A young girl writes about how she feels about her brother.


In the years you've been gone.

You don't know just how much I've missed you.

You don't know just how many tears I've shed just for you.

Days turned to months and the months became years.

You were supposed to come back home with us.

I don't think that I've ever stopped my wishes upon the first star.

Wishing and hoping that you would be back.

But it has not yet turned to reality.

My dream for you is to just come back home.

To spend some time with family in our native land.

Life is brief; no one knows what is to come next.

So many things you've left undone.

So many people you've left hanging.

Without a goodbye, just a 'see you soon.'

But just how soon is it, I ask?

No one could foretell that you wouldn't be back for a while.

We have been patient

Waiting for you to just come and visit.

Renew old friendships to make it last,

Regain old ties to keep forever strong.

Each day we get to spend together, I cherish.

Each and every moment I have with you, I treasure.

I want to make up for all the time we've lost.

The years you've been there.

The years I've been here.

I love you, big brother. I really sincerely do.

But now, I feel like I don't really know you.

You are years older, and understand things I cannot yet grasp.

But you will always be my brother, my only brother.

Blood is, of course, thicker than water.

I seem to wonder whatever it would have been like,

If I had grown up with you around.

How different would it be?

I miss you.

Come home, please do.

You don't know just how much I've prayed.

For you to be given a chance to be back here.

No just for my sake, but for everyone else's.

Remember our pets, those we had together?

Dogs and turtle, fishes too.

My memories of us and long ago are limited.

Limited to what I do remember.

I was nothing but a child then.

I grew up without you around.

Without a brother to look up to,

It's different; there is no one like you.

You don't know the tears I've shed.

When I cry at night.

N one knows how I hold it all in,

Until all slumbered.

I say that I'm used to it all.

Used to the loneliness distance brings.

I think I am. I might be.

But will this gaping hole in my heart, ever disappear?

You don't know how glad I'd be.

Whenever you gave us a call.

My heart filled with joy an id go through the day with smiles.

I would be floating on Cloud Nine,

When ever you sent something to me.

For me, it was a sign that you were thinking of me.

It meant that you didn't forget me.

But I wonder, do you really know me?

Who am I to you? What am I to you?

We are like two acquaintances.

Not knowing much about each other.

But we can find out, learn more and become closer.

I know that I would never give you this.

But I have to let it out, one way or another.

This is simply not me.

Its not who I am in the eyes of others.

This is another side of me.

This fragile, emotional, lost little girl hidden underneath.

This absolutely bares me in terms of what's inside.

Forgive me for all I have said.


I do not want to be pitied.

I am strong.

I would never have the guts to say this to you face to face.

This is my way of freeing my soul.

And in here, I write all I yearn to tell.

Brother, I love you. I miss you.

Please do come home.

We are waiting for you.


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