He stood up and walked away without another word.

I hid in the bathroom until I heard the front door open and close and him go out to the car. Then I shook my head and walked out to the car. I got inside and closed the door.

"What are we doing?" he asked.

"We are doing what I want to do," I decided. "Today is my day. We're going to do what I want, okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine."

"Good," I said, leaning over the seat and kissing his lips softly.

We headed off down the road Ely unsure of what to do, still caught up in his dad's words.

"Come on, sing, act stupid, do something."

"I can't. Ely is too sad," he pouted.

"You want to know what I do when I'm sad?"


"I blow my money," I said.

"Oh…okay? What are you going to buy?"

"Who knows," I said, getting out of the car.

He met me in the middle and I took his hand. "Let's go," I said and we rushed into the mall.

Within half-an-hour Ely was on crack again after I bought him pretty much everything he looked at. Well, until we went into the pet store.

"Gabriel you need to stop buying me things. You're going to be poor."

"Ely, shut up," I said, squeezing his hand.

"I think you're drunk, why else would you be holding my hand?"

"Because I love you," I said.

"If you did, you'd let me go into the petstore."

"Lead the way love," I said.

He took off at a run and drug me and the fifty thousand bags (okay maybe there wasn't that many) into the store.

"Oh my mother freaking shittin' god," he said.


"Awwwwww look at it," he said dropping my hand and pressing his nose right up against the glass of a puppy cage. It tried biting his nose through the glass and he laughed. "Sir, can I hold it?"

"Which one?"

"The cute one."

"Corgi," I said, trying to help the poor worker who gets stuck helping Ely.

The worker pulls the tiny black and brown thing out and hands it to Ely. "It's so cute!"

And so…an hour later he's still playing with it. "I'm just going to buy the damn thing so I can go home," I decided.

He laughs. "Yeah, it's probably like…a shit load of money."

"Alright Ely would you rather me buy you that puppy or pay for your college."

"The puppy."

Should I be disturbed that he didn't even think about that?

"Fine, here's my credit card," I said handing it to him.

"What? NO! I was joking. I'm not going to make you pay for the puppy."

"I said you can get it."

"No, nu uh no way, no how, Take it back! Take it back!" he said thrusting the poor creature at the worker. "Let's go. You've spent far too much on me."

I shrugged and we headed out of the store.

"I have to pee," he decided.

"Alright, have fun."

"Don't you want to help me?"

"No matter how much I'd like to get you in a stall naked, I can't because if I got caught here, it'd be ten times worse."

"Party pooper," he said, giving me a sexy half smirk that about changed my mind.


The second the door closed, I ran back to the pet store and I swear the worker tried to run away when I came in. "I want the Corgi."



"Sure," he said, grabbing the puppy. He rang the damn thing up at $1400. I mean seriously I could have looked in the newspaper and found one for $300 but nooo Ely wants the expensive puppy. I really don't give a shit. It's awfully cute and I feel bad that they have to be in those little cages.

So I grab the puppy and rush back to the bathroom before he even gets out. I even have time to shove it in a bag where it promptly goes to trying to eat its way out.

"You missed it, I think there was a transvestite in there. A chick with a dick dude and you missed it," he says.

"That's depressing," I say, handing him the bag.

He takes it not noticing anything until it moved then he yelped. "Oh my god! My bags alive!" he yells.

I can't help but laugh at his craziness. He grabs the puppy and yanks it up hard enough the poor thing probably has whip lash.

"Ahh! Oh my god! Gabriel I love you!" he yells, rushing right up to me and kissing me full out right in the middle of the busy mall. I blush and pull away trying to ignore the stares but I have a feeling it's because Ely's still blabbing about the puppy. The stupid dog isn't even disturbed, it's jiggling around and gnawing on his finger. "I love you, I love you. Gabriel you are the best thing that has ever happened to me."

"Good thing because I'm poor now because of the dog."

That deflates his balloon. "You shouldn't have paid so much."

"Alright," I say snatching him. "Anyone want a free puppy?"

"No! Mine," he growls grabbing it. "Let's go home suggermuffin," he says.

"I hope you're not naming it that."

"And what if I am?"

"I think it may try to attempt suicide."

He laughs and rushes off, leaving me with the ton of bags.


I'm lying on my bed in my boxers reading a book. The door opens and then closes again and I look up confused. The puppy is asleep with my shoe still in its mouth. I go back into my book and suddenly coldness covers my body.

I yelp and throw my book as Ely laughs.

"What the hell?" I cry, trying to get up but Ely jumps on my lap.

He's holding a can of whip cream and I laugh.

"Are you serious?"

"At least you just took a shower," he says, spraying it on my chest. "Look you've got boobies!" And he laughs. He dips a finger in it and wipes it above my mouth. "I've always wanted to fuck a guy with a mustache."

"You're a freak," I say licking it off my upper lip because seriously: I effing love whip cream.

He tries to spray more. "It's empty!" he cries. "How can a rich man have an empty whip cream bottle?" he pouts.

I laugh. "I don't know, maybe it has to do with the D sized boobs," I say swiping my finger in it and wiping it over his face.

He nods. "Maybe. But they're definitely not D's."

"Honey, I think I've have more experience with boobs than you."

He licks a big glob off the top. "Now they're A's."

I shake my head and laugh.

He leans forward, and runs his tongue up my chest over my nipple. "Ah! Too much whip cream."

"You are the craziest person I've ever known."

"Oh yes. I'm a crazy bitch."

I fall back laughing and he bites my nipple. "Ow!"

"Don't mess with me sexy man, I'm a werebitch! Rawr!"

"Oh no! The werebitch is going to eat me."

"I'll eat you alright," he says getting off me. "You have any whips and handcuffs?" he jokes.

"Can't say I do."

He grabs my black boxers and yanks them off and grins.

I try to move but he glares at me. "Werebitch says freeze," he says.

I shake my head and just watch him.

"I should become a stripper," he says pulling his shirt off and twirling it in the air.

"Make sure you don't have gaping holes in your stomach when you do."

"Do you have any tape so I cut off your rude comments?"

"Nope, keep entertaining me."

"You mean you'll actually let me go through this?" he asks, eyes wide. "I mean I understand you're an old man but I'm a horny teenager having to sleep in the same bed with the hottest man alive and I can't even touch you."

"Keep stripping, werebitch, your speaking putting a damper on me."

"Oh shut it," he says, unbuttoning his pants. He slowly unzips them looking way too hot as he does so. My cocks perking up just at the look he has on his face. He knows he's irresistible to me.

He slowly slides his pants off one hip, then the other, slowly sliding them down toward his ankles. He pulls a leg up to slide them out and the pants don't budge. Instead they're too damn tight that they get stuck and he loses his balance and falls on the ground. "Ah! Werebitch fell!" he whines. "I can't get my pants off!"

I'm laughing too hard to do much of anything. "Oh god…I told you they were too tight!" I get off the bed and look down at Ely who's pouting on the floor. "Well, it was sexy."

"I'm not sexy anymore?" he pouts.

"You'll always be sexy," I say picking him up and setting him on the bed. "But I think you should leave the leading to the man."

"No, you're inexperienced."

"Who all have you had sex with?"


"You're banded from ever seeing him again. Now where were we?" I ask, yanking at his pants until they're off. "There."

He sits up and pushes me down on the bed. "Oh but you'll appreciate the fact that Robin and I had been friends with benefits," he says.

"You're really good at turning people off, you know that?"

He laughs against my nipple as he runs his tongue around it. "Shut up. I promise I'll never touch him again. He has a boyfriend anyway. Not as hot as you though."

He runs his hands down my body and moves his own body down, his soft skin rubbing against my aching cock. His tongue traces down my lower stomach toward my cock and he moves away from it down my thigh. I squirm under him since he's such a freaking tease. "What's wrong sweetheart?" he asks, taking my hand in his and slipping two of my fingers into his mouth. His tongue swirls around my fingers and I'm whining for him to do something.

"Ely," I whine.

"Say it," he says, rubbing a teasing finger up the underneath of my cock as I squirm for him to do something. "All you have to do is say it," he breaths.

"S-suck me," I say, blushing.

He laughs. "You're so cute," he decides, moving down and taking me in his hot mouth. I moan as my back arches and I have to keep myself from thrusting into him. He pulls back, his tongue running over the tip and I'm digging my nails into the bed sheets. His pulls me farther into his mouth again and my bodies on fire as he sucks me.

He pulls up and runs his tongue one more time over me, then pulls up, kissing just above my cock. "I can't let you off already," he says, pinching my nipple. He captures my mouth with his, his tongue slipping inside and my body can't take anymore. The last time we did anything sexual it was because I was so drunk I only remember half of it. But now…now I'm fully aware that I shouldn't be fucking a hurt seventeen-year old but you know what? Fuck it.

I roll him over and pull his underwear off. "Are you hurting?"

His eye twitched. "Are you serious? I'm going to hurt you if you don't put your dick to good use."

I ran my hand down his thin body, brushing over his member and his balls, where I find myself at his entrance. I slip a finger inside and he moans, his body arching up toward me. His lips capture my own again as I slip another finger in and he moans against my mouth. I move them in and out until he's so hot under me I don't think he can take anymore taunting.

"Come on, grandpa," he says, digging his nails into my ass.

"You are at my mercy right now," I say, rubbing myself near his entrance.

"You'd never hurt me," he knows.

And he's right. I push myself in slowly and he's so tight and tense that I slow down even more. "Relax."

"Sorry," he says. "When you're not drunk it hurts a lot more."

I stroke him softly trying to pull his pain into pleasure as I slid all the way in.

"I'm fine," he says getting me to move. I do, slowly as I feel his body begin to relax. "Oh…god, faster."

He never quits talking does he?


But I move faster and just when I push in I hit him just right and he moans, hid body rippling with pleasure as he digs his nailpolished fingers into me, but it just feels too good, that I'm moaning with him. He's just so tight and his body's on fire. I can't get enough of him. I can tell I've got him under my complete hold now because he's finally shut up besides moaning when I hit him right. He comes and his muscles tighten around me throwing me head on into the pleasure as I soon follow him.

I pull out of him and I'm panting as I kiss his soft lips.

"You…you still got it in ya, grandpa."

"That's it, you go sleep in the guest bed room and I'll keep your puppy."

"Not my puppy!"

I laugh. "Why do I love you?"

"Because I'm fucked up, just like you."

I kiss him. "Oh no, sweetheart, we're perfect, it's the rest of the world that's fucked up."

"Now you're starting to sound like me."

"God that's scary."


Can I just say that last part kind of sucked? Lol. Oh well. I'm used to writing from the receiving end. Lol. I tried to fix it but it just didn't seem to click. Oh well. Oh! And sorry about the switch into present half-way through it. I GOT A HORSE! Well another one lol. She's so cute. She's sorrel (red) and an American Saddlebred. Anyone have an idea for her name? She has no name currently lol. I drove 5 hours into Kentucky to get her and 5 hours back in the same day and it was so boring and my ass was asleep! I left at 5 am and didn't get back until 7 pm. But at least I got her! It would have really sucked if I'd have went all that way and didn't like her! Lol