Do you know what Insomnia is? I do.

I'll give you a hint; it's not the inability to sleep,

It's you. Your face, your eyes, your smile.

My God I lie down and try to dream,

And all I see is your face.


I hate you. Or do I love you?

You are driving me insane.

I ripped out my heart for you,

And even though it no longer beats, it belongs to you,

And you are driving me crazy.


Constantly thinking about you is an agonizing decent into delirium.

You are the fuel for angst poetry,

And the nightmare that keeps me awake every night

You may not be that perfect ten,

And you don't have crystal blue eyes,

That beach babe hair,

But to see you smile is worth the fucking world.

And this indecision is killing me,

I know I can't force love,

Or hurry you up.

But god,

I fucking love you.

I fucking love you.