The hard *wooden* seats of the train jounced into my shoulder blades but it might's well have been ramming into my heart.

The other members of expedition are blissfully celebrating, glasses clinking, and bellows of laughter echoing in the cabin that we occupy. The mission was a success, we left with more then we could ask for, which we can't stay for at least seventy-five percent of our endeavors. They usually go the other way.

I certainly had gotten more then I had bargained for, but it was not something that I could take back home with me, so that I was left with a wounded heart instead of a jubilant heart.

The woman Tanginika was the one that made my heart feel hollow. She had held my heart in the warmth of her bosom close to her own beating heart ever since I meet her that fateful day. I remember that day quit clearly.

It was five days past since we had arrived from the Britain, it was my turn to collect and boil the water for the day so I went back to the lagoon that we had stumbled upon yesterday. Turning the last bend I saw her. She had just burst from the middle of the lake with her eyes closed her dark *hair* surrounding her like a veil. My first thought was that this dark beauty was a *water nymph* that I had heard about on the last trip to Greece. That illusion was not disturbed when instead of screaming and doing the hysterics that one expects, she simply smiled and raised her hand out of the water beckoning me.

To do what I can only guess at because decorum caught up with me. Blushing I turned around taking of my chemise I handed it back to her. I was shocked when a few minutes latter a giant splash drenched me and the garment I was offering. Shocked enough to forgo mannerisms I turned around to gap at her.

There she stood clothed in a loose auburn colored dress that must have been hiding because I hadn't seen it when I first came.

Who am I kidding; I was looking on solely on one place, the lake goddess. Taking the last few steps out of the water she tapped herself on the chest saying Tanginika.

I try to say it but mess up horribly, she says it slowly for me Tann-J-Nee-ka. After a couple of tries I get it and I mention myself and say Nathanial. That was the day I met her, my beautiful lake goddess that I later found out was what her name stood for. From that day forth she acted as I guide to us, and that was the cause for are success.

I pick up my journal from the knapsack beside me and flip to the last page. There in black and white was the picture of Tanginika after are first and last joining. It was the last night before this and the last night we would spend together. It was the night that I had no more will power to stop her advances, the rational thought that I did not want to leave behind a bastard child was overwhelmed by my want for a memory of a night with love.

That was why I drew the picture in the first place to have a physical link to the memory. And it worked, as I trace the curves of her lips that were smirking at me I felt the spectral of emotions that I felt that night. That smirk on her lips always made me self-conscious, it was the smirk that she gave me when I did something that she considered weird but I pushed down my self-conscious and continued with the sketch that I was drawing. As my *pencil* moved over the paper that it was the most glorifying thing that I had ever drawn, even with all the exotic things I had drawn being the chief artist on British Explorer Unit. As all the differences between her and the woman of Brittan I have seen I could still imagine her to be the Nymph of the African oasis.


We were giving inanimate objects and were to incorporate them into a peace any way that we wanted the objects were a wooding cube, a wig, a leaf designed shoe, and a pencil.