You Can't Make Me

Sorry, what'd you say?

You want me to do the dishes today?

I'd love to do them you see

But I'm going to Danny's at three

I'll be gone for awhile

So why not ask Kyle?

You're only my grandpa, McGee

Sorry, but you can't make me


Sorry, what's that?

You want to have a heart to heart chat?

I've talked enough already

Don't believe me? Just ask Miss Freddie

I got kicked out twice

You don't need my advice

Jane you are only three

Sorry, but you can't make me


Sorry, did I here you right?

You want to take me to dinner tonight?

I can assure you that I've ate enough

Plus soccer practice was long and rough

So I'm very tired

My batteries expired

Sorry, I don't think so.

I don't think I want to go

I think I'll stay home and sleep

Or maybe see my friend and watch something cheap

What? You'll ground me all week?

That's worse than a losing streak

Oops, sorry about that mommy

I guess that you can make me