Boneless, Skinless, $4.99

Just be real to me, be real
You're somewhere up here, unclear
And I can't find the notes in your voice
The smirk in your smile that reminds me of you for a while

Visions are great for shamans who wait
For wisdom to hit them in waves
It's these pangs that I feel, that captivate
While you sit there and squirm all in glee

'Cause you know you've got me with a hook
With a look, and I can't say the same about you
An electric dance in my chest is the best
I can do, without being there, seeing where

It is that you've got me so taken
So I imagine a mood and a moment or four:
In a hammock, lolling; at the dock, holding time
A swim in the hot tub; stuck with your gum in my mouth

And I blink again, shades that flip-flap me
Back to the real: you return to that haze
In my head and my heart becomes lead
And I flounder about in your skillet