The Nightlight Kept Flickering

I can barely make the outlines of the pines
Those cold blue fingers after midnight
Combed against my fear

The chase began before I was born
A curse pressing my mind after midnight
Screams birthed under a covered moon

Should I glance back, a chance unwanted
There would my pursuer be
The very face that kept me haunted
Neither lover, nor unloved
Hooded not, nor double-gloved
My wide-eyed wonder further stunted
The hunter lights upon the hunted
Trees fade out, the moon peeks in
Reveals an all-too-happy grin
And I fall back upon the ground
Unleashing such a shattered sound
When I learn that the he is me

An icy grasp enwraps my beating neck
I start in bed, awash in dread
Look into the mirror opposite
Devil-grin flashing where I should be
Wonder how long I have
Before the dream weeds back
To horror me again and ever
Then I crash through the glass door
Into those clawing blue pines
To chase myself in the dark