Dear Reader

September 26, 2009

Dear Reader,

I ache to feel the smooth release

Of my pen as it reaches out

Towards paper, towards you

A perfect union as it rests

Between my fingers like jewelry

Like a ring or loose bracelet

It makes my image worthy of

Eyes that long to graze for

New ideas of a first impression

As you consume my words

I wonder if you'll feel my breath

Upon your skin like icy rain

Or tousle your hair like the

Wind as it gasps for you when

You leave the comfort of home

Dear Reader,

I wonder if my words embrace

Your thoughts as I hug my pen

Or rather strangle it to

Catch it off guard to

Make it speak, I need to know

I need to see what it thinks

Please don't shut me out

I feel like a bookmark

I am smashed between words

Tossed around between voices

Conflicting endlessly in the dark

My voice won't make it out alive

Without you- Dear reader