One Shot.

I've been wanting this just as bad as you have. You know it just as much as I do…

You catch me by surprise, which I shouldn't be; you're always full of amazing surprises, if you know what I mean. I had just finished lighting the fireplace when I felt a breeze of hot air on my neck, right where it makes me tingle. The breeze was followed by darkness; your hands come up to cover my eyes. It wasn't a fast move. It came very slowly, your large hand coming up my back, over my shoulder and up my neck to rest over my eyes. My cold lips fall slightly open to let out a soft sigh when your front presses against my back. Your body is so hot… it's always been that way. Even in the coldest of nights your torso never ceases to warm me. As I thought this I never expected the tip of your tongue to graze the edge of my ear, at the same time your cold hand coming up under the side of my tank top. Your body was always warm, but your hands… they're like solid ice. I can feel myself getting hotter and hotter between my thighs, and nothing's even happened yet. I don't know how you do it. My heart's at the brink of explosion, and it's only because of those cold hands touching my side. Imagine when the clothes come off…

Your hot tongue travels downward to my neck. You know that's my weakest spot. You take advantage of it every time. Right behind the shoulder next to the spine. First in strokes, then in slow circles, you go around and around, pressing yourself more against my back. I bite my lip, holding back the crazy sounds that want to come out. We haven't even started yet. Your hand is still at my side, unmoving, teasing me. I want that hand to move all over me, but you keep it there, because you know I want it, and you keep the other hand at my eye. You want me to feel everything. All the surprises that I know you have in store for me. I want to know.

But you keep it from me. 'Cause you know I want it that bad. 'Cause you know teasing is what you're best at.

Without warning, you stop everything and pull your body away from me, but you keep that hand over my eye, leaving me helpless and vulnerable to anything. There's a long, agonizing pause. I want it, and you know it. Suddenly I hear footsteps. Slow ones. It's quiet, but I can hear it. The hand doesn't move at all, but I can feel it shifting around. Another pause. I bite my lip harder. Why do you tease me like that? Your hands quickly uncover my eye, only to replace it with a cloth. I feel you tie it behind my head, and then let go of me. I hear you walk away from me. I want to move, but I don't know where I'm going. I stand still, waiting. Why do you do this to me?

Suddenly I feel your hands gripping my tank top, and a loud ripping sound. My body is jerked around a little bit, but you straightened me up. You had ripped off my tank top; I hear the soft thud when you tossed it away. I wasn't wearing a bra. I could tell you noticed when I heard you sigh behind me. I hear you walk to me and pull your hands against my stomach and press your warm body against my back again, your mouth devouring my neck. We rock from side to side, and eventually we're moving around until my chest is pressed against a wall. One hand comes up to entangle itself in my hair while the other rubs the side of my thigh under the hem of my black shorts. You pull my head sideways, exposing my neck even more as you work your tongue on my skin. After this I couldn't help it anymore; I let out the longest, most intense moan I could muster, your name getting mixed inside the noises. I'd been holding it in since you had started. I breathe in sharply, and as I exhale you press me even more into the wall, your hand at my thigh coming around to cup me in between. Your large foot came in between mine, spreading them just enough so that your whole hand could fit snugly between my legs. Your tongue is still moving in circles, your mouth occasionally closing to suck at my skin. At this point I was breathing fast; mainly because there was almost no room to breathe. I take in a deep breath.

"… My God." I moaned hard.

Your teeth graze the sensitive part of my neck, sending a long shiver down my body, literally making me shake. I feel your shaft press against the back of my leg; it was turning you on as much as it did me. I pushed my hips back against yours, and you returned the gesture. Your hand between my legs finally goes to work, rubbing back and forth on the thin layer that was supposed to be my shorts, until finally you pulled them up and into my pants, reaching a finger down to tease me. That sent me up on my toes, my hips grinding against yours in an attempt to get you to work. I moan again, huffing your name over and over again as I stand up higher on my toes. I feel you get harder on me, and I grind even harder, until, finally, you give in. You want it just as much as I do.

You lift me off the ground and carry me back to the fireplace; I could tell that's where we were because I felt the warmth of the fire and the noise of the crackling wood, setting me down on the soft rug that lay there. You turn me around on my stomach, and lift me onto all fours by pulling on the back of my shorts. You unbutton my shorts and swiftly pull them off, and there's a long pause as you quickly tear your clothes off your body. I'm still on all fours, just waiting.

And your hold hands pull me towards you, without any type of warming, and you plunge yourself inside of me. My hands grip the hairs of the rug as I yell out. Our bodies move, and I end up sitting on your lap. I feel your chest press against my back as your hands rub up and down my sides. I hear you breathe.

"Ride me."

My hands come behind me and I push you down on your back. Your hands wrap around my hip bone as I lean forward and put my hands down on the rug. It wasn't long before I start grinding on your hips, your large shaft inside me. Slow at first, but when I feel your hands tighten around me I start moving faster and faster until finally I bounce up and down, moaning my lungs out. I squeeze your shaft with my muscles, and I feel your fingers digging into my skin, pulling me up and down. I stop, and turn around with you still inside me so that I'm facing you. I lean forward again, putting my hands down on the rug on either side of your head, and ride you even faster. I feel my face get hot, and my hair falls down over my face. Your hands come up my stomach and cover my breasts, squeezing them as you pump yourself inside of me. Your hands are so cold…

Eventually the passion gets the best of me, and I climax. But you still weren't done; coming back to grip my hips, you flip us over so that you're on top. I wrap one leg around you and drape the other one over your shoulder as you keep coming into me.

I climax again.

And again.

Until finally, you come too, and collapse on top of me.

You kiss my forehead, and brush my hair from my face as your lips come in contact with mine. I've never felt such a passionate kiss… Your lips move smoothly over mine, your tongue moving along my bottom lip and linking with mine. The soft smacking noises of our kiss relax me, bringing me back down from the clouds, until I'm finally satisfied. Our passionate kiss finally comes to a rest, and you climb back off me. You never removed the cloth from my face. I lay there as I hear your footsteps become softer and softer, until it's finally gone.

I fall asleep.