with his neck. He growled softly when she scratched him, but tipped his head back even more, exposing himself. Her tongue was rough, which made the sensation much more pleasurable. With swift movements she was straddling his lap. The rain poured onto the vampire's face, annoying him to the point where he took over. He pulled his hands from her and snatched her up, slamming her to the ground. Her legs wrapped around him as he ripped off her skirt and blouse, leaving her exposed. She wasn't wearing any underwear. Her hands came up to his chest, grabbing it and ripping open his button down collar shirt. His chest was ripped; she ran her fingers down his tight torso, licking her lips with curiosity. He cupped her chin gently in his hand and kissed her deeply, their tongues going back to work. His hair fell on her face, wet from the rain. She unbuckled his pants, only to discover that he too wasn't wearing anything underneath. Skillfully pushing his pants off with her feet, the smaller girl wrapped her fingers in his long hair as she felt him against her.

She moaned, and he thrust into her.

Already she felt the burning sensation inside her; he thrust fast. They moved like wild animals, scratching and moaning to each other as it got more and more intense. His lips moved down to tease her breast, sucking at it and nibbling down on her skin. She yelled out and scratched at his back, making him thrust even faster. They were both panting, the heat in their breaths mixing together. He watched her expressions as she came close to the edge, grabbing her breasts and squeezing them. She bit her lip and shook uncontrollably, her nails digging deeper into his back. They were sweating, but it was being washed away by the rain. He pushed himself deep inside her and started to grind slowly, scratching her sides and stomach. She was so close to the edge he could sense it…

She came hard. Her body burned with desire as she yelled loudly; but her voice was being drowned out by the rain. He climaxed too, spilling himself inside of her. After they relaxed, he pulled out and lay next to her, stroking her face.

It stopped raining and clouds began to move on. He watched as she closed her eyes, shifting to lie on her side, facing him and curling up into a ball. No words were ever exchanged. He simply continued to stroke her face as the light of the full moon shone on them. He looked up at the moon, then back to her, and waited. He waited for her to open her eyes and kill him, to tear him apart and eat him up. But it never happened.

She never moved.

After glancing back and forth one more time from her beautiful face to the moon and back, he realized she was dead. His semen had literally burned her to death from the inside.

"Foolish lycan..." He said. After tucking her hair behind her ear, he stood up, buckled his pants and covered her body with his shirt. He looked back up at the moon one more time before walking away to feed some more.

Mating with someone outside your own species was always forbidden. The consequences were always dire, but it's something no one ever cautioned to.