Dewey Never Knew

Ten years after the day that I left you
Crying out with words gentle letters never knew
Left in a corner to wonder what I'd done
Just a decade behind never knowing someone

That changed
My life
To help a friend
And watch one end myself

Did I set you into moving
Will I ever know what's inside
Or is it something you've forgotten
In the corner of my mind

'Cause I can't help
Get out of this never-ending torture that I live
I'm on a shelf
In some corner of your mind
I'm waiting for some other girl to find me
And let me know
It's alright to let go

I guess that I have just regressed
To the broken mirror in front of my chest
Saw you there beyond the trees
With a set of wings, just out of my reach

Dark rings rest
I lie awake in bed
And watch them end myself

Why does this happen every weekend
For a letter that's unsigned
It's the silence that's my weakness
I never thought to breathe outside the lines

And you're still gone
For now
But I search my heart and it floods me right through
I can't see how
You're still in this corner of my mind
I'm waiting for another girl to find me
And let me know
That I can still let go

Ten years before the day that I met you
Never knew what I'd be getting into
Innocence lived away from that shelf
Didn't have to try to be myself

But you know what
I let it all go