Tuesday September 29th, 2009

R.I.P. Shawn and Ciaran.

Kelly and Kristynn we're all here for you so stay strong.

Tears And Flowers

It was 6am, an hour left to go

Yet things had changed over night little did I know

That after working these eight hours

The next few weeks would be filled with tears and flowers

Things changed like that in a heartbeat

A tragedy out in the street

When I was told

Seemed like everything became so cold

We put our lives on hold

As they began to fold

I remember three egg mcmuffins was the last thing sold

Two hurt, two dead

Still hasn't quite sank into my head

Lie awake sleepless at night in bed

Wondering if there are even words to be said

Everyones eyes swollen puffy and real red

My fingers all stained with lead

Why couldn't this tragedy been prevented instead

But now we gotta cope

At this sorrow that we grope

It's far more than a mope

Can't deny, can't just say nope

Can wash it away with no hot water and soap

So we gotta hold on like life's one big rope

Two boys we lost that day

No we've gone and lost our way

Our hearts so sad and gray

Gone are the days of innocent play

We'll see them again, just not for awhile

When there is no longer sorrow, just a time to smile

Damn it's hard to believe

That accidents like this can happen, can we get a reprieve?

Why all this sad news must we receive?

Why must I watch all my friends grieve?

I'm hurtin but my pain ain't nothing compared to my friends

I'll help them if it means I gotta go around the world til it ends

Cause on each other we depend

Any and all help I've gotta send

So I can watch their broken hearts mend

So they can get around the bend

I might not be that strong, but all the strength I got I will lend

To my friends I just gotta tend

Two girls hurt and in pain

This week's been nothing but rain

And out of all this there's nothing we gain

Except on our heart forever there will be a stain

Now we just gotta give them love and our strength

Show em we're with em for the entire length

Show em we'll fight their battles with them

They are the flowers and we are the stems

They are the clothing and we are the hems

I wanna take a moment to address you all out there

No matter who you are, to tell you I care

We've all learned that life just ain't fare

This has caused our hearts to all tear

But there's one thing I swear

Even though it'll never fully repair

We'll get through this together with love and compassion

We don't need no stupid fightin and clashin

Don't need no hatin and bashin

Let's help each other in a carin fashion.

No one will forget those two amazing guys

It's so damn tragic that eventually everyone dies

Girls just wanna tell you that we're hear with you

We're tighter than any crew

So what have we learned you might have asked

We can't live life twice, the danger is masked

Since you can only live life once, forget your fears

It's okay to let everyone see your tears

So in the darkening hours

I'm gonna face these weeks of tears and flowers

Gonna stand up to these rain showers

Each one of us has the power

Cause we just can't cower

So let's get through this together

We're a flock, like birds from a feather

You got help you know one person who will be there

Love me, hate me, I really don't care

In a time like this we gotta forget our hate

Show our love, set things straight

So in memory of those who have passed

We show our love with tears that have amassed

We write and find comfort in our words as we express

Things in our hearts are truly a mess

And to this sadness we must confess

It doesn't make us anything less

We gotta be there for the girls, show our love for the guys

Everyone eventually takes to the skies

And in those nights where we cry

And ask ourselves why

We just gotta remember the good times we had

It doesn't make things better, just a temporary relief for the sad.

So this piece comes to an end

In pursuit of an eventual heart mend

Y'all should know you got me as a friend

All my strength is here to lend

Even if it's backwards I gotta bend

I write for me I write for you

I write for those who sprouted wings and flew

I write for those feeling sad and blue

Life is short and love is all we got

Not every rainbow and bouquet can be caught

So many memories we have made

You know what the best thing about memories, it's that they won't fade.