Jack in a Box

When nightmares begin,
In the absence of day,
With a repulsive grin,
He comes out to play,

With razor sharp claws,
And rank yellow teeth,
He comes in the night,
To feed on your fright,

With mischief and trickery,
In ophidious eyes,
He's wicked and wild,
On the hunt for a child,

He's out for fun,
To horrify and maim,
He seeks only to ravage,
His methods are savage,

He skulks around your room,
He makes not a peep,
When the moon doth loom,
He takes you in your sleep,

He hides,
Like a Jack in a box,
Underneath your bed,
Through the darkness glowing red,

Crouched in the corner,
He waits for you,
And just for the thrill,
He goes in for the kill,

He feasts on his prey,
Until the coming of day,
Then hides from the light,
And waits for the next night.