O Robbicougr?

Do you know what Insomnia is?

I do.

I'll give you a hint; It's you.

It's that crescent moon smile, that

Perfect sliver of the heavens.

It's lying drunk on the grass,

Staring up, incapable of moving,

Still your starlit eyes haunt me,

Winking, and encouraging this

Delusion of love.


I hate you. Or do I love you?

Insomnia is not wanting to sleep because,

When I dream I scale the sides of Olympus,

And dethrone Aphrodite,

Because compared to you,

She cannot be a goddess.

I travel through time,

To ask the Bard for advice,

Because to him love is a simple thing,

Just a matter of rhyme and meter.

But when I get there,

I find your hand clasped in his,

And you ensnared in his embrace.

I ripped my heart out for you,

And even though it no longer beats, it belongs to you.

Constantly thinking about you is an agonizing decent into delirium.

You are the fuel for inferno of hatred that burns inside of me

And the nightmare that keeps me awake every night.

You might not be that perfect ten,

And you don't have crystal blue eyes,

That beach babe hair,

But to see you smile is worth the fucking world.

And your indecision is killing me

I know I can't force love

But god,

I fucking love you.

I fucking love you.