Sun Glasses

I felt the sun burn me today
Knew I stayed out too long
For I heard the summer song
And backed away from the shade

I didn't notice it then
When I whistled in tune
Or at least tried to
As some geese outblurted

"Stay away
You don't belong
With such grating song
Nuisance, leave"

They chased me away
Hurt by difference
I hung low my head
Neck burning from the strain
And their pain and the sun

What seemed so brilliant a season
If I could will it to listen, to rain for me
Shower all life away

But for that blaze inside
The one I didn't notice until I went away
A guide sating my search
The sun didn't showcase my desire
No, one thing burning
Is the pyre of my shadow shell

The other bold heat
Is you, my sweet
De-light, re-light, be light me in you