Tuesday September 29th, 2009.

It Ain't Quite Coffee, But Hey I Tried!

So this may not have any soaked up, absorbed caffeine goodness

But I make the best with what I've got at hand

I just hope that when you read this

Upon your face a smile will land

So maybe you can't drink it

No ma'am that won't do

But hey someone out there

Is looking out for you

Math class is pretty boring

Cause I'm actually doing it

Maybe it's something more to do

With the vacated desk beside the one in which I sit

Sorry that the last coffee

Didn't taste so great

They're making worse coffee

And charging me a steeper rate!

And just when I don't want to be quiet

It appears that's what I must do

Cause in the morning

There just ain't no one to talk too

Can't wait until your back at school

Hope this makes you kind of smile

And if it did, I hope you know

It was all worth the while.