Horizon In Hand

I remember you
Three thousand years long past
A servant girl to our master
With near-sheer garments and fans of peacock
And I, his aide, on the opposite
Each breeze directed by you half-hitting me
I was not worthy and neither was he

Forbidden to look directly at you
I took down his words transformed to art
So messy and ill-formed my forms
I carry this difficult script today
Never neater only sweeter
But what had me so uncertain then
Was how your presence hit me invisible
I could not look, eyes strained to rise
Your body a mystery unlocked in dream

Historic sands creeping over the dynasty
Scorching my feet, yours
To ready us for destiny's walk

Not once ever did we speak
Too young in spirit, but knew through emotional force
Walking by, heads low
Soon we would serve each other
In more than simple acts

The age rescinds, sun setting
A finance of our next step

Dust of angels flurries down
Smacking my face, frowning garments with frozen finery
A messenger, I plod along face-first into the winds
Lost in mediocrity of purpose and shearing cold
I glimpse a shimmer beyond the next bank
Struggle to lift my heavy feet toward it
Sink into the white and drift

Snap awake in a cabin, fear this illusion as death
Then feel a presence, a striking heat
Not the fire I lay beside, while enveloped in fur
But familiarity
Somewhere deep inside my body
The connection beckons
And suddenly, I know this to be your cabin
You rescued me, I live again

Unable to move, never having met you like this
In those centuries since the desert
I swing in and out of consciousness
Knowing no difference between reality and dream
But aware that you are in both
Ever linked to me 'tween night and sunlight
A comfort beyond, an embrace of flame

This eve, too, delights, calls out the stars
Moving ever in heaven to shift into the now

I lay in bed, the time before sleep
Think of what my soul has seen
You and I, a harmony of being, of knowing
Remember the snow and sand
How you would stand with a twinkle in your smile
To match the elements of night
And how secure that, after I wake
The lives we shared through ages bare
Return again with nestled sleep
To spurn reality
But when I turn in bed and see you dream
Brush locks of hair aside your face
An aura too beautiful to sweep away
Eyes that opened over kingdoms
Look back into mine and feel
The essence of forever