Solaen Isle

Straight unto the open do I send my soul
A wealth of worry and wit
We dared it, you and I, that isle of mists
The haven, the home
Where natural life, bare as sunlight
Bore ideas, unity, the spirit carefree
A place governed sans inhibitions
This tidy isle, an elevate world

And what of you, dear brother
Do you there return
And yearn our world when your day burns out

Yes, there you lounge: our islanders surround you
Wait calmly, eager-souled, as if floating
Fainting for a grain of your gloried word
I look to you and grin, knowing within
Of their admiration

The seawind skitters over these collected naturals
Recalling Our fall, and our rise
The roar of sight here regained
So far from tout le monde qui sont perdu

My brother, our strength is conviction
And a bit of wine
Passed out and around about the fire
Warmth in body, and soon, the revelation:

"I blot out the spark of old
Naming boldly you, my friends
Without name! For it is that which bound us
To the chiseled catacombs, coffins of ice

"We smashed the glass with trumpets of fire
Stealing back the marrow of our birth
All the innocence, all our fears
The beautiful bounty captured in a heartbeat

"How victorious are we, to see life's last refrain
Whether from a lonely, sweet drop in my glass
A silent wavecrash o'er hot sand
Naked gasps upon this beach

"Yet why with such words need I speak
For soon, we will have no such need
Our eyes purl out all majesty of feeling
To look into them is to breathe after death"

On, you beckon, brother
Of notes base and crimson
The humilite life we hold
At our corner of the cosmos

I sit there and I marvel
For it is not my turn to speak
And in that, I have learned